Report, Pics and Vid from the NZFBB Pan Pacific Champs
Thanks to my muses Sanjeev, Michelle and Kristian!


Video featuring
Tarryn Rea, bikini winner. Open Girls Michelle Dixon and Teneka Hyndman. Open Men Sanjeev Narayan and Arfi Peppard, and Nov Men Kristian Bray

It had all the potential to be a great show. The venue of the opulent 'Great Room' at the upmarket Langham Hotel coupled with  $1000 worth of prizes and product for each overall winner could have made interesting viewing in an upmarket atmospher. But alas, with limited warning many were unprepared to get into contest shape at short notice and only 11 athletes entered the contest.

Nevertheless, organisers Bronwyn Inglis and Brian McFarlane did make a huge improvement in the organisation of the show. Perhaps too super effient?! the morning show began just after 9am and finished 45mins later. Similarly the night show began around 5.15pm and finished 7pmish.
Grant Pieterse and Lisa
On a positive note, this show was probably a good run through for the organisers for the upcoming Akl and Combined Services,  which is on June 5 and which will no doubt attract a lot more athletes.

The athletes that were on show were of great quality. Sanjeev Narayan who won the Open Men (and overall) had a tough battle with equally muscled Arfi Peppard from Christchurch but it was probably Sanjeev's symmetry and itsy bitsy waist that slightly edged him ahead of Arfi.

Brian McFarlane and
Bronwyn Inglis
Teneka Hyndman and Michelle Dixon were the only athletes in the Open Short and Tall Body Fitness classes respectively. So they also battled it out for the overall.  Michelle was slightly leaner than Teneka but Teneka probably just had the better symmetry as all of their compulsory rounds would've been very close.  Other ladies competing in this show included Tarrin Rea who looked sexy hot in her walk in the bikini class, and Louise Palmer and Louisa Betham who were in the Body Figure class. While she didn't compete seasoned competitor and 09 National Bodyfitness Overall Champ Kristy Thompson was given her Pro card - which has been a long time overdue!

The battle for the Overall Men's Title was interesting viewing between Kristian Bray, winner of the Nov u90kg up against Sanjeev and Brando (from Guam).  All these guys were in great condition and Sanjeev looked leaner for the night show which made him that little bit more unbeatable against the guys.

Another notable appearance was NZ IFBB Pro Grant Pieterse who guest posed and he's looking MASSIVE with big ambitions of getting up to 120kg by the end of the year!  After his routine Brian McFarlane ran a brief 'master class' with Grant as model while Brian highlighted what the judges are looking for in each pose.  Quite informative!

While it would've been nice to have a few more athletes, the show was good for what it was.  But I hope the organisers have put the wheels in motion for plenty of publicity and advertising for upcoming contests so we have plenty in the audience to cheer athletes on!

Lisa, Go Figure
9 May 10

above: Nice Prizes for Overalls
middle: Kristy with her pro card
far right: Grant and Brian




Overall Winners
above left: Elise (NZ's youngest bikini pro at 16!) and Tarryn Rea bikini winner

middle top: Teneka, Sanjeev and Louisa
middle: Kristian, Grant, Sanjeev (winner) and Bruno

above right: Teneka (winner), Michelle Heggie and Michelle Dixon. Bodyfitness
Tarryn Rea
Bikini Winner
Body Figure
2nd Louise Palmer, 1st Louisa Betham
Open Figure. Short and Tall    
Teneka Hyndman and Michelle Dixon

Masters and Nov Men o80kg

right: Michael Pouhila
Far right: Kristian Bray

left: Hojin Yoo, Open u70kg
right: Bronson 

Open Men u90kg
Sanjeev and Arfi

Overall Comparisons    

Happy Snaps    


6 May: We've heard from Bronwyn Inglis and Brian McFarlane, the main organisers of the show that everything's coming together and will be all go for Sat.  They even have a competitor coming from Guam!

26 Apr: The Overall winners in each category ie
Bikini, Fitness, Figure, Women's Physique and Men's Physique will each receive a Trophy and $500 cash and $500 of product!

Langham Hotel
Ticket prices: Prejudging 9am $15.
Night show 5pm $25

Sanjeev and Lisa

17 Apr: Surprise!  the NZFBB Pan Pacific Champs is on in 3 weeks and will be held at the upmarket Langham Hotel in central Auckland.  This is the show which was meant to be held on 24 April but obviously delayed till May.

Grant Peterse will guest pose and we may see his partner Sesa Tomuli make an appearance too.  We know that sexy Sanjeev Narayan will be competing and we'll keep you posted with any other athletes that may emerge.

Girls, there will be compulsory posing in the figure class. Except, figure is now known as 'fitness' and fitness is now figure.  Only a name swap, everything else is the same.

Further info contact show organisers (Moe is leaving it to the girls on the day)
Johanna Moses This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , Bronwyn Inglis This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

NB. This comp is on as well as the Akl and Combined Services on June 5.

Lisa, Go Figure
17 April 10

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