Paul's Pics!

Our happy snapping pal Paul McSweeney ventured to the NZFBB North Island Champs in Masterton for us and here's what he snapped up.

Thanks NZFBB for letting us do our thang. Looks like there was some great talent there! 

More pics at
Hometown Faves
Bevan and Rachel McKenzie
  Kenneth Clayton vs
Supry Sos (overall winner)
Paul's Pics!    
Sheryl Summers, Oall winner  Sheryl, Donna, Margot  Kellie, Liz, Karen
 Louise (overall winner), Linda  Rachel Liz Paterson
   Donna Ransfield  Linda, Tracey, Lee
 Liz, Louise  Rachel, Louise, Tracey  Sarah, Des, Tracey
Margot, Sheryl Blade    
 Sarah, Michelle Linda, Sarah, Rachel  Michelle, Liz
  Lee, Rachel  Sue, Joanne
Ian, Dylan, Glenn Ian, Dylan, Glen, Darrel Kenneth and Des
Kenneth and Supry  Steve Quinn  Ian, Glenn
Steve, Max, Allen                     Bevan, Kenneth                      Steve, Supry
Teenage Men
1st Dylan Allison

Masters Men Over 40
1st Max Stott
2nd Allan Herkt

Masters Men Over 50
1st Steve Quinn

Masters Men Over 60
1st Allan Herkt

Masters Women Over 35
1st Sheryl Blade
2nd Donna Ransfield
3rd Wendy Foulds

Masters Women Over 45
1st Sheryl Summers
2nd Joanne Roe
3rd Sue Woolhouse

Senior Body Fitness Over 35
1st Liz Paterson
2nd Sarah Beesley
3rd Michelle Parnell

Senior Body Fitness Over 45
1st Tracy Toulis
2nd Lee Lay
3rd Linda Oldfield

Novice Women Under 55kg
1st Karen Booth

Novice Women Over 55kg
1st Liz Fa'alogo
2nd Kellie Reed

Novice Men 70-80kg
1st Kenneth Clayton
2nd Des Foo

Novice Men Over 90kg
1st Darryl Bridgman

Classic Men
1st Ian Clarke
2nd Darryl Bridgman

Novice Body Fitness Tall
1st Sarah Simonsen
2nd Michelle Parnell

Open Body Fitness Short
1st Rachel Mackenzie
2nd Louise Sinniah-Burr
3rd Lee Lay

Open Body Fitness Tall
1st Liz Paterson
2nd Lois Tuarau

Open Women Under 55kg
1st Donna Ransfield
2nd Joanne Roe

Open Women Over 55kg
1st Sheryl Blade
2nd Margot Kerins

Open Figure Short
1st Louise Sinniah-Burr
2nd Rachel Mackenzie
3rd Tracy Toulis

Open Figure Tall
1st Linda Oldfield
2nd Sharon Harding
3rd Sarah Simonsen

Open Men Under 70kg
1st Glenn Allison
2nd Ian Clarke

Open Men 70-80kg
1st Supry Sos
2nd Steve Quinn

Open Men 80-90kg
1st Yoram Kalev

Open Men 90-100kg
1st Max Stott

Open Men Over 100kg
1st Bevan Mackenzie
2nd Bruce Alecock

Mixed Pairs
1st Bevan & Rachel Mackenzie
2nd Ian Clarke & Sheryl Summers
3rd Glenn Allison & Kellie Reed

Overall Men
Supry Sos

Overall Women's Physique
Sheryl Summers

Overall Figure
Louise Sinniah-Burr

Best Posing Routine - Male
Kenneth Clayton

Best Posing Routine - Female
Liz Fa'alogo

Best Team
1 to 1 Fitness (Napier/Hastings) - 19 team members!! 

26 Aug: Happy Snaps!
Pleased to report that our pal Paul will be taking happy snaps at these Champs on Saturday! so athletes if you see a tall guy with a camera backstage, please smile for him as he'll be photographing for us.

23 Aug:
Wow! we've just been sent the huge 1 to 1 Fitness Team pic (right).  From what we can see all the athletes are in super shape and Sheryl Summers - tucked away on the far right end looks in great condition as always. Go Team!

1 to 1 Fitness Team, Napier 
15 Aug update: We've heard from contest organiser Terry Hills that 20 athletes from Sheryl Summers' 1 to 1 fitness studio will be competing in this event! what a great achievement from Sheryl and her team to get that many athletes ready. 

We know that Terry is an efficient and enthusiastic contest organiser, so now that he's teamed with Bevan McKenzie to organise the Masterton and Wellington events, we're sure that the show will go off without a hitch. 

But Bevan might be a busy boy as we know he's been itching to get back on stage after 2 years of muscle building so he maybe playing dual role of athlete and organiser at this show! 

We know that Terry has also been dieting but we're not quite sure which comp he'll do so look out for him on stage in the near future.  Good luck boys!!

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