Overall Winners
Shape, Jody, Jan, Mateo

Pics and report from the show!

Just when we thought all the athletes have packed away their bikinis and posing trunks (and a few kgs) for the year, we got the surprise of 74 well conditioned athletes turning up for the INBA South Pacific Champs in Taupo!

Good to see some new faces and bodies, as well as ever improving ones on show.  In the women's physique class, which seems to be making a comeback and attracting more athletes this year, we saw the new body of Nicole Joe in Novice Physique.  She has awesome potential with her great structure and muscle mass, look forward to seeing more of her.
Peter and Lisa
Seasoned athletes Sheryl Summers and Jan Dixon came in great shape as expected. Not to be outdone Karen Bishop in the Senior Physique 40+ was ripped and probably the best shape we've seen her.  These 3 athletes lined up for the overall and in the end it was Jan's compete hardened package won her the overall against some tough competition.

Lots and lots of boys turned out for the physique classes. Masters 40+ was the pick of the master classes with Seru Tabudravu and Rick Ujfalussy's conditioned physiques going up against the mass and hardness of Darrin Orchard, but it was Darrin's mass that took it on the day.  
Colleen working backstage
instead of on stage today
Another great watch was the Novice Short and Tall in which there were 6 and 8 athletes repectively competing in each class.  Both of these classes took a long time as expected as there was some close calls.  Leon Chuplin with his huge muscle mass beat out Pete Gardiner and Blair Tomlinson for the Novice Short title.  In the Novice Physique Tall, there would've only been a point between Taumata Soloman and Okirua Enoka for number 1. Okirua was in great hard condition with nice lines but perhaps didn't quite have the mass to beat out Taumata. 
  There was a close contest for Open Physique Short between Stan Tautalanoa (in his first contest after tearing his pec) and Andrew Murray. Probably the best condition we've seen Andrew this year and was unlucky to nudge out Stan this time.   All eyes were on Mateo Vaihu and Tim Moore in the Open Physique Tall. Both these guys were in sharp and hard condition but Mateo just had that extra fullness in his muscles that won him the class.

Stan wasn't the man this time for the Overall with his protege (or son as Stan likes to call him) beating out the master for the ultimate title.  But it was a great watch to see Stan and Darrin posing down beside Mateo.
left: Mateo 
In the figure classes, Farah Deobhakta (7th show of the year) continued her great run taking out the Senior Figure 40+ Class over the equally impressive figure of Paula Signal. Hard to believe Gladys Matthews and Jacqui Wright competed in the 50+ class showing figures that many younger athletes would love to attain!  These 2 athletes had quite different bodies, Jacqui with slightly more mass took the title though.  Julie Baines came in lean and hard to take the novice figure from youngster Toni Williams in the novice figure short while the super tall figure of Lyn Wright with her leaner figure took the Novice figure tall class from the ever improving Tina Jeune Smith and Wendy Turner.

Janine Haywood was up against Teneka Hyndman for the Open Figure Short. Janine was in great condition with much improved leg detail. However Teneka's overall figure and those super delts edged out Janine for the title.  This was Teneka's 15th show! but that's not all. She's now off to compete at the INBA Universe and Olympia in 2 weeks. We wish her all the best.

In the Open Figure Tall all eyes were pretty much on the super condition of Jody Walford.  But the placings weren't so clear cut so Kat Bunting, Kirstine Nelson and Jacque Pederson still had to bring out their best posing with Kat placing 2nd and Kirstine 3rd.

The battle for the Overall Figure was a great watch with the best figures of the night posing down. Of particularly interest was the competition between Jody, Teneka and Farah. Jody with her full and lean muscles edged out Teneka and Farah to take out her 3rd overall title of the year (she'd also won the NABBA Hawkes Bay and Nationals).

In summary, this was a great show.  Both the prejudging and finals were very efficient and ran in a friendly manner.  All the athletes got some great prizes like blenders, crockpots and protein powder. While 74 was a great number, Peter's aiming for a 100 next year. 

So athletes if you're reading and listening, put this comp in your calendar now and help Peter reach his dream.  More than likely this show will be run in August 2011. Check back to Go Figure to double check next year.

Thanks to Peter Hardwick for giving us a happy experience and letting us share the pics with our viewers!

More pics at Muscleimaging.com

Lisa, Go Figure
27 October 10

p.s Happy Off Season everyone! 
Kym with trophy girls    Ouch!                         Janine and Colleen          Awina and Taumata
Kirsty, Donelle, Maeve

Jody's happy with chocolate      Jan's hard body           Tim head over heels he can eat now!
Leanne Simays and Lisa Donelle and Oveall Hunk, Mateo  Alex keeping his hands on BBing
..and Darrin 
Peter's reception angels.
Why the stunned face Colleen?!
Leanne gives Horleys
the thumbs up 
 Chris and Marlene Henderson
 Alex's growing ink Steve Rosenbaum shows he
still has his 8 pack 
Hot trophy girls Kirsty and Donelle 
 Seru and Rick Jane says ' I lost 50kg.
That's the size of Janine!' 
 Sheryl and her team
Gold winning Taranaki Team
Farah, Paul, Julie
 Hot Cookies
(Cook Island that is!)
  Lining up before mass entrance
at night show


Aaah coffee inbetween shows   Lisa with the Trophy girls
Stan and Mateo Mateo IS Superman.
He's pumping up superfast 
Stan keeping Mateo in
his place for now 
  Open Physique Tall  
Bodyworks Team Nicole and (TK!)
Yes TK from Shortland St
Harry and his Health and
Fitness Team
Shape Girls Teen and Junior Men
  Tina and ?, practice their
groovy moves
Last of Kaye's Clan
Julie and Lyn

Master 40+    
   4, 2, 3, 1
Roger, Rick, Seru, Darrin
Masters 50, 60, 70+   Masters 60+
     Mike 2, Allan 1
    Gordon 2, Paul 2 Master 50
left: Dieter 70+
Senior Physique 50+    
   1, 2, 3
Sheryl, Gail, Joy
Senior Physique 40+    
2, 4, 3, 1
Keri, Jane, Joanne, Karen
Senior Figure 40+    

3, 1, 2
Julie, Farah, Paula

Senior Figure 50+    
Gladys 2, Jacqui 1
Novice Physique    

Barbara and Jennifer 3=,
Nicole 1, Monica 2
Novice Figure Short   Novice Figure Tall
   Toni 2, Julie 1 2, 1, 3
Tina, Lyn, Wendy

Novice Physique Short    
3, 2, 1
Blair, Peter, Leon


Novice Physique Tall    
2, 3, 1
Okirua, Dale, Taumata

   Brothers Okirua and Aron  
Open Physique Short    
1, 3, 2
Stan, Jeff, Andrew


Stan and Mateo
Open Physique Tall    
   ?, Mateo, ?, Aaron  Tim 2 and Mateo 1

Open Figure Short    
   Janine 2, Teneka 1  
  Open Figure Jody and Janine  Teneka and Janine, Shorties 
Open Tall class
Jacque 4, Jody 1, Kat 2, Kirstine 3
   Jody 1st open figure and oall  
Open Physique    
Wendy 2, Jan 1, Awhina 3, Jill 4

Oall Figure Comparison    
 Oall Men Comparison    


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