Results, Report and Pics!
NZIFBB Nationals 

Overall winners:
Jessyka, bikini. Tarren, Physique.   
Daniel, Physique. Nuria, Figure.
Jamie, Fitness

Nuria's Fitness routeine  Overall Men's Comparison        Daniel Hibbs routine 

The National always promises to bring together the best bodies in the country for NZIFBB athletes and this year's Nationals did not disappoint.  Around 70 athletes competed at this contest and we saw some great bodies on show from the novice men and women's physiques right through to the open classes.     
We had the show covered!
Paul stage and Lisa happy snaps
The event itself, which was held at the North Harbour Stadium function center, was run with military like precision.  The prejudging began at close to the 10am advertised time and was finished by 12.15!  this must go down in the record books as the fastest prejudging ever for the Nationals.  While it was great the show ran so fast, it would've been nice to see some of the classes on stage a little longer as it seemed the athletes only had a few minutes on stage and didn't get a change to get in to their poses properly.  Other than that President Moe Moussawi and his team of committee members, marshalls and tanners did a great job to set up the venue with special staging and lighting, and a video camera that streamed live footage of the athletes prejudging on to a big screen behind them and to a tv backstage.  There was plenty of space backstage for the athletes to pump up which contributed to the easy atmosphere. 

Usually the figure girls would outnumber physique ladies so it was nice to see the tables turned with the large number of physiques lined up in this show.  We saw seasoned athletes Tarren McCall (who took out the Masters 45+ and Overall Title) come in great condition but she did have to work hard against Carolyn Mailo and Jan Dixon to win both her classes - Masters 45 and Open o55kg. Erena Young just edged out Tara Wright in the Novice u55kg.  Teneka Hyndman as always was in great condition.  She was too hard to take out the Open International Figure but was just right to take out the physique o55kg class but faced Tarren's ultra hardened physique in the overall.

There was a bevvy of babes in the bikini class which was won by Jessyka Benhoom, Anita 2nd and Fabiany 3rd. The International Figure class seemed to be the popular choice at the Nationals with most of the girls competing in this class.  We saw beautiful figures Nuria Novoa, Nury Kusamawati, Johanna Mountfort, and Simone Jardem via for the Novice International Figure Title. All had their features but it was Nuria with her nice round muscle and symmetry that won her the title and also the Overall Title.  Sheryl Webb took out the Bodyfitness Tall Novice class.  In the International Figure Open we saw beautiful Claire Torr who's softer figure beating the lean figures of Teneka, Roma and Louise.

We saw some nice hard figures turn out for the ‘traditional' figure which is now called bodyfitness.  Paula Signal's great condition beat out Kirtana Clark and ?.  Blossom Cameron is blossoming in her new figure but a shame she was the only one in her senior figure 45 class.  In the Open Fitness Short class we saw the well conditioned Jamie Onekawa edging out Louise Siniah-Burr while Michelle Dixon's hard figure beat out Sheryl and Kiriana in the Open Bodyfitness class.   In the end it was Jamie's full lean figure and symmetry that took out the overall over Michelle and Paula.

Women's Overalls

Physique: ?, Teneka, Tarren, Erena

BodyFitness: Jamie, Michelle, Paula

Internatinoal Figure: Claire, Nuria, Sheryl

There was some great contests in the men's classes.  Some of the stand out athletes were Jhoon Law's symmetry and cuts to take the Junior title. Peter Hunt's outstanding condition winning the Masters 50+, Teina O'Malley's nice symmetry and mass taking out the Novice 60-70kg class, the tight contest between Matt Clark 1st and Lance Te Kiri for the Novice 80-90kg class and Byron Peach's massive and lean physique winning the Novice o90kg.

The Open Men's classes provided some tough calls for the judges. So much so, most of the Opens had to be rejudged at night but we're sure the audience didn't mind being treated to some great bodies.  In the Open 60-70kg Daniel Hibbs body was ripped like Adonis - but better!.  Every muscle, every striation was seen everywhere and we mean everywhere including his trademark ripped glutes to take out the class over much improved condition of Steve Papps.

The Open 70-80kg was harder to judge with Supry Sos, Kenneth Clayton and Kurt Von ? all in great condition.  All had great symmetry and mass but it might've just come down to who was the best poser and was able to squeeze every ounce of their muscle out to win ...and it might've Supry's stage experience that got him through.  Althought Kurt missed out on tis class he did win the Classic Men's class.

If that class was hard.  The next to come was Open 80-85kg boys featuring John Dearaza, Sanjeev Narayan, Johnny and Richard Hughes.  The main battle was between John D and Sanjeev as both of these guys were in similar condition and hardness.  Once again though it was Sanjeev's symmetry that nudged him ahead of John.  Was a great class to watch!

