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Shape Girls   Teresa and Lisa
Shape Queen Teresa sat this one out

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Please don't ask about the Happy Snaps
So the show was running about 40minutes late. Was to start at 9.30am but due to technical issues with the lights, we never really got started till 10.20am.  I keep busy like I usually do at most shows by going backstage to do happy snaps and everything's usually fine. Athletes love it. I love catching up and was looking forward to the buzz of the day as they got prepared for stage.

However about 4 classes in, I was surprised and sad, that I was told that no cameras were allowed backstage. So I'm really sorry athletes and viewers alike that I couldn't bring you happy snaps at this show and give you the full reporting experience.  I am totally devastated that I let you down.

I couldn't bring myself to stay for the night show as I felt lost not being amongst it all.  I really missed all the athletes and I hope we'll meet again.

With 140 athletes entered into the the Nationals the prejudging was always going to be a long affair. Since it began late, at 10.20am and finishing at 4.10pm, the day was made even longer for the athletes.  The night show began at 6pm and I heard it went till just after midnight.

Here are some pics I captured during the show.  Sorry some of the pics are very contrast as the stage lights of this show was not very even and some athletes were left in the dark!

Lisa, Go Figure
3 October 10

More pics at Muscleimaging or NZBB where you can also get involved in the discussion.

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  Thank you sponsors for keeping the audience fuelled with your delicious samples during the show. And for contributing to putting on the show for the athletes.   
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  Super Stars
Digby and Colleen

60minutes are doing a story on our star attractions, so keep an eye for that in about 3 weeks!
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I have been tweeting hard out from the NABBA and NABBA/WFF Nationals today but unfortunately I have not been to a computer to check that my tweets have been going up on site.

Now I see that the 10s of tweets that I've texted have been for nothing and you haven't been able to find out what's been going on. I am so so sorry for this. Twitter must be having some technical difficulities or some other work is at play. 

What a day for it! or the Universe is really against me today as I haven't been able to get backstage to take happy snaps either.  Just hasn't been my day. Its days like these when I really think what's the point.

Sorry once again.
2 October 10

p.s NZBB were there taking pics too so they might have some up and maybe some news already. Ours will come up in due course. Thanks

  1 Oct: Sneak Peek at Aaron Kibblewhite (Open Physique Tall class) training at Burn Fitness before the Nationals tomorrow.

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With 2 weeks to go we hear that NABBA have sent out over 200 invitations to athletes to compete at the Nationals this year and more than likely close to 150 athletes will accept the invitation!  That's alot of happy snapping!  

Thought we'd preview who might be competing and who might be up against each other in the various classes.   This is all speculation ofcourse as we don't really know who's going to turn up. So its just a bit of fun.

Shape.  This class has really taken off this year and we've seen lots of girls get into shape for it.  When we think shape we can't go past the shape queen Teresa Edwards who recently won at the NABBA Asia Pacific Champs in Raratonga over Rose Hyde and Stella Hermes

Hopefully these 3 will come out again and perhaps they'll be up against Teresa's protege Cushla Lahmert from Thames who won the Waikato earlier this year.  Melanie Habib from Papamoa also looked great at Waikato. Not forgetting the super sexy Fabiany Vecchiocce who won Counties and possibly Wootyee Wynn could be there too. So a tough class as the standard just keeps getting better and better.  When it comes down to it, the routine will be the deciding factor!

Physique.  In the senior physiques, it'll be the usual suspects Jill Clark, Wendy Sole, Colleen Sloane (her 99th show) in this class, possibly along with Rachel Jarvis who won at Waikato. Joy Crockett could also join this group along with Tina Walker who won the overall at BOP could prove the biggest threat with her dense muscle but Carolyn Mailo, recent winner at Wellington could stand in her way. Anj Winterbourne, Karen Julian and the gorgeous Margot Smith would have to be the front runners of the novice class. In Open, hopefully we'll see the super conditioned physique of Bev Walton who wowed us at Counties.  Karen Bishop could also be lining up in the opens. Will Big Helen Aloiai be there or Wendy Rowe? Be a great showdown if they do.

