Congrats to the following athletes who have qualified to represent NABBA/WFF New Zealand at the NABBA International Universe at Southport, UK on Sat 30th October 2010:

Junior Class - Steve Orton
Phil Kuklinski - Confirmed Entry - Masters Men Over 50 -
Max Stott - Masters Men Over 50. 

Nuria Novoa

Overall Winners
Lee Lynch, Steve Orton, Anne Jamieson, Louise Palmer, Paula Fernley.  Tarren McCall, NABBA Physique - missing from pic. 
Steve Orton

Results and Stage pics from Paul McSweeney at the NABBA/WFF Nationals where 55 athletes competed on Saturday.

The show began at noon and was all finished by 5pm!

NABBA class 1 + Sen Fig 35+    
NABBA Class 1 + Jnrs   NABBA Class 2

NABBA Miss Physique    
NABBA o40,50 and 60    
NABBA o40 and 60    
NABBA o50    

NABBA Ms Fitness and Glamour    
Below: Nuria Fitness    
Teen and WFF class 1    
WFF Figure class 1    
WFF class 2    
WFF Figure Class 2 and Athletic Masters  
WFF Athletic Class 3 and 4    
WFF Masters o35    
NABBA Figure Overall    
WFF Figure Overall    
 WFF Men Overall    
NABBA Men Overall    

Nabba/WFF Overall Champions

Nabba Men - Steve Orton

Nabba Women - Anne Jameson

WFF Men - Lee Lynch

WFF Women - Louise Palmer



Ms Physique

1.       Tarren McCall

2.       Cathy Howard

3.       Debbie Otten

Figure Class 1

1.       Kirsten Vaughan

2.       Katie Pennicott

Figure Class Over 35

1.       Anne Jameson

2.       Julie Maxwell

Teenage Men

1.       Darius Vahana

Junior Men

1.       Steve Orton

2.       Jake Hoggard

Nabba Men Class 1

1.       Daniel Rotbotham

Nabba Men Class 2

1.       Nelly Vaeosea

2.       Reuben Darrell

3.       Milind Modak

Nabba Men Over 40

1.       Greg Tzinavos

2.       Gordon Lawton

Nabba Men Over 50

1.       Max Stott

2.       Phil Kuklinski

3.       Steve Philip

Nabba Men Over 60

1.       Jeremy Hornibrook


Figure Class 1

1.       Louise Palmer

2.       Jessica Hugo

3.       Jacquie Pederson

Figure Class 2

1.       Paula Fearnley

2.       Lucy Williams

3.       Sallie Atkinson

Miss Glamour

1.       Kellie Howlett

2.       Rose De Malmanche

3.       Simone Jarden

WFF Men Class 1

1.       David Townshend

2.       CJ Keery

WFF Men Class 2

1.       Lee Lynch

2.       Paul De Klerk

3.       Robin Vis

WFF Men Class 3

1.       Alvaro Yance

2.       Rajsen Penuballi

3.       Tim Appleby

WFF Men Class 4

1.       Johnson Waipouri

WFF Masters Over 35

1.       Tom Wojcik

2.       David Gallagher

3.       Gary Nicholas

  • Best Male Posing Routine - Lee Lynch
  • Best Female Posing Routine - Paula Fearnley

Allen Stubbington's Backstage Snaps

NABBA/WFF Nationals, 2 October 2010
Kaiapoi High School, Christchurch

One show format starting at noon.  $30

1 Oct: So far 54 athletes have registered at show inluding Jnr Steve Orton who's weighing in over 100kg!  Tarren McCall will be doing Senior Figure, Tom Wojick Masters Athletic and Phil Kuklinski, Max Stott in Masters Physique.
29 Sept update: Only 3 days until the inaugural NABBA/WFF Nationals and although we're not sure of the definite numbers competing at this show, we can only speculate that we'll see athletes who competed at the NABBA/WFF Blenheim show will turn out for the nationals.
Plus the recent well conditioned athletes who competed at the IFBB South Island just last weekend might also find the opportunity to show their bodies again so soon an incentive to compete.   

We know that pocket dynamo Nuria Novoa has been working on another dynamic routine for her fitness class. We may see her have some competition from an equally explosive athlete in this show but again we can't confirm that either. Tom Wojcik who won the Masters Athletic class earlier this year will more than likely head to the Nationals.

