Report, Pics and Video from NABBA Auckland Champs 24 April 2010

left: Kristian thanking the heavens that he can go have pizza now           

  left video:
Overall Men's Comparison

right video:
Backstage with Aaron


Muscleimaging also has some pics and vid up

It was great to finally get to the NABBA Auckland Champs to see who was going to come out of the woodworks for this early show. Both myself and the audience were in for a treat as plenty of good quality physiques were amongst the 45 athletes who competed at this event.

Peter Hardwick put on another  great show. Sure, there was a 45min delay at prejudging due to a lighting technical glitch but it was worth the wait.  However Peter would be great if you could please make the light more even across the stage, I'm sure Keith Jolly of Muscleimaging would agree!
Pete and his Petals
Lisa, Jill and Janine
Also thanks to the many sponsors who supported the event.It was nice to see the booths inside the auditorium so the audience (and athletes) could wonder over to the various supplement companies to chat and try their wares.

Lots of familiar faces and bodies competed at this event including our previous Hunk of the Month Aaron Kibblewhite (right).  He didn't disappoint, he came in hunkier (extra 10kg!) and heavier than his Manawatu 09 comp which he credits to round the clock eating.  His commitment (and food bill) paid off as he took out the Open Men and Overall Men's Title.
Good to see Helen Aloiai making a return to the stage. She was head and shoulders above the other only physique athletes of the day Colleen Sloane and Julie Kingi. Amazingly Colleen is up to about her 90th show this year! Keep going Colleen as we love your unique posing routines!

Open Athletic saw Tom Wojcik once again a much improved Andrew Murray who looks like has gained some mass in the off season. But Tom's pinpoint condition once again got him the title and also the Overall Athletic.  There were also a few standouts in the novice classes. The tongan guy who won the Novice Physique Short had a nice symmetry and mass muscle mass along with great conditioning.  Kristian Bray in the Novice Physique Tall was also hard and vascular. So the Overalls was very exciting to watch as they both battled Aaron for the top prize.  
There were some great figures on show too.  Good to see Gladys Matthews back on stage now that her knee is better. She was up again the super condition of Gill McCann of Taumaranui in the Senior Figure 45+ class. This was a great contest to watch which was finally won by Gladys.  Senior Figure 35+ was won by Vanessa Bartley's super lean figure.  

The was also the beautiful figure of Johanna Mountford (right) who won the Novice Figure Short class and Overall. She only decided to compete 3 weeks ago!  Jo had beautiful presentation and posed well, this no doubt due to her background as a ballet dancer.
Ali and her super prize

In summary, Peter Hardwick ran a very efficient and friendly show in a positive atmosphere for both athletes and sponsors. Athltes went away with some nice protein prizes. The Punch SuperPump Challenge was well attended and eventally won by Supergirl Ali Gascoine who did 39 press ups and 120 bicep curls to outdo the guys as well! 

Thanks Peter!  look forward to your next comp, the INBA Naturals on 23 May in Papakura.

Lisa, Go Figure
26 April 2010

Just trying to be arty. Thanks to my muses Aaron and Mike for your patience!

Sponsors Booths
 Mark and Nic, PVL Kim and Jason Horleys
Punch  Musashi  

The Girls    
Shape Senior Figure Senior Fig 45+
Gladys 1st, Gill 2nd
  Senior Fig 35+
Vanessa 1st, 2nd
Nov Short
Rachelle 2nd, Jo 1st
Nov Fig Short Open Fig and Nov Tall
 right: Johanna    
Nov Tall
 Open and Sen Phys
Below: Helen
Colleen's Davy Crockett routine
Overall Figure Comparisons    

Helen and Talia, Vanessa and Jason

The Men    
Junior Men
1st, 2nd
Masters Men 40+
2nd, 1st
 Masters Men 50+
Novice Men Short
below: 2,1,3

 Novice Men Tall Novice Athletic
1st Kristian
Open Athletic
 Tom 1st, Andrew 2nd
Open Physique
Overall Comparisons    

Happy Snaps    
Overall Winners Kristian with Rachelle and Jo Newly engaged couples
Lisa B and Ed. Jacqui and Lloyd
 Johanna, Nov Short and Oall  Lisa with Aaron Oall winner Myer doing some work
Mike, 1st Nov Ath Short  Talia and Helen  Gill and her protege
Shape Girls  Mateo and Lisa  2nd Nov Phys Tall
above: Shape lineup
left: Shape Queen Teresa
Samantha Bellingham
with Lisas M and B
    Hanging out in the crowd
Far left: Harbour Fitness

Left: Allen, Maree, Maureen
and Johnson
Leanne and Ali G  Stan and Mateo  Tom and Alex
Wendy and Bronson  Andrew's secret  

23 Apr: Tough job painting a hunk but someone has to do it!  Mike's competing in the Athletic class tomorrow so just giving him the finishing touch. Loving the new Contest Colour formula as its alot darker than the last one.  3 coats and he's pretty dark already!  

20 Apr: The NABBA Akl Champs is on this Sat and we can't wait to see who comes out of the woodworks to reveal their hardearned bodies. One person who's been away from the scene since early 09 is big Helen Aloiai who's making a comeback this Sat and we look forward to seeing her changes in the Open Physique class.

Talia, the deaf guy who was a crowd favourite at the NABBA Nth Hbr 09, is competing too and no doubt the crowd will give the floorboards another beating when he stands on stage.  Sexy Teresa Edwards is guest posing and no doubt she'll have a hot routine to impress us with!  We also look forward to Tom Wojcik's athletic physique.

See you there on Sat! should be a great one.
Teresa and Tom


  16 Apr: We knew it wasn't going to be long before our Glamourpuss Lisa Bellingham would take the stage again. Yes Lisa will be at the NABBA Auckland Champs but unfortunately she won't be donning her bikini as she'll be helping out Peter Hardwick and being Trophy Girl at the evening show.

Lisa has also recently announced that she's engaged, awe isn't that lovely!!!  congratulations Lisa and all the best to you and your new guy. Can't wait to meet him.   

8 April Update:  With 2 weeks until the NABBA Auckland Champs, we are scouring the gyms and our connections to find out who's competing in this show and so far we haven't been able to decifer too much.  Not even Peter Hardwick is certain just how many will compete. This is bodybuilding afterall and everyone seems to stay quiet until D Day.

We know that our Feilding hunk Aron Kibblewhite is competing and probably 2 of his mates will too but we'll need to confirm with them before we 'out them!. Since Stan 'the man' is out with a torn pec, he'll probably be out of action most of this year and no way able to repeat his 12 show marathon in 09. Int'l athletic competitor Tom Wojcik is usually a regular at the early show so hope we see his rippling physique on stage. 

Perhaps we'll see some of the figure girls from the recent NZFBB comp step on stage here, would be great to see them.  There are lots of athletes training for the ANB Champs in May, and you never know, some of them may do this one as a warm up if they're ahead of preparation. We'll probably see more out of towners do this one. Thames/Whangamata usually put in a great team courtesy of Teresa Edwards being chief task master. Wonder if she'll come and do her thang.

Sorry we haven't been very revealing. One thing for sure, it'll all be revealed on 24th April!  can't wait to get to our first local show of the year!!

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