Bobby Kazami and Byron Peach

Here you go boys and girls! backstage pics from the NABBA Wellington champs.

These pics were a little more challenging to bring you but we know just how much you love Go Figure and love seeing what we do, so we didn't want to disappoint you all.

We are pleading Keith Jolly at Muscleimaging to let us put up stage pics like we have done in recent times, as we know you love seeing those too.  So please message Keith and help plead with us.

In meantime you can go to Muscleimaging for more pics.

Thanks to NABBA and its athletes for their smiley faces! 
Overall Fig

 Teneka Hyndman Tarren McCall and Steve Quinn   Dana Johnson and Bridget Emmitt 
 Elaine Bishop  Kirstine Nelson          Carolyn Mailo Overall Phys
         and Jill Clark
   John, Pam and Leo Tanirua  Tarau, Pam and Michelle Pumphrey
  Colleen Sloane and Roz Wallace   John Dearaza and Pam Inglis
Sarah McDonald, Jamie Mihaka
TJ Corrigan
   Sarah and Big Byron
  Steve Quinn and Carolyn Mailo   Sue Bettridge    Veronica O'Grady 

Bobby and Byron  Max Stott (Oall men)    Steve           John Dearaza
 Adam Barker Jack Atkinson Colin McDonald and Peter Levi
  Johnny Savau  Bruce Alecock
Sherwyn Keith Ray Crew, Roger Symes, Sherwyn  Mitchell Devonshire
 Bobby Kazami Luke Keegan Phil Wysocki and Kevin Garner


Overall Winers: Men, Max Stott. Physique Women, Carolyn Mailo. Figure Women, Teneka Hyndman
                       Fitness Model Men, Leo Tanirau.  Fitness Model Women, Lisa Gifford 

Teenage Men:
1 Jack Aitkinson
2 Mitchell Devonshire
3 Brendan Jamieson
4 Daniel Adams

Junior Men
1 Adam Parker

Combine 40+ and 50+ Phys Men
1. Max Stott
2. Steve Quinn
3. Terry Hills

Novice Phys ladies
1. Sarah MacDonald

Senior Phys ladies 35+
1. Carolyn Mailo
2. Roz Wallace

Senior Phys ladies 45+
1. Jill Clark
2. Joy Crockett
3. Lisa Roberts
4. Colleen Sloane

Nov Phys Men Short
1. Mark Pilgram
2. Kevin Garner
3. Frank Materman

Senior Figure 35+
1. Sue Bettridge
2. Bridget Emitt
3. Veronica O'Grady

Senior fig 45+
1. Michelle Pumpfrey
2. Jacqui Judd

Nov Phys Men Tall
1.Bobby Kazemi
2. Byron Peach
3. Taura Te Whata
4. Colin MacDonald
5. Peter Levi

Nov Figure Short
1. Pam Inglis
2. Nicole Newson
3. Jamie Mihaka

Nov figure Tall
1. Daina Johnson
2. TJ Corrigan

Masters Athletic
1. Phil Wysocki

Nov Athletic Short
1. Roger Symes
Nov Athletic Tall
1. Luke Keegan
2. Sherwyn Keith
3. Ray Crew
4. Owen White

Open figure combined
1. Teneka Hyndman
2. Kirstine Nelson
3. Elaine Bishop

Open Phys Men Short
1.John Dearaza
2. Steve Papps
3. Johnny Savau

Open Phys Men Tall
1. Bruce Alecock

Mr Fitness Model
1. Leo Tanirau

Miss Fitness Model
1. Lisa Gifford
2. Nici Scott Savage

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