We had great help from a couple of handy men, Allen Stubbington and Stefan Preddy, who snapped away at the NABBA/WFF Top of the South Champs so that we can share the pics with you.  So thanks guys!

Stefan also wrote a report for us despite being amidst the destruction of the Christchurch earthquake when he got home.  Luckily his house wasn't too damaged.  We hope other Christchurch athltes also managed to escape as lucky!

Overall Winners:
NABBA Figure - Paula Fearnley
WFF Figure - Sally Atkinson
NABBA Physique - Jacob Hoggart (jnr from Nelson)
WFF Athletic - Alvaro Yance 

Allen's Angles
Paula Fearnley      Jacob Hoggart      Sarah             David Townsend     Sally Atkinson
Anne Jamison      Lynette and Sally       Boys backstage                  Kirsten Vaughn

Stefan's Wrap Up
It was a smaller than normal show for Mark but it was as usual well put together and ran on time. The show started on time at 12 and with only 23 competitors and running the one show format it was all wrapped up by 3.30pm. Despite the smaller competitor numbers there was a good size vocal crowd and  a fun atmosphere. The compere (whose name I missed) did a great job for his first show and I suspect we will see more of him.

There was 16 male competitors with the best contested classes  being the last two WFF men's classes. There was one Teenage competitor , Darius Vatani, from Fitness Canterbury trained by Shane Elsey doing his first show and one junior male, Jacob Hoggart out of Nelson trained by Dylan Stephens who was also in his first show. Jacob ultimately took out the overall Nabba men's title so should be pretty happy with his first showing.

With so many classes there was a few people (men and woman)who needed to wait for the overalls to get some competition. Alvaro Yance was back from competing in the Blenheim show last year and ultimately took out the overall Athletic title amongst some pretty good competition. Andrew Rhodes who is trained by Jamil Rehman from Christchurch Les Mills looked sharp in his win taking the WFF class 2 and with a touch  more conditioning may prove quite a threat at nationals.

Ultimately you can't control who turns up but it would have been nice to see some more physique competitors. Reuben Darryl was back to compete again with the other physique competitor being Daniel Martin. Reuben showed he still has some good size but needs to work on his condition to show it off.   

For the ladies Paula Fearnley took out the NABBA masters figure over 35 before winning the overall NABBA figure title. Paula had stiff competition from Anne Jameson and Kirsten Vaughan (also trained by Jamil) who looked to be in excellent condition in her first show. The WFF figure went to Sallie Atkinson after battling Lynette Chamber. There was one Glamour competitor, Sarah (missed last name) who seemed to enjoy her first show.

Having been woken early (thanks ChCh) and being a bit dozy I apologise if I have any of this slightly wrong.  A big ups to the ChCh competitors competing in their first show, I know the distraction of not knowing what was going on at home was the last thing they needed.

Overall I enjoyed the show and I have to admit to being a fan of the one show format. As an aside there were some big names present who seem to be planning to compete in the NABBA/WFF next May in ChCh, that will be a show well worth seeing, especially if you like a bit of mass ;).

Stefan Preddy
5 Sept 10


Stefan's Snaps    
 Jamil and Andrew Rhodes  Innovative staging  Backstage crew
Kirsten Vaughn, Anne Jamieson, Sally Atkinson Lynette Chamber, Paula Fearnley,
Linda Watcon
Alvaro Yance  Sarah (glamour) Athletic, Peter McLeod
and Alvaro
 Andrew Rhodes David Townsend  Jnr Men, Jacob and Darius
Gary Nicholas, Chris Christopher Robb  

Competitor                    Class                                                Result


Paula Fearnley              Nabba Master Figure over 35      1st

Linda Watson                Nabba Master Figure over 35       2nd

Jeremy Hornibrook     Nabba Men Over 50                        1st

Reuben Darrell            Nabba Class 4                                1st

Daniel Martin                Nabba Class 2                                1st

Kirsten Vaughan         Nabba Figure Class 1                    1st

Anne Jameson            Nabba Miss Figure Class 2          1st


Darris Vatani                WFF Teenage                                   1st

Jacob Hoggart              Junior                                                1st

Lynette Chamber         WFF Masters Over 40                     1st

Christopher Robb        WFF Masters over 35                     1st

Gary Nicholas               WFF Master over 35                       2nd

Grant Mclellan              WFF Master over 35                       3rd

Alvaro Yalice                  WFF Class 3                                  1st

Peter McLeod                WFF Class 3                                  2nd

Sallie Atkinson              WFF Miss Athletic Class 1          1st

Andrew Rhodes            WFF Men Class 2                         1st

Robin Vis                        WFF Men Class 2                        2nd

Vikash Singh                  WFF Men Class 2                        3rd

CJ Keery                          WFF Men Class 1                       1st

David Townshend         WFF Men Class 1                       2nd

Ben Homan                    WFF Men Class 1                        3rd

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