Lisa Menzies has a degree in Health Science (Human Movement), where she majored in sport marketing and promotion, from the University of New England, Australia. After completing her studies in 1991, she worked in various sport and promotion positions in Australia and began weight training as a means to help strengthen and tone her body.
Lisa returned to New Zealand after her big OE in 1997 and began working as Gym Instructor at Les Mills World of Fitness in Christchurch. There, she helped numerous women achieve their fitness goals through the implementation of a well planned nutrition and exercise programme.

Always up for a challenge, Lisa competed in her first bodybuilding contest in 1998/99 and placed in the Novice Physique Class for both NABBA and NZFBB. In 1998 Lisa placed second in the women’s novice physique category at the NABBA Nationals that year.

Lisa is passionate about living a health and fitness lifestyle and is driven by the desire to succeed. She works out most days in an effort to reach her full potential. She believes that exercise and nutrition are the keys to leading a balanced lifestyle which are essential to feeling and looking divine.


Shaping Figures. Since starting Go Figure in 2001, through her Super Body personal Training Programme, Lisa has helped many ladies achieve their fat loss and competition goals, and achived success at regional and national level. Check out some of her athletes successes


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Diana Flynn
1st Sen Fig NABBA Nationals 03
1st Sen Fig INBA Natural Olympia 03
Delaine Patterson, 03
Teresa Edwards
1st Nov Fig Short, NABBA Counties 04


About Go Figure

Mission Statement
To encourage women and men to attain peak health, fitness and competition performance through the delivery of the highest quality information, products and services which enables them to achieve their personal best.

Present for me and you
There comes a time in a girls’ life when she has to take the world by the scruff of the neck and give it a really good shake. A time when she has to step out of the ordinary and make a mark in this big wide world. A time to do something that makes her happy … so here I am … go figure!

I figured I’ve worked long and hard enough for other people that it was about time I indulged in my passion for photography, fitness and have some fun along the way.


Go Figure is a present to myself and all the “Action Figures” out there who thrive on living an active health and fitness lifestyle. A one stop shop for everything an action figure needs to keep them fit and on the “GO”. It is for girls and guys like me who want to be the best they can be in work and play.

Celebrating Figures
Go Figure is more than just about fitness and working out. It’s about celebrating life and the power of our bodies. It’s about our unique ability to make changes in our bodies and our lives. It’s about setting challenging goals and completely excelling them. It’s about helping you gain a better understanding of your body and showing you how to enhance your shape through leading a balanced health and fitness lifestyle.

Informing Figures
Whether you want to compete in a figure or physique contest, or simply want to create an awesome new figure . . . Go Figure is here to help. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go

Lisa Menzies
Creator and Personal Trainer

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