The night show was also a well run event which was compered by the comedic duo of brothers Dallas and Daniel Hibbs for the first half of the show.  Dallas had a relaxed way about him and kept the audience entertained throughout the night. Hopefully we've inspired him to get in shape to perhaps compete at one of next year's shows!

Some of the highlights of the night show was firstly the surprise guest posing by Moe and Grant Peterse. They were quite the comic duo going through their poses on stage as Daniel called the various poses out.  Interesting how well both of them can do the bikini and figure poses!  Think the crowd appreciated seeing this funny side of them. I know I did.  

After that, we saw Moe handing Darryn Onekawa his Pro Card, a dream come true for Darryn.  Darryn, who won last year's National Overall Title, was humble in his acceptance and appreciative of the card bestowed on him.  We look forward to bigger things from Darryn - how scary is that thought.

Men's Overalls
                                       Robert, Supry, Peter, Teina,
Byron, Sanjeev, Daniel, Bevan
Supry, Sanjeev, Daniel

The highlight was the great battle for the Overall Men's Title which we saw 11 hot bodies vying for a space on the limited stage.  At some points, it was getting quite heated but eventually the guys calmed down to go through their compulsories.  The first call out saw Byron Peach, Supry Sos, Peter Hunt, Sanjeev Narayan, Daniel Hibbs, Teina O'Malley and Bevan McKenzie trying to outmuscle each other.   Featuring in 2 further callouts were Sanjeev and Daniel, with Supry called out for the final posedown.   All 3 had nice symmetry and mass, but once again Daniel's super condition edged him over the line to take out the fantastic battle for the Overalls. 

Daniel's now off to compete in the Men's Worlds in 2 weeks.  We wish him all the best and we know he'll do New Zealand proud!

All in all it was a great day.  Well run and efficient for the athletes and enjoyable for the audience.  Thanks to NZIFBB for letting Go Figure share the experience with our viewers!

Lisa, Go Figure
18 October 10

Moe awards Darryn his Pro Card.

Moe and Grant made a surprising guestpose. All I wanted was a picture
Overall contenders Bodyfitness
Michelle, Paula, Jamie

?, Teneka, Tarren, Erena

Cute couple
Darryn and Jamie

Bodyfigure Oall contenders
Nuria, Claire and Sheryl 

Muscle Monsters
Daniel, Darryn, Supry
Another hot couple                    Moe and the girls
Sanjeev and Michelle
Nuria, Nury and Roma
have splitting fun backstage
 Daniel Hibb's Overall Winning Condition The cougar (print) class
Tarren, Jessyka, Carolyn

  Bronwyn gets special surprise
Michelle and Joe Darryn and his super trainer,
one and only Phily Nuku
Bit worried when Mike and
Darryn outposes Raechelle!
Mel with tanners Randolf and Johnson
backstage marshall duties
Dallas and Daniel Hibbs
MCed first half of show

Erena and Tarren Masters Physique 35+ Masters Physique 45+
International Novice Fig
Louise 3, Roma 2, Claire 1
Novice Physique u55kg
Erena 1 and Tara 2
Novice physique o55kg
1, 3, 2
Bikini Class Senior Fitness 35 and 45
Blossom 1 (45) ?3,Paula 1, Kiriana 2
Fabiany, Roma and Nury
Johanna and Nury International Figure Short
Simone 4, Nuria 1, Jo 3, Nury 2
International Figure Tall
Open physique u55kg
Teneka 1, Delwyn 3, Jan 2
Open Bodyfitness Tall
Michelle 1, Sheryl 3, Kiriana 2
Open Bodyfitness Short
Louise 1, Jamie 2
Hairnet sisters
Johanna and Michelle
TV set up backstage so
aths can keep up with action
Erena and Supry
 Claire and Johanna.  Tarren and Naera Nuria teaches Erena one
of her dynamic moves
Sheryl looking great Fabiany getting some sunshine  Kirtana and Sheryl
Blossom and Jamie pretty in pink.

