Insulin resistance is defined as a condition in which natural insulin hormone becomes either completely or slightly ineffective at lowering blood sugars in the body. 

Insulin is a hormone produced by the cells in the pancreas and is released from this location into the body to control a person's metabolism. Insulin also regulates cells and their growth throughout the body.


Hormones help the body regulate itself and provide stability to the body's internal environment. Hormones regulate growth, reproduction, and development, to help the body adapt to physiological stresses placed on the body by the external environment.

Athlete: Trinity Sax

The two main hormones associated with muscle building and strength gains, as a result of weight training, are testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH). When these hormones are released into the blood stream one of their jobs is to act directly on muscle cells to produce muscle growth.


Get into a routine Set aside a specific block of time for your gym workouts. Train about the same each day so that you and your body are used to the routine. If possible, train at a gym near your home or work so it's not an inconvenience to get there.  
Be Prepared! Organising your exercise gear and food the night before is a great start to your workout programme. Maybe you can keep some exercise clothes in the car or at work. Storing some food at work is also a good plan so you don't have to prepare too much at home. If you have everything at the ready, you're more likely to be prepared for a great workout!


Some of us love doing cardio and some of us stay away from it like the plague fearing that it might make them loose some of their hard earned muscle if they did it.

The fact is, those cardio phobes could actually increase their muscle mass if they just incorporated a few cardio sessions with their regular weight training routines.


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