Report and Pics! IFBB Australian Nationals and Country of Origin Qualifier                      

The IFBB Country of Origin qualifier attracted 40 athletes. There were plenty of novice men but unfortunately not too many women in this show but lots of quality athletes on display. The physique women were all in great condition with beautiful Erena Young combining here feminity and muscularity to take out the Overall physique title from the always hardened physique of Julie Harris.   
Lisa and Stan
Karen Montague and Lesley Rothera were also in great shape, Lesley was super hard and lean but it was Monty's figure that took the overall. Fabiany was the lone figure in the bikini class but once again she rocked it in that class.

There was some good match ups in the novice men. Puli and Chris from the Environment Gym once again went head to head in the u70kg class.  It was great to see the big class of 10 in the u80kg novice class with lots of well conditioned men on display.  Nelly Vaoasa and Kristian Bray (in his 10th show of the year!) had a good battle in the 80-90kg class. Nelly had the nice symmetry and mass but Kristian had the condition, in the end Nelly took out that class.  

Kaye O'Neill
In the Open Men Naki Rasmussen came in great condition for the u80kg class while Mateo Vaihu looked awesome in the 80-90kg with nice full and lean muscle.  I wasn't there for the Overalls but it must have been a great sight to see Naki and Mateo going through their poses side by side.

The morning show went like clockwork (show took about 1.5hrs) thanks to the super efficient backstage marshall Eleanor Stewart. So efficient, I hardly had enough time to take everybody's pics!  the judges were also efficient in their judging not doing too many comparisons if not needed.

Learned that Kaye O'Neill is competing at the Aus Nationals in Sydney on 24/25 October and as you can see she's looking on target to take it to the aussies. We hear there's a big team selected to compete and we'll publish their names once we find out who they are.

Thanks to Mark Stewart and the show organisers for letting me have free access during the show and giving me a happy snapping experience!  good luck to the kiwis!!

Lisa, Go Figure
11 Oct 10

Go to Muscleimaging for more pics

Overall Winners
 Erena Young  Mateo Vaihu Karen Montague

Donelle, Anj, Bev and Michelle just watching today Major Sponsors Harbour Fitness  Judges Mark, Kaye, Mike and Brian 
 Esther with Samoan test judges Kaye and BIG Gary  Backstage marshall extraordinaire
Elle with Stacey the master slapper (tanning that is )
Beefcakes Lesley and Jo Tony Ligaliga and mark
Masters Men 40+
John and Dean
Masters Men 50+ Junior Men
 Dean and Deb Teiho  Environment Gym Team  Wolf's Gym Team
 Duane and Lisa Roycroft Classic Men
Duane and Tony

 Erena and Julie Erena, Open Physique  
Deb and Julie
Masters Physique
Senior Figure Lesley and Monty
Nov Fig and Open Fig
Lesley, Julie, Monty

left: Fabiany sexy in bikini

Nov u70kg class    
Nov u80kg class    
Nov 80-90kg    
 Open u80kg    
Steve Papps, u70kg    
Open 80-90kg    
Mose o90kg

22 Sept 10 Update from Mark Stewart:  Tony "The Body" Ligaliga will be guest poser at this show!

Aussie Trip: Selected Athletes from this Event will receive funding to compete in Aussie for the Country of Origin Championships.

Athletes: All athletes competing in Aussie will have a chance to meet with Phil Heath, photo shoot & having meal with Phil.

Teams: We have some huge Teams from various Gyms competing in this Event 9th October. Teams from Genetics gym, from The Environment- Fitness 15, from Club Physicals, from Proformance-Tauranga, from Wolfs gym and let's not forget the largest & the biggest of them all " Team Harbour Fitness".


Please don't read into what some one disgruntled person wrote or post on websites about the South Island 25th September, Tauranga 25th September & Auckland Event 9th October.

I can assure you all that these three Events will go as planned and we have 110% full support of Paul & Carole Graham.

All Athletes competing in these three Events regardless of placing are able to compete in Aussie if they so desire.

Selected Athletes will received funding as part of their prizes, awards & rewards.

I'm in full support of taking care of the Athletes regardless of the Color, Ethnic, Cultural, Religion or even who they compete for.

Event Contact: Auckland 9th October, Mark Stewart Ph 021 949818.

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