South Pacific Champs Result 28 August 2011, Noumea, New Caledonia
u70 - Pule - samoa silver
u80 Stan Tautalanoa- Gold, Tony Ligalia - Silver. PNG bronze
u85 Mateo Vaihu - Gold, Tahiti - Silver, Filipo Lauluso Bronze
u90 Tahiti gold, Alex Brown Samoa - silver, -PNG,
Over 90 Tahiti GOld, NC silver, Bronze Samoa - Sanele. 

We heard there were some interesting decisions made at the South Pacific Champs in New Caledonia.  We are still waiting for more pics of the different classes so we can see the decision for ourselves.

Although haven't spoken to Eleanor Stewart who competed in the u55kg class at the comp, a fellow athlete said she didn't even place! Elle presented her ripped physique and was the most heavily muscled in the lineup of about 5 girls, but the top 3 were in more beach body conditioned we were told. 

In the meantime we did get a few pics of the super close contest between Stan Tautalanoa and Tony Ligaliga in which Stan won.  Thanks to Carl Adam Jnr for the pics.
              Tony 2, Stan 1 u80kg

Samoa Bodybuilding Champs

Few pics from the show courtesy Karl Adams and Nina Von Reich in Samoa!



Results: 12 athletes competed.  Tony Ligaliga overall and Elley only female competitor

Over 90, 1st Adam Betts, 2nd Ben Timani, 3rd Sue Lemalu
over 85KG class, Alex 1st, dont know the other kiwi guy
over 80Kg Class, 1st Kori Laulusa, 2nd Tua Filisi
over 75kg class, Tony Ligaliga, 2nd Sanele Mao
over 70kg class, 1 Fatu, dont know the other guy
over 65kg 1st smallest guy dont know the name, 

Only five locals competed, Kori, Sue, Ben, Tua and Sanele. Elenor was only female 

over 75kg
Sanele and Tony  

Tony and Elle's routine    
Overall Comparison    

10 Aug: This Saturday the sexy samoans Eleanor Stewart, Tony Ligaliga, Alex Brown, Puli and perhaps a few others we don't know about are off to compete at the Samoan Bodybuilding Champs this Saturday 13 August in Apia Samoa.

I caught up with Eleanor, Tony and Alex to snap a sneak peek of how they're looking ahead of the show.  Eleanor is on target.  She's now not competing but will be guest poser for the show and will save herself for the South Pacific Champs in Tahiti in 2 weeks time. 

Elle, Tony and Lisa
When we saw Tony, he's looking hot as usual weighing in at 80.5kg and his muscles are looking very dense with much detail in his back.  Alex is looking good too and is competing in the u90kg class.  Check out the pics for yourself! 

Eleanor Stewart, 6 Aug    
Tony Ligaliga, 2 Aug    
Alex Brown, 4 Aug    

  6 July: With only 5 weeks until the Samoan Bodybuilding Champs, our resident sexy samoans are shaping up nicely. I caught up with Eleanor Stewart last weekend and she's looking nice and lean, and weighing just under 55kg.  Currently she's doing 2 hour walks every morning at 5am to speed up her fat loss.

Here are some pics of Elle and also of Chris Gooch who Elle's training to compete at the NABBA BOP and possibly the NABBA/WFF Pan Pac Champs.  As you can see he's looking pretty good too with a great pair of legs.

Lucky me I got to see Tony Ligaliga stripped down yesterday revealing a very contest ready physique and his legs are amazing.  He only has a couple kgs to lose and should be on target for a ripped physique.  Hopefully he'll let me take some pics to show you soon.

I'm also hearing a rumour that
Stan Tautalanoa and Mateo Vaihu will also be competing at the South Pacific Champs in Tahiti.  Stan or Mateo will probably line up against Tony in the u80kg class and what a sight that will be!

Lisa, Go Figure 

Chris and Elle

Tony and Deb 
6 Feb:  With the incentive of representing Samoa at the South Pacific Games in New Caledonia (on 28 Aug) this year,  many NZ based Samoans are coming out of the woodworks to first qualify at the Samoan Bodybuilding Champs on 13 August in Apia. 

Tony Ligaliga, u80kg champ at the 2010 South Pacific Champs, said there's going to be alot of athletes competing from the Environment Gym. Some athletes include Eleanor Stewart, Deb Teiho, Alex Brown, Puli, Naki and ofcourse Tony.
2010 Overall Mr South Pacific,
Yip Tauhiro of Tahiti
with Christian Pothier (left) and Philip Hope - VP SPBBF


Elle will be getting back into her bikini this year.

Tony will be aiming to take out the Samoan Nationals and then hopefully take back his Overall South Pacific Title which was won last year by Yip Tauhiro.  However, Tony's training is currently hindered by his recovery from shoulder surgery and won't be able to train properly for another 6 weeks. Then watch out!

If any other Samoans in NZ would like to compete at the Samoan Nationals or South Pacific Games, please contact us.

Tony, 1st u80kg


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