Report, Picsand Vid from the NZIFBB Waikato and Coromandel Classic

left: Overall winners
Jessyka Benchoom, bikini. Teneka Hyndman, physique. Peter Hunt. Claire Torr, Figure

right: Lucky Lisa with Lee

  Lee Priest Video!
Lee Priest Guest Posing at NZIFBB Waikato and Coromandel Champs.

Click pic to watch


The NZIFBB Waikato and Coromandle Classic was highlighted by the number and quality of the 50+ athletes that took the stage on Saturday. From juniors, novice figures and physiques to the open classes, all of the athletes were in great condition which made it a pleasure to watch for the audience and tough for the judges. The other highlights was local hero Grant Peterse whipping the crowd into a frenzy guest posing ahead of Lee Priest who wowed the crowd with his well muscled physique and captivating routine.

The vibe backstage was hectic and friendly. The marshalls and tanners including Johnson Reihana, Mel McFarlane, Ali Alkadi, the backstage marshall did a fantastic job organizing and making sure the athletes were ready on time which helped kept the show rolling in an efficient manner.  This organization helped keep the athletes relaxed and enjoyable as they waited for their turn on the stage.

And what a great turnout of bodies we saw.  Good to see a good line up of 5 bikini girls who strutted their stuff. The class was won by Jessyka and included in the lineup was Sheta Hall who did an amazing job to get on stage just 8 weeks after her baby Lucy was born. That's an achievement on its own.   We saw a handful of girls turn out for the masters and novice physique classes. But it was Teneka Hyndman's great symmetry and cuts that won her another title and overall title in her 13th show of the year. 

Teneka also competed in the bodyfitness short class against equally hardnened figure of Jamie Onekawa.  Jamie had beautiful presentation and nice condition that won her the bodyfitness class over Teneka but perhaps a little too hard when she also competed in the open international figure class.  We saw Jamie up against gorgeous Claire Torr (who won the Novice International Figure) for the Overall International Figure Title, however Claire was slightly softer fitting more the criteria of the class to take the award.  Alot can change in a week so we may see a revamped Jamie for the Nationals if she is competing in the Figure class again.

There was big line up of 7 in the Novice Figure Tall.  The same girls also took the opportunity to do the International BodyFitness class. Sheryl Webb had a great night winning the Novice Figure and Fitness Tall which gives her options to choose which class she'll do at the Nationals.

As mentioned earlier, there is plenty of talent coming up the ranks.  In the junior men's class Jhoon Law was a standout with his symmetry and condition. Young gun 20 year old Teina O'Malley also shows some great potential to take out the Nov 70-80kg class. Ross Benneh beat out a class of 9 other guys in the huge class of Novice 80-90kg.
Kurt Van Keisenburg
has been working hard and has packed on some nice muscle since his contest last year to win the Open 70-80kg class.  The hardest class for the judges was the Open 80-90kg class where equally well built boys Robert Lopeti, Tim Wairingi and Daniel Amos were vying for the top spot.  The class was so hard, the judges had to rejudge the class again at night.  Once again the boys were up for it but Robert with his slightly better symmetry just edged out Daniel who's put on some nice size since last year and Tim who's grown some nice muscles since his last contest as a ‘boy'. 

The Ultimate prize of the Overall Men went to seasoned athlete Peter Hunt who's condition was the best on the night.  He was lean, vascular while showing nice full muscles that is the envy of many athletes on the night. 

Overall the night show was a well run event, beginning at around 5.30pm and finishing 9.30ish, providing plenty of entertainment for the audience and relaxed atmosphere for the athletes.  The only hiccups seemed to be moments of silence or confusion from the compere during a few classes which left the audience and athletes alike wondering what is going on.

Thanks to Moe Moussawi and the NZIFBB for letting Go Figure have access to various parts of the show and giving us a happy experience too.

Good luck to all at the Nationals! If the Hamiliton show is anything to go by then we'll see plenty of great conditioned athletes on display for the Nationals.

Lisa, Go Figure
11 Oct 10
Judges: Rosa, Michelle, Raechelle, Chris and Brian.                            Grant and Lisa
Backstage Marshalls are the ones who really make the show run smoothly.
Great work by Johnson, Mel, Ali and the team.
Even big boys need their Mums.
Darryn Onekawa with his Mum

Left: Phily and Jamie
Chocolates are Raechelle's
secret to super delts
Moe bkstage with the girls

left: Rosa and Raechelle

Lisa, Brian and Mel


Mirror Mirror on the wall
who's the hungriest of
them all? 

