If your kind of holiday is eating and drinking all you can at all day buffets, lie at the beach all day and party all night at 'Coco Bongo' then you're probably best to stay at one of the all inclusive resorts along the hotel strip next to the beach where all the tourists go in Cancun.  

left: I can see the beach from my hotel but don't need to lie on it!
But for me I prefer to stay where all the locals hang out in 'Centro' where I stayed at Malecon apartments which is just in front of the 'Plaza de Americas' which is a great mall with a mix of shopping and entertainment I need.  The cost of the apartment was half the price of hotels on the beach and thought it was way better value and I didn't eat twice the food!

The other downside to being on the beach is that it feels far away from everything.  Sure there are convenience store type places scattered along the street and some malls but its not exactly walking distance.  There are local buses but its still abit of hassel to get around whereas if you're already amongst the action, its easy. But its really what you want from Cancun that matters.


Havana was only an hour plane ride from Cancun Mexico but it felt like you're making a 50 year journey back in time. I did not realise Havana was such a hub for many airlines and was surprised to see flights from Spain, Canada, Peru and ofcourse Mexico land here. 

At the moment there are no direct flights from the U.S due to the long time embargo but soon that will be lifted and no doubt the Americans will swarm there.  One of the reasons I wanted to go to Cuba now to experience what it's truly like to be in a non westernised communist country and see how people live. I think once the country opens up, it might lose some of its relaxed charesteristics...but I hope not!

Check out my article and video of my thoughts and tips for Cuba below:


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