Jim Pitt and Wayne Clark
NABBA Asia Pacific Champs Snaps

Thanks to Shaun Stockman of harbourfitness.co.nz, Maeve Neilson,Wayne Clark and Karyn Kelly for helping us compile these collection of pics to share.

Awesome athletic line 
Shaun is collecting all pics and vids from all those who went to the show so he can put on to dvd for everyone.  If you've sent us pics, and cool with us forwarding it to Shaun please email to confirm its ok.

Maeve's Pics. These pics courtesy Maeve Neilson. If you would like a copy of these snaps please contact her directly. 

Shaun's Shots!


Senior Physique  Senior Figure  
Figure Tall    
Figure Short    
 Masters  Novice Short  Athletic Short
Masters  Physique Short and Tall  
above: Jason and Vanessa Bartley.
Paul Mountfort and Helen Aloia
Matthew Matenga and Tina Walker

right: Greg Mawson and Maeve Agnew


Ms. Asia-Pacific Physique - Helen Aloiai

Mr. Asia-Pacific Athletic - Jason Bartley
Ms. Asia-Pacific Figure - Karyn Kelly
Mr. Asia-Pacific Physique - Roshan Ferrao
Ms. Asia-Pacific Shape - Teresa Edwards
Ms. Asia-Pacific Fitness-Model - Maeve Agnew

Masters 40+
1. Mathew Matenga
2. Nola Efaraimo
3. Ross Gray

Masters 50+
1. Jack Apelu

Athletic Short
1. Shaun Stockman
2. Victor Sharp
3. Des Hiwarau

Junior Men
1. Raehana Tangitutu

Athletic Tall
1. Jason Bartley
2. Rick Ujfalussy
3. Paul Mountfort
4. Aaron Enoka
5. Greg Mawson
6. Steve Papps Junior
7. Dean Shilton

Masters Athletic
1. Seru Tabudravu
2. Phil Wysocki
3. Wayne Downey
4. Jacky Burtin
5. John Cocking

Physique Men Short
1. Roshan Ferrao
2. Fatu Su’a
3. Steve Papps
4. Nigel Jenkins

Physique Men Tall
1. Kristian Bray
2. Shodhan Rai
3. Vincent Prakash Carlo
Figure Short
1. Teneka Hyndman
2. Janine Haywood
3. Miriam Eglinton
4. Vini Rangihaeata
5. Hannah Mauchline

Figure Tall
1. Karyn Kelly
2. Jen James
3. Kirstine Nelson
4. Jackie Small
5. Elaine Bishop
6. Nikki Clarke
7. Jolene Morris
8. Monique Scott

1. Teresa Edwards
2. Rose Hyde
3. Stella Hemmes

Senior Physique 35+
1. Tina Walker
2. Julie Wordsworth

Senior Physique 45+
1. Wendy Sole
2. Jill Clark
3. Colleen Sloane

Senior Figure 35+
1. Sue Bettridge
2. Vanessa Bartley

Senior Figure 45+
1. Farah Deobhakta
2. Gladys Matthews
3. Alison Richards

Physique Women
1. Helen Aloiai
2. Margot Smith

1. Maeve Agnew

1. Paul Mountfort & Helen Aloiai
2. Jason Bartley & Vanessa Bartley
3. Mathew Matenga & Tina Walker
4. Greg Mawson & Maeve Agnew

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