Jamie and Claire 
Teneka shows she's
back to her best
Claire and Eva can't mask
their beauty ha ha
 Jamie and her bodyguards Tim and Dan. Jamie doesn't have to tri to show her excellent condition


 Junior Men  Masters and Nov physique  Marise's oceanblue babes
Masters physique
Bruce's Gym Team
Nice to see Bruce (middle)back!
Bikini Class
Left: Roma 3, Anita 2, Jess 1

Senior Fitness
Novice Fitness Tall
Open Fitness Short
Claire 3, Jamie 1, Teneka 2
Intl Figure, Novice Intl Figure, Open Short  Intl Figure, Open Tall
International Figure Oall Physique Oall  
Masters 40+  Masters 50+  
Novice u80kg    
Watson 3, 2, Teina 1. U70
Novice 80-90    

Open Under 70kg Open u80kg  

2, 1
Kurt, only 1 in his class


Open 80-90kg.
Class was so tough they had to judge them again at night time!
  Robert 1, Daniel 2, Tim 3  
Open o90kg    
Lance 2, Garth 1



Peter Hunt shows his muscle maturity and excellent condition prove a winning formula to take the overall title.   

Grant's posedown with Lee

Moe interviewing Lee 


Teenage Men

1st:    Marven Yacoub

Junior Men

1st:           Jhoon Law

2nd:          Elliot Grant

3rd:           Andy Priestley

Masters Men Over 40                                                              

1st:    Ross Gray

2nd:          Willie Walker

3rd:           Andy Morgan                                                                       

Masters Men Over 50                                                              

1st:    Peter Hunt

2nd:   Gordon Lawton

3rd:    Francis Lal

Masters Men Over 60

1st:           Michael Pouhila

2nd:          Bruce Reeves

3rd:           Frank Stucki

Mens Classic

1st:         Alistair Sing

2nd:          Willie Walker

Women Over 35                                                       

1st:    Leeca Ngamotu

2nd:   Pae Teka

Women Over 45                                                        

1st:    Delwyn Evans

2nd:   Sheryl Schenkel

3rd:    Jane Matua

Senior Body Fitness Over 35

1st:    Kirtana Clarke

Senior Body Fitness Over 45

1st:    Elmarie Coetgee

Novice Women Over 55kg                                                     

1st:    Leeca Ngamotu

2nd:   Amber Beaumont

3rd:    Pae Teka

Open Women Under 55kg

1st:    Teneka Hyndman


1st:    Jessyka Benchoom

2nd:   Anita Staneli

3rd:    Roma Shapeski

Novice International Figure - Short

1st:    Claire Torr

2nd:   Jesse Coate

3rd:    Mei Lan Allen

Novice International Figure - Tall

1st:    Sheryl Webb

2nd:   Sheree Tainui-Fountain

3rd:    Kirtana Clarke

Open International Figure - Short

1st:    Jamie Onekawa

2nd:          Eva Teres

Body Fitness - Short

1st:    Jamie Onekawa

2nd:   Taneka Hyndman

3rd:    Claire Torr

Body Fitness - Tall

1st:    Sheryl Webb

2nd:   Kirtana Clarke

3rd:   Paulette Adsett

Novice Men Under 70kg                                                        

1st:    Rikihana Kingi

Novice Men 70-80kg

1st:    Teina O'Meiley

2nd:   Francis Lal

3rd:    Watson Pita

Novice Men 80-90kg

1st:    Ross Benneh

2nd:   Hayden Stewart

3rd:           Jake Campus

Novice Men Over 90kg

1st:    Peter Pouhila

Open Men Under 70

1st:    Duncan Hawira

2nd:          Rajsen Penuballi

Open Men 70-80kg

1st:    Kurt Van Keisenburg

Open Men 80-90kg

1st:    Daniel Amos

2nd:   Robert Lopett

3rd:           Tim Wiringi

Open Men 90-100kg

1st:    Garth Vander Merwe

2nd:   Lance McMillian 

Overall Womens Figure

Claire Torr

Overall Womens Physique

Teneka Hyndman

Overall Bikini

Jessyka Benchoom

Overall Men

Peter Hunt 


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