We hear there are good entries from Invercargill and Wellington which will include the mighty physique of Max Stott. There is possibly other contingents from Auckland heading down to the show. I know, hard to find athletes to tell you if they're competing or not!  But one athlete who's ok with us telling his mission is Aucklander Nelly Vaoesa.

27 year old Nelly last competed about 4 years ago and at the time showed amazing mass and symmetry for a young guy. Now with 4 years hard training under his belt and an intensive 5 months with Master Blaster Garry Jones as his trainer, Nelly has been pushed hard and consequently has made big improvements to his legs and back. Nelly, an Evolutionsystems sponsored athlete, says he can't wait to see the look on people's faces when he finally steps on stage at the Nationals. And we can't wait to see your brand new body Nelly!

12 Sept update: Despite the severe damange to some of Kaiapoi's infrastructure, organisers wish to advise all competitors & supporters that the NABBA/WFF National Championships will definately be going ahead & that there has been no damage sustained to their venue, the Kaiapoi High School.         

They've had increasing interest in this show following on from the success of our Top of the South Champs  & Club Physical's show in Auckland with a number of competitors coming down from both of these events.

The show will be qualifying & partially funding up to 4 athletes into either the NABBA Universe on 30th Oct or the WFF Worlds on the 23rd Oct up to NZ$2000 each providing they meet international standards of competition.

Because this is the inaugural National Champs there will be no requirement to qualify from other shows. NABBA/WFF will accept athletes who have competed under other Federations in NZ or Australia providing they join NABBA/WFF NZ, complete standard entry requirements & abide by their rules & regulations. These are still currently based on those pertaining to NABBA/WFF Australia see

The following catagories apply:

(Athletes may enter one category only)


Junior Men Under 21 yrs on 1st January of any current year
Novice Men - not placed 1ST in ANY contest ANY federation
Masters Men Over 40 yrs
Grandmasters Men Over 50 yrs
Men Mr Class 4 Height Below 1.65m
Men Mr Class 3 Height Between 1.65m and 1.72m
Men Mr Class 2 Height Between 1.72m and 1.79m
Men Mr Class 1 Height Over 1.79m

Miss Figure Masters Over 35 years
Miss Figure Class 2 Height Below 1.63m
Miss Figure Class 1 Height Over 1.63m
Miss Physique Weight Must be Over 60 kg


WFF Mr. Athletic Teenage Under 19 yrs on 1st January of any
current year ( Height & Weight restrictions apply )

WFF Masters Men Over 35 yrs ( Height & Weight restrictions apply )
WFF Classic Men Over 60 yrs ( no restrictions )

WFF Mr Athletic Open Class 4 Height Below 1.65m Weight Under 67 kg
Class 3 Height Between 1.65m and 1.72m Weight under 74kg
Class 2 Height Between 1.72m and 1.79m Weight Under 81 kg
Class 1 Height Over 1.79m Weight Under 87 kg

WFF Miss Athletic Masters Over 40yrs ( Height & Weight restrictions apply )
WFF Miss Athletic Class 2 Height Under 1.63m Weight Under 50Kg
WFF Miss Athletic Class 1 Height Over 1.63m Weight Under 57Kg

WFF Miss Fitness Aerobics/Performance
WFF Miss Glamour Bikini/Sports Model

Further information on our website 




NABBA/WFF NZ in conjunction with NABBA International President, Graeme Lancefield, would like to advise any athlete competing in our federation, the criteria & qualification process to be able to compete & receive financial assistance into our main international events. NABBA/WFF New Zealand is now a registered affiliate country with NABBA International

1. Athletes must be New Zealand Residents & hold valid NZ Passports & be
current NABBA/WFF NZ members.

2. Qualification into & through Australian State or Regional Shows
will no longer be possible for NZ athletes.

3. The Christchurch Grand Prix in May each year will be the qualifier for the
NABBA Worlds (Brazil 2011) & the WFF Universe. Athletes may be selected
& funded to attend either Max's International Championships in Melbourne
or Max's Southern Hemisphere Championships on the Gold Coast as part of
of the selection process.

4. The later shows in Sept & Oct - "Top of the South" in Blenheim & our 3rd
regional show (2011 venue to be advised) will be qualifiers into our
NABBA/WFF National Championships to be held in Christchurch this year
& possibly Auckland in 2011.

5. We anticipate selecting 4 athletes (2 male & 2 female) directly for
competition at either the NABBA Universe (60th Anniversary Celebrations)
in Southport UK or the WFF World Championships in Graz, Austria. 

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