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13 June: Stranded on the Gold Coast due to ash cloud.  Nothing else to do but to upload a few happy snaps from the ANB Asia Pacific Champs!  Sorry the pics are not in any particular order as have been unable to upload some pics on to the computer at internet cafe but you get the idea of the competition.

Worse places to be stranded in I guess!

Click above pic for
Stage Pics and Video

Happy Snaps!    
 Ali and Lisa  Jo Rogers and Lindy Olsen   Claire partying early
 Ali and Jan Nikki with hubby watching on   Lisa and Jo 
 Gladys and Roslyn Kiwi Novice girls  Lance tanning up 
 Jan's great condition Marise's standover tactics   Cathy and Sheryl 
David lives in Aus now
but still a kiwi!
  Girls backstage  Kyle and John
 Cathy and Gladys Muffins and cakes were
popular backstage
Kelly, Lyn and Nikki
enjoy their treats
 Suzie Sheryl looking sexy  Good use of someone's neck 
  Teneka with 4th place open short  
 Dallas and Lisa  Lisa and Lindy  Kelly, Lyn and Nikki
Christine gets a quick nap
 Kelly and Lyn Claire and Marise  Teneka and Kym 

 Monty, Anne and Kym Judy and Michelle  Tom and Judy Duggan 
 Gladys and Moira Cathy tans up Christine  Lauren and Grant McLellan 
Anne 5th, Ali 1st
Grandmaster figure
Ali with Janet Kane
(oall winner)
 Tracey and Cathy
Claire and her super trainer
 Ali's neat costume
Michelle and Lance
 Ali and Judy Christine, Lauren and Judy  The pink ladies 
Novice Figure Kiwis Women's Tall
Monty 5, Michelle 3, Kym 4 
Ultra Grand Master
Gladys 1, Moira 2 
Claire and her friend Teneka, Jan, Claire and Jolene  Lisa and Marise 
 Claire and Ali  Ali and Elvis  Elvis has not left the building
 Murray and Lindy get close    Erena the happy slapper

Registration Happy Snaps!    

 u70kg  women u52kg  novice men
 junior men  women short  senior physique
 novice women  Open Tall  ultra grand master
   Grand master figure  

Overall Figure Compare    
Janet Kane Winner
Overall Physique    
Michelle Goodall winner
Overall Men    
Nathan Wallace
Overall Men

Tweets from Aus!  Keep up to date with all the latest news of the kiwis in action via our tweets here. 

8 June: 2 days till we jet off to the ANB Asia Pacific Champs! And we welcome Gladys Matthews to the late addition to the kiwi team to make it 27 athletes.  Looking forward to seeing you all in action. 

Thank our
major sponsor Balance Sports Nutrition for their support.

Sponsors helping out with the uniforms include: GoFigure,Viking Kayaks, RNC - Results Nutrition Centre, AliGz bikini design

The NZ Team is:

Anne Jamieson
Belinda McCarthy
Cathy Orevich
Christine Chinn
Claire Torr
Gladys Matthews
Grant McLellan
Jacquie Pedersen
Jan Dixon
John Pyers
Jolene Morris
Judy Duggan
Karen Montague
Kelly Webber
Kyl Jan
Kym Carter
Lance Te Kiri
Lauren McLellan
Lyn Wright
Michelle Dixon
Moira Hughes
Nikki Te Wano
Sheryl Schenkel
Suzie Patrick
Teneka Hyndman
Tracey Frost

Lisa Menzies - sponsor and super media person
Ali Gascoine - sponsor team coordinator

sponsors: Balance Sports nutrition, GoFigure, RNC nutrition, Viking Kayaks, AliGz bikinis

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