Report, Pics and Video of the INBA Natural Classic, 23 May 10. 
Open Figure Compulsory Men's Overall Comparison  Open Figure Routines video

It was third time lucky for Peter Hardwick and his quest for the success of the INBA Natural Classic! and he did it with fine athletes on show.  For those of you who didn't venture out to Papakura and the cosy venue of the Hawkins Theatre then you missed a great day. This will also be the venue of NABBA Counties.

The show attracted 25 athletes who were all in great condition. Good to see those who are going to the ANB comp on 29 May compete here, they included Teresa Edwards, Jason and Vanessa Bartley, Teneka Hyndman, Gladys Matthews, Donelle Petelo, Delwyn Evans, Darrin Orchard and Keri Onyewu using this show as warm up.
Lisa and the Peters
Sowter and Hardwick
At the beginning of the show Peter did a nice touch by introducing all the athletes who were competing. As their name was called out each athlete came out to the front of stage then lined back of the stage. Made for very impressive viewing as it gave us a teaser of what's to come.

Also at registration, all athletes were required to give a urine sample. Selected samples will be flown away to a lab in the U.S to be tested.  

Athletes at start of show
There were plenty of competitive classes. Novice Men and Novice Figure come to mind.  Jason Bartley and Robert Lopeti went toe to toe, both well muscled but Jason just had that extra detail.

It was very exciting to see Johanna Mountfort, Vanessa Bartley and Gladys Matthews pose on stage as these were all great figures. So great that judges couldn't separate Johanna and Vanessa, and they were both awarded first place.  Something Peter hasn't seen for a long time!

We saw the return of sexy Fabianny into the Sportsmodel class to pose off against fellow resident shape queen Teresa Edwards. Teresa won this won but Fabiany did well to prepare for this showin only 2 weeks! hopefully we'll see her in upcoming comps. Also want to acknowledge Sharyn Cutts who was also in the shape class and has the best name ever! cool routine Sharyn.

While all the classes were close, the standout class for mine was the Open Figure class.  This was the best Open class we've seen on stage for a long time for quality and quantity. Storming in like a whirlwind was Kara O'Halloran from New Plymouth with her hard yet feminine super conditioned figure.  She did have to battle equally lean figure Teneka but Kara just was that little bit sharper. Janine Haywood took third place with her great condition, just nudging out Donelle Petelo. Unfortunatley we're sad to learn that Kara's not doing any more comps this year. C'mon Kara, all that hardwork surely deserves another comp. Plllleeeeaassseeeee! we'd love to see you in another one and I'm sure plenty of Go Figure viewers would too.

Andrew Murray ventured all the way from Hawkes Bay to do the Open Physique class. He was up against the on form Darrin Orchard and must say a leaner Andrew Eskilou (nice work Andrew E). Darrin with his mass and leanness took out the class so it was down to the Overalls. Darrin had a tough job on his hands as Keri Onyewu and Jason Bartley were also in great shape, but Darrin took it out and puts him on a positive footing as he ventures to ANB.

This was a great show and hopefully augurs well for an even bigger one next year!

Lisa, Go Figure
24 May 2010

Happy Snaps!    
Optimum Nutrition, Principle Sponsors: Sam, Mark and Nic. Lisa B and Kym test judging
 Fabianny helping Teneka with last minute nails  
Johanna and Gladys  One more Kara!!!!!!  Teneka and Janine
 Teresa and Fabianny  Team CoroFizek  Alex and Darrin
Overall Winners    

Open Figure    
Teneka Hyndman 2nd, Janine Haywood 3rd, Donelle Petelo 4th, Kara O'Halloran 1st


Open Men    
Andrew Murray 2nd, Darrin Orchard 1st, Andrew Eskilou

Fabiany 2nd, Teresa 1st, Sharon 3d.  Fabiany also won the Sports Model Class
Novice Figure    
 1st equal Vanessa Bartley and Johanna Mountfort.  Gladys Matthews 2nd

Senior Physique    
Jill Clark 2nd, Wendy Sole 1st, Delwin Evans 3rd

Novice Men    
Robert 2nd, 4th, Eugene 3rd, Jason Bartley 1st
  Teenage winner  

Sione 2nd, Keri Onyewu 1st, Michael Pouhila 3rd

Overall Figure comparison    
Overall Men comparison    


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