After 6 years away from the stage having 3 children (all under 5 years old!) seasoned figure athlete Lisa Bellingham-Mahone returned to compete at the Nabba Wff West Auckland Bodybuilding Champs yesterday and it seemed like she had never left.

left: The Lisas reunite backstage again

I caught up with 43 year old Lisa to find out what inspired her to get back on stage and she also gives some great advice to novices about patience in the sport of bodybuilding. Definitely worth a watch especially for the classic beginning!

Lisa went on to win her class.

Watch her in action below:



Being laid out on your back for 14 weeks due to a sciatic nerve injury may as well be a life sentence for us gym bunnies. No walking, let alone pumping iron but that is exactly what WFF Figure athlete Toia McDonald had to do right after competing at WFF World Champs in 2014.

left: Toia and Lisa

After taking 2015 off this 43 year old wonder woman is ready to tackle the Nabba-Wff Auckland Pan Pacific Champs this August so I thought I'd catch up with Toia to find out what she's learned during her time off and see what advice she has for novices who want to give bodybuilding a go!

Thanks Toia for the great catch up. Love your passion and you are such a natural on camera!

Watch her in action below:


Darnielle and Lisa

I spotted Darnielle Eketone's athletic figure when she leapt on stage in the Fitness Class at the INBA Auckland Champs in May 2015.  I saw that she had great potential in Fitness with her awesome leaps and movements - skills she put into practice from years of ballet.

But you could also see that Darnielle would also make a great figure athlete when she donned her bikini and heels.

So its no surprise then that she's focusing on figure when she returns to INBA and NABBA stage this year under the watchful eye of seasoned figure and PT Lisa Mahone.  I caught up with both of them during one of their gruelling training sessions.

Check it out below!


Some Goddesses have to take drastic steps to get their haywire hormones under control. Ivy Purkiss is one such Goddess who took charge of her body and decided she needed to do something dramatic to achieve a healthier state of mind.

Former Figure Competitor Ivy was experiencing crazy emotional highs and lows. Bed ridden due to her heavy and painful periods. Her weight didn't budge which caused her to stress more. So
she decided to take the drastic step of having her cervix and uterus remove and now Ivy's feeling great.

Read her courageous story below.


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