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This section is dedicated to those fab females over 40 who want to look and feel great through good nutrition, supplements and exercise. 

We will also provide information on cosmetic surgery for those who feel they need a little 'nip and tuck' to help make them feel that extra bit fresher!

"From the very first meeting I found Maree the most easy going approachable person, I was very apprehensive at first, so she immediately put me at ease.

At the hospital she knew the systems and procedures turning my nervousness into excitement, the doctor (dr suthat) was a lovely man who was thorough and engaging and having Maree in the consult room was reassuring.


Cosmetic surgery is a choice. If you have ever thought about doing it, I can recommend Maree Stubbington from Beyond Beauty International to help you with your plans.      In 2013 I decided that I would like to have a facelift – especially my eyelids lifted. I was always feeling (and looking) tired. I had done some research locally and then decided to give Maree a call as I knew she had taken clients to Thailand for this type of surgery.    



Maree is the creator of Beyond Beauty, a service providing personalised cosmetic surgery tours to Bangkok.  Maree started the service after undergoing her own physical and emotional transformation.  Her story below.  Plus find out more about her business at the bottom of the page if you need a transformation too.


"For me personally the decision to undergo my first cosmetic procedure of having breast augmentation was for several years (in 2010) I felt less than complete as a woman.

After having 4 children and competing in body building I was left with absolutely no bust, just loose saggy skin and needed the best padded bra I could find.


Mum and Lisa

Its 6 weeks since surgery and I'm happy with how my eye opening makeover is turning out.  I feel more confident in front of the camera and not so paranoid about worrying about the bags under my eyes.

But the real test is WHAT MUM THINKS?!!

She's up for the Christmas holidays and she didn't know about my surgery so this was a surprise to her.  Lets see what she really thinks.

Fingers crossed!


Lisa 'Before'

Surprise!  I had a little makeover on my eyes in Thailand.  For the past couple of years my puffy and those pesky bags under my eyes have been annoying me, I was going to get surgery about 3 years ago but due to various circumstances it didn't happen so the surgery wasn't something that I did on a whim.

Eventhough I'm now feeling good on the inside, what I'm seeing on the outside wasn't reflecting this.  I looked tired, which made me feel tired and so it was a forever cycle of not feeling good.  I wanted to feel like a Goddess but the mirror was not saying this.
Now that I'm on a new eating plan to get my hormonal health back in top shape. I felt it time that I finally got the surgery to reflect my new zest and energy for life. 

So off I went with Maree Stubbington of Beyond Beauty!


I hate getting older as I seem to get more health issues that need dealing to.  One of those is my teeth and it feels like I have to go to the dentist more often.  So while I was in Thailand I thought I'd take the oppotunity to get my teeth seen to. 

Before I left NZ, my dentist quoted me $175 filling per tooth which is quite expensive so thought I'd look into the options available in Bangkok as I hear its way cheaper to get it done there. 

Luckily Maree of Beyond Beauty knew just the place to take me!


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