Backstage Pics are Here.
Thanks Paul!
Paul's Pics!
Here we have Paul McSweeney's Pics from the NZFBB Wellington Champs. Looks like it was a great day full of high quality competitors who made the most of their hot bodies by competing in more than one class.  Hopefully we have decifered the classes correctly below. If not, tell us!

Nice to see Maria Dunlop, the Tinas from Masterton hop on stage again showing their commitment to training and their love of the stage. And what about Blossom's great condition in the Senior Bodyfitness 45+ class, a nice surprise to see you in heels.

Don't know how Teneka's doing it but she's got great endurance to rack up her 10th contest of the year? and more to come we're sure. Guess the surprise packet of the show was Nury in Figure. Where has she been hiding? she has great potential.

From the pics, looks like Supry Sos and John Dearaza made some great changes from the Masterton show displaying a much leaner physique.  Max Stott, was... well Max! the big lean condition we expect from him and he delivered. Good to see some big classes esp in the Classic and u70kg. Buck's hard work has finally paid off and got a well deserved win in the classic. Steve Quinn showed he can still mix it with the young guns and beating them, although not quite managing to outdo Supry in the open u70kg. And what about big Byron Peach who's made quite an entrance in the novice class, hopefully he'll continue on to many shows to come.

Thanks to NZFBB for letting us do our thing. And ofcourse to the athletes, thank you for going to the effort of looking great for us!

Contest Organiser Terry Hills
said it was a big show, with the night show being a sell out.  There were 58 competitors, 3 couples in Mixed Pairs and 85 entries all up in the individual classes with 27 competitors doing an extra class!

Muscleimaging has pics up here

  Overall Winners: Nury, Fig. Supry, Phys. Teneka, Phys

Backstage Pics    


International Figure  Short Tall
Bodyfitness Short Bodyfitness o35 Bodyfitness o45
Masters women o35   Nov women u55kg and o55kg
Masters women o45    
Open women u55kg    Open women o55kg
Mixed Pairs    

Classic Men   Masters Men
Novice Men u70kg Novice Men 70-80kg Novice Men 80-90kg
Novice Men o90kg  Teen Men  
Open Men u70kg, 70-80kg    
Open Men 80-90kg  Open Men o90 and 100kg  

2010 Les Mills NZFBB Wellington Champs

Teenage Men (Under 18)

1st:     Hemi Toki

2nd:    Daniel Adams

Masters Men Over 40

1st:     Max Stott    

Masters Men Over 50

1st:     Steve Quinn

2nd:    Tony Carter

3rd:    Allan Herkt

Masters Women Over 35

1st:     Carolyn Mailo

2nd:    Jan Dixon

3rd:    Roz Wallace

Masters Women Over 45

1st:     Michelle Bain

2nd:   Joy Crockett

3rd:    Keri Bryant

Senior Body Fitness Over 35

1st:     Maria Dunlop

2nd:   Nicole Newson

3rd:    Michelle Allen

Senior Body Fitness Over 45

1st:     Blossom Cameron

2nd:   Susan Coppersmith

3rd:    Trisha Legg

Novice Women Under 55 kg

1st:     Roz Wallace

Novice Women Over 55kg

1st:     Sharon Edmunds          

2nd:    Sonya Gernhoefer

3rd:    Joen Lim

Novice Men Under 70kg

1st:     Johnny Starkey

2nd:   Peter Dolan

3rd:    Kyle Jan

Novice Men 70-80kg

1st:     Des Foo

2nd:   Mark Norman

3rd:    Watson Pita

Novice Men 80-90kg

1st:     Lance Te Kiri

2nd:   John Robertson

Novice Men Over 90kg

1st:     Byron Peach

2nd:   Tim Mika


1st:     Nury Kusumawati

2nd:   Joen Lim

3rd:    Jeni Lostari

Classic Men

1st:     Buck

2nd:   Daley Tapa

3rd:    Adam Gyongyos

Novice International Figure - Short

1st:     Nury Kusumawati

2nd:    Nicole Newson

3rd:    Pam Inglis

Novice International Figure - Tall

1st:     Tina Dunlop

2nd:    Tina Jeune-Smith

3rd:    Michelle Allen

Open International Figure - Short

1st:     Roma Shapleski

Open International Figure - Tall

1st:     Lois Tuarau

Open Women Under 55kg

1st:     Teneka Hyndman

2nd:    Jan DIxon

3rd:    Michelle Bain

Open Women Over 55kg

1st:     Carolyn Mailo

2nd:    Keri Bryant

Body Fitness - Short

1st:     Teneka Hyndman

2nd:    Susan Coppersmith

3rd:    Pam Inglis

Body Fitness - Tall

1st:     Tina Dunlop

2nd:    Lois Tuarau

3rd:   Tina Jeune-Smith

Open Men Under 70

1st:     Ian Clarke

Open Men 70-80kg

1st:     Supry Sos

2nd:    Steve Quinn

3rd:     Johnny Savea

Open Men 80-90kg

1st:     John Dearaza

2nd:    Richard Hughes

Open Men 90-100kg

1st:     Max Stott

2nd:    Yoram Kalev

Open Men Over 100kg

1st:     Bevan Mackenzie

Mixed Pairs

1st:     Steve Quinn & Carolyn Mailo

2nd:    Buck & Tina Dunlop

3rd:     Daniel Adams & Roz Wallace

Best Posing Routine (Male)

Johnny Savea

Best Posing Routine (Female)

Teneka Hyndman

Best Team

Les Mills Hutt City

Overall Womens Figure

Nury Kusumawati

Overall Womens Physique

Teneka Hyndman

Overall Men

Supry Sos

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