Senior Figure 45+.  You can't go past Farah Deobhakta in this class as she seems to take all before her this year winning the Waikato, Manawatu and Rarotonga with her great symmetry and nice delts.  However Gladys Matthews will be out to push Farah to the limit with her equally nice shape and those abs!  Gill McCann and Deb Richards will more than likely joining this competitive line up along with others just as determined to win we're sure.

Senior Figure 35+. We feel this is going to be a big class as 35+ have had quite alot of competitors this year.  Depending if Sue Bettridge will do this class or Open Figure, she could be a hard one to beat as she comes in very lean.  Ofcourse the other hard figures this year are those of Donna Randell and Vanessa Bartley. Bridget Emmett can also get into great condition so it will be nice to see these great figres line up.  OOps one more, how could we forget the ever improving figure of Cathy Orevich. Tough call!

Novice Figure Short. One girl comes to mind in the class and that is the composed figure of Johanna Mountfort.  Seems so long ago we saw her at the Auckland champs - which she won.  She'll have to pose her butt off against Tina Merriman who won the Counties show, she had great structure. Not forgetting Vini Rangihaeta who was in fantastic condition at the NABBA North Harbour last year and Rarotonga, hope we see her up there to give these girls a run for their money. There's also Miriam Eglinton who showed a hard figure to win at Manawatu.

Novice Figure Tall.  There was plenty of tall timber at the Waikato show which was won by the great figure of Paulette Adsett. Shannon Balzat winner at Counties will also make things interesting along with recent winner at Wellington Dana Johnson looked good so will be nice to see her in the tall line. The other figure to keep an eye on is Jen James who competed at Manawatu.  She showed a nice athletic figure with great potential.

Open and International Figure.  Not sure how they'll split up the classes but its going to be great to see some of the hottest figures this year on stage at the same time - well we can only hope that we'll see Karyn Kelly (who won in Rarotonga), Jody Walford, Janine Haywood and Teneka Hyndman posing down.  All these figures present a hard and full figure.  Adding to the list will more than likely be Elaine Bishop and Kirstine Nelson. Who will win? this will come down to their condition and immaculate posing on the day.  Can't wait!

Fitness Models. Almost forgot this class, sorry girls!  4 competed this year and included Maeve Nielson, Lisa Gifford, Jennifer Knight and Nici Scott-Savage.

The Men!

Teenage Men.  We've had quite sprinkling of teenage men compete throughout the year. But all that comes to mind for us was the continually growing physique of Teisina Tonga.  He came in his best shape so far at the Counties show.  We can't wait to see what he'll display at the Nationals. He's definitely one to watch now and in the future!

Junior Men.  While not in the same class, it will be good to see Teisina going up against the muscular physique of Daniel Amos. Then again, we can't remember if Daniel has qualified.  Marc Thomas winner from Counties won't be competing at Nationals so this class will be wide open.

Masters Men 60+. No doubt we'll see eternal competitor Michael Pouhila and his gang Jack Apelu, Dieter Horn and Jerry Miusewlkowski (sorry can't spell!) come out for the final showdown of the year. Judging from his winning record Michael looks good to take this but the question is will he have a new posing song!

Masters Men 50+.  Although Max Stott won't be here, a physique that is just as good will be here in the form of Steve Quinn who won at Wellington.  But he will still have a tough ask up against fellow wellingtonian Terry Hills.  We hope that more 50+ will turn up to the Nationals as it'll be nice for all the mastres to have their own classes rather than combine with a class below them.  

Masters Men 40+.  Nola Efaraino looked pretty sharp winning the Counties show and could be up against Andrew Eskiulu at the Nationals.  Andrew has a great structure and mass, and could be a match for Nola if he puts his mind and body to it.  Matthew Matenga has been on winning form from BOP and Waikato so with extra time since those comps, he should be looking even sharper. Ross Gray who bet Matthew at Manawatu could just edge all the guys out!  Then again Grant Carter who came second to Matthew at both their meet ups will be looking for some payback too.  Its all on!

