You probably saw the headlines screaming "Protein as bad as smoking!" This is a fantastic example of an alarmist headline created by a PR Company as part of a marketing drive for something.

What might that something be? When we explore the research it becomes somewhat apparent. But before we look at it, we really do need to discuss media and nutrition.



“The only people who ever fall off the wagon are those who see there is a wagon to fall off” – Stacey Hancock © 2014 Person A and Person B both eat identical diets. They eat clean but they also have treats and blowouts. For the sake of this article, they are identical twins with the same body weights, same hormone profile, same job, same type of life. They appear to have the same stress levels and work/life balance. When Person A is switching between clean eating and treating, she tells herself that she is “being healthy” or “strict” or being “naughty” When Person B switches between the two she calls it “eating treats” and “eating normally”


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