Masters 50+ Novice o90kg  Juniors
Novice 70-80kg  Novice 80-90kg  
Open 60-70kg
Daniel 1.
Open 70-80kg
Kenneth 2, Kurt 3, Supry 1
Open 80-85kg
John D 2, John 4, Sanjeev 1, Johnny 3
Garth 2nd, Lance 1st 90-100
Robert (middle) 85-90kg
Jhoon and Peter
1st Jnr and 1st 50+
Lance, Byron and John D
Think you forgot something
Classic Men
Kurt 1, Steve 2, ?, Tiego 3
Daniel and Surpry getting
quick zzzsss

Bikini Class    
Masters Physique 35+    
Masters Physique 45+    
Senior Figure 35 and 45+    
Novice Physique u55kg    
Novice Physique o55kg    
Open Physique u55kg    
Open Physique o55kg    

Intl BodyFigure Short novice    
Intl BodyFigure Tall novice    
Intl BodyFigure Short Open    

BodyFitness Short Open    
BodyFitness Tall Open    

The Men

Junior Men    
Masters 50+    
Masters 40+    
Masters 60+    

Novice Men 70-80kg    
Novice Men 80-90kg    
Novice Men o90kg    
Classic Men    

Open 60-70kg    
Open 70-80kg    
Open 80-85kg    
Open 85-90kg and o90kg   open o100kg


Junior Men

1st:       Jhoon Law

2nd:       Elliot GraNT

3rd:       Andy Priestley

Masters Men Over 40                                                              

1st:    Ross Gray

2nd:       Willie Walker

Masters Men Over 50                                                              

1st:    Peter Hunt

2nd:   Gordon Lawton

3rd:    Paul Adam

Masters Men Over 60

1st:       Michael Pouhila

2nd:       Allan Herkt

Mens Classic

1st:      Kurt Van Keisburg

2nd:       Steve Papps

3rd:       Tiago Schuh

Masters Women Over 35                                                       

1st:    Jan Dixon

2nd:   Carolyn Mailo

3rd:       Tara Jones

Masters Women Over 45                                                        

1st:    Tarren McCall

2nd:   Sheryl Summers

3rd:    Keri Bryant

Senior Body Fitness Over 35

1st:    Paula Signal

2nd:       Kiriana Clarke

3rd:       Michelle Allan

Senior Body Fitness Over 45

1st:    Blossom Cameron

Novice Women Over 55kg                                                     

1st:    Amber Beaumont

2nd:   Barbara Moyes

3rd:       Joen Lim

Novice Women Under 55kg

1st:       Erena Young

2nd:       Tara Jones

Open Women Under 55kg

1st:    Teneka Hyndman

2nd:       Jan Dixon

3rd:       Delwyn Evans

Open Women Over 55kg

1st:       Tarren McCall

2nd:       Carolyn Mailo

3rd:       Keri Bryant


1st:    Jessyka Benchoom

2nd:   Anita Staneli

3rd:    Fabiany Vecchionacce

Novice International Figure - Short

1st:    Nuria Novoa

2nd:   Nury Kusmawati

3rd:    Johanna Mountford

Novice International Figure - Tall

1st:    Sheryl Webb

2nd:   Louisa Betham

3rd:    Sheree Tainui-Fountain

Open International Figure - Short

1st:    Claire Torr

2nd:       Teneka Hyndman

3rd:       Louise Sinniah-Burr

Body Fitness - Short

1st:    Jamie Onekawa

2nd:   Louise Sinniah-Burr

Body Fitness - Tall

1st:    Michelle Dixon

2nd:   Kiriana Clarke

3rd:   Sheryl Webb

Women's Fitness

1st:       Nuria Novoa

Novice Men 70-80kg

1st:    Teina O'Meiley

2nd:   Des Foo

3rd:    Mark Norman

Novice Men 80-90kg

1st:    Matt Clarke

2nd:   Lance Te Kiri

3rd:       Ross Bennett

Novice Men Over 90kg

1st:    Byron Peach

2nd:       Jason Boyes

3rd:       Peter Pouhila

Open Men Under  & Including 60kg

1st:       Rajsen Penuballi

Open Men Under and including 70kg

1st:    Daniel Hibbs

2nd:       Steve Papps

3rd:       Tiago Schuh 

Open Men 70-80kg

1st:    Supry Sos

2nd:       Kurt Van Keisenburg

3rd:       Kenneth Clayton

Open Men 80-85kg

1st:    Sanjeev Narayan

2nd:   John Dearaza

3rd:       Johnny Savea

Open Men 85-90kg

1st:    Robert Lopetti

Open Men Over 90kg-100kg

1st:       Lance McMillan

2nd:       Garth VanderMerwe 

Open Men Over 100kg

1st:       Bevan McKenzie

Mixed Pairs

1st:       Tarren & Matt

2nd:       Sheryl & Ian

Overall Womens International Figure

Nuria Novoa

Overall Body Fitness

Jamie Onekawa

Overall Womens Physique

Tarren McCall

Overall Bikini

Jessyka Benchoam

Overall Men

Daniel Hibbs

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