Masters Athletic.  This is going to shape up to be a great class with Warwick Richards, Michael Cassidy and Phil Wysocki who were all in sharp condition at their comps.  Hard to separate them and depends who can nail their condition on the day. Seru Tabudravu has been looking lean in his comps so he'll be the leading one in the over 40 class.

Novice Athletic Short and Tall.  We have a feeling these 2 classes are going to be super big and hard class for the judges.  There has been plenty of talent on display and if they all come out for the Nationals, we'll be in for a treat.  Some of the names that stand out from memory in the short class were Craig Smith and Craig Sutherland who had a great battle at Counties. And how can we forget Shaun Stockman who qualified at North Harbour and also competed at Rarotonga. He has good dense muscle and can come in ripped.

In tall class John Templeton was ripped at Counties. Aron Enoka had some nice lines and won at BOP, the placegetters Des and Victor at this show also had nice structure. Luke Keegan and Sherwyn Keith, winner at Manawatu looked pretty good from his pics too. 

Novice Physique Short. Fatu Su'a (won Counties) and Robert Lopeti (won Auckland) come to mind in this class. Mark Pilgram was ripped to win the Wellington comp so if all these guys come in great condition it could be nail biter.

Novice Physique Tall.  One name that has dominated this class in 2010 with 7 Regional titles is ofcourse Kristian Bray.  However, we're sure he won't have it easy at the Nationals as he'll be up against Harbour Fitness team mate Dave Walker who'll be out to avenge his loss to Kristian at Counties. Bobby Kazami was super sharp at Wellington and Byron Peach had the mass so these two will also push Kristian and Dave for final honours. Add to the mix Warren Turvey, the Manawatu winner to the mix and you got a good show down. 

Open Athletic Short and Tall.  There has been too many athletic shorts compete this year and only a couple of names come to mind in this class which are Jacob Rata and Andrew Murray.  So these guys might be in with the tall guys which is going to be a super tough ask. 

For mine, the Open Athletic Tall is going to be one of THE classes to watch. We've already had a glimpse of the high calibre of athletes in this class at Rarotonga with the battle between Jason Bartley, Rick Ujfallussy and Dean Shilton which Jason came out the winner.  But at the Nationals is a different show and these guys will have to bring their A game and present an immaculate condition.  Athletic is all about condition, so whoever achieves that along with nice full muscles is going to take it.  But its not going to be easy!

International Athletic.  This will see the match up of Greg Mawson, Paul Mountfort, Andrew Murray and Tom Wojcik possibly going head to head.  Once again condition will win on the day.

Open Physique Short. At the Manawatu we saw the close contest between John Dearaza and Kenneth Clayton, which Kenneth took out with his lean condition.  But since then John has been coming in more vascular at his next 2 shows so he could be the one to watch in this class.  Steve Papps is also making a final run to the Nationals and no doubt he'll be out to nail his condition on the day.

Open Physique Tall.  The battle of the big boys!  Lets hope they all come out for this as we've had some great physiques compete this year.  The year started with Aaron Kibblewhite who was looking large and lean to take out the Auckland champs over Garth Van der Merwe. But Garth showed he meant business when he came in in great condition taking out the Counties show over Spencer Hiett who'd spent some time putting on mass in the off season.  Sam Koloa also made great improvements over the year coming in much leaner. Bruce Alecock winner at Wellington is also a big boy who could give the Aucklanders something to think about.  Its going to be great to watch!

So there you go, a brief rundown of the various classes and who we might see battling it out for the supreme National Title.  All the classes are going to be competitive so if you haven't got a ticket, make sure you get one and come along to see one of the biggest nationals so far.

Lisa, Go Figure
22 Sept 10


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