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New Video! Open Men's Class
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Overall Winners
Fabiany, Janine, Bev, Rick, Garth
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Video: Donna vs Janine
for Overall Figure
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More pics of the NABBA Counties available at Muscleimaging


Easily the biggest show of the year, the NABBA Counties attracted 64 athletes in to the cosy Hawkins Theatre in Papakura. In addition to the large sea of athletes, we also saw the prejudging nearly packed out while the night show only standing room was left on the aisles.  So it was a great atmosphere for the athletes to perform in front of the vocal supportive crowd which made the event a memomorable one for all.
Jo Mountfort and Lisa
From the teenage to the Novice and Open classes, both male and females were in great condition. Teisina Tongi in teenage has made a great change to his ever growing physique and he's made some great gains which we're sure will challenge the open men in the not too distant future.  Marc Thomas looks much more muscular than his junior age group and he could've easily given some of the novices a run for their money.  
Peter Hardwick in his element :)
Fabiany Vecchionacce looked super hot on the eve of her 42nd birthday (hope you don't mind me telling everyone Fabi, but you look amazing!), winning the Shape class.  We could say the same thing to all of the Senior Figure Class! Both the Sen Figure 35 and 45 classes were in great condition and I'm sure the judges worked hard to separate between you all.  Donna Randell's figure was exceptional with great condition and presentation. 

The Open Figure was another great class to watch especially with such seasoned competitors Janine Haywood, Kym Carter and Teneka Hyndman posing down against each other.  Despite giving away a few inches in height, Janine made up for it with her leaner and fuller condition to take out class.

The battle for the Overall Figure was a great one with the main showdown between Donna and Janine.  They matched each other in condition and pose for pose. Later we learned there was only 1 point in it with Janine once again being the 'giant killer' taking the title. 

In the men's classes the highlights would be John Templeton and Craig Smith's ripped physique in the Novice Athletic Tall and Short class respectively.  Rick Uljfalussy was also in great shape with his trademark cross cut quad striations to take out the Overall class.

Kristian Bray continued his winning ways taking out the Novice Physique Tall class. While the Open Men's was a tougher affair. Spencer Hiet showed off the fruits of his labour coming in huge for this show but was beaten by Garth van der Merwe was sharper in his legs. Honorable mention must be given to Sam Koloa who's probably in the best shape he's been this year to come in 3rd amongst the big men.  

I'll go out on a limb and say probably the best condition in this show went to Bev Walton in the Open Physique class. Wow she was lean full and glistening on stage, and ripped to bits.  All the while presenting herself beautifully and loved her hair too.  Nice package Bev, well done!

A very efficient show as usual by Peter Hardwick and his dedicated team. Thanks for letting Go Figure be part of the excitement and sharing the pics with the bodybuilding community!

See you at the next show with is the NABBA Waikato 31 July
Lisa, Go Figure
26 July 10


Open Figure
  Janine 1, Kym 2, Teneka 3  
Wootyee 2, Fabiany 1
Senior Figure    
  Sen Figure 35
Sharon 3, Donna 1, Deb 2
Senior Figure 45
2, 1, Gladys 2

Justine 1st 45+
Donna, 1st 35+
Sharon and Shannon

Novice Figure Short    
Novice Figure Tall    
Shannon 1st
Lyn 2nd
Women's Physique    
   Novice Physique Sen 45+, Sen 35+
Colleen and Debbie
Bev and Anj (1st nov)  Open. Wendy 2nd, Bev 1st  
right: Couple of Characters
Colleen and Wendy
  Bev's ripped and
lean condition


Junior and Teenage Men
 Marc 1st Junior, Teisina 1st Teen  
Marc and John
Masters Physique    
  Masters 40+ winner  
Masters and Open Athletic    
Masters Athletic
Warwick 1st, Mike 2nd

r: Rick Uljfalussy 1st Open
Novice Athletic Tall    
John 1st

Novice Athletic Short    
  Craig Sutherland 2nd, Craig Smith 1st  
Novice Physique Short    
Fatu Su'a 1st
Novice Physique Tall    
Kristian 1st

Open Physique Men    
Spencer 2, Sam 3, Garth 1
Garth 1st    

Happy Snaps!    
All the athletes backstage  Judges on the spot  Pre show introductions
Hayley of Cytosport. Kym and Donelle for Vital Strength.
Thanks to both companies for giving great prizes to the athletes!
   Ed with his trophy girl Lisa B    Stan, Peter and Mateo
Yay we did it Janine! (Mad Couple) Jason and Kym  Fabiany and Donelle
Army and Airforce men
John, Marc and ?
Bridget and Jo Tarren with her hot men  Tom and his girls
Overall contenders
Donna, Janine,
Steve Papps with his sons

In the audience    
 Tony and Linni  Nigel, Kaye and Darrel  Chris and Rhonda
Tarren and Naera  Maree and Allen  Darryl and Tarren
  Kaye and Lee Ann  

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