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click left pic to watch Video of Mark Dreyer backstage. Plus overall battle between Mark and Mateo!

click right pic to watch our tribute to Colleen on her 100th show. 

NABBA Manawatu Report

It was a great start to the year for NABBA at the NABBA Manawatu in Palmerston North. 40 athletes, mostly novices, competed at this entertaining event in which Colleen Sloane was the ‘star’ competing in her 100th show. 
Lisa with Overall Physiques Lesley and Mark

Colleen was spoilt by Marianne and Jim, NABBA secretary and President, as she was presented with special NABBA necklace, T shirt and jacket. Not to mention the Haka performed by one of Colleen’s Special Olympians and huge welcome from everyone at the start of the show.  Colleen returned the favour by giving the audience her usual entertaining routines in which she got dressed up in her leathers and started her routine on a motorbike revving up the audience.  Then going on to do a fun routine with Greg Mawson in their performance of ‘Kiss’.  Check out the video to see all the action.


On the other end of the experience scale, we saw a great line up of well conditioned novice figures with a very close call between Aroha Dean and Kelly Maaka . Both were in great shape but Kelly just perhaps won on little bit more muscle mass.  Julio Papps also had the nice all round muscle and symmetry to take out the Novice athletic over much older competitors so the future looks bright for him on the circuit.  There was a close contest for the Novice Figure Tall between Maeve Neilson and Jackie Small.  Both had very similar symmetry and conditioning, and their posing was great too.  In the end, perhaps just came down to Jackie having a little more mass but that’s the best we’ve seen Maeve so well done to her.

Janine Haywood ditched her shoes to compete with her long time friend Colleen Sloane and Jill Clark in the Senior Physique class in which she won.  Was great to watch the comraderie and friendship on stage amongst these seasoned competitors.

Not realizing there was a height/weight limit in NABBA for the figure class, figure girl Lesley Rothera overcarb and weighed in over the limit.  But she took it in her stride and competed in the physique class with great success.  Looking full, lean and muscular, Lesley won the Open physique and also the Overall Title over Janine and Ali Richards who also had great conditioning taking out the Novice Physique class.


Overall Winners:
Greg Mawson, Athletic. Lesley Rothera, Physique. Mark Dreyer, Physique.  Jackie Small, Figure

One of the best contests of the night was in the Open Athletic Class between Greg Mawson and Paul Mountfort.  These 2 great physiques have gone head to head on many occasions with Paul just edging out Greg most of the time.  But not this time.  Greg came in looking full and sharper, with great symmetry and he was going to give Paul the run so far in their contest history.  As you can see by the pics, they matched each other pose for pose and the judges had a tough call on their hands.  In the end, after slight mixup with the result, Greg did take the Open athletic title and eventually the overall title which has been well earned after many contests chasing Paul.  Nationals will be interesting between these two as we’re sure Paul will be out to avenge!

The other contest was between Mateo Vaihu, winner of the Open Physique, up against Mark Dreyer who won the Masters Men.  It was great to see these 2 side by side posing down.  Mateo had the nice full muscle and great condition but Mark (who’s come out of a very long retirement) had the extra conditioning and all of his body was shredded, even his glutes. You can watch video of Mateo and Mark do battle here.


Greg and Paul                     Mateo and Mark                      Helen Splits

Good to see Helen Aloiai coming down to guest pose and sharing with us her trials and tribulations of recent times.  Her routine was entertaining and loved that she can still do the splits!
 All in all, it was great well run show which ran on time and the night show finished at an early time of 9.15pm so everyone could enjoy the afterglow of competing.

Thanks to NABBA for letting Go Figure be part of the action and sharing the day with our viewers.

See you at the next show!

Lisa, Go Figure
11 April 11

All About Colleen Video!
So the show was all about Colleen so we thought we'd share some pics and video of Colleen. We followed Colleen throughout her day.  And what a day she had!  And so she should.  Colleen has been a fun loving character in NABBA who's always so encouraging to others.  She's known for her outrageous routines and she didn't disappoint at this show.  Thanks Colleen for being you and making us smile whenever you're around!

click left pic to watch.


Purchase contest photos!!
As Keith from wasn't there to take pics, we made sure we took heaps of stage pics of everyone just incase any of you wanted some to remember your day.  For some of you this might have been the only one! 

So yes there are pics that you can purchase.  Paul, fellow happy snapper went extra clicking with his snaps and will have at least 15 individual and class shots if you wanted to get a disc from us.

Email your enquiries to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Cost $25 includes postage.

NB: Keith is the official photographer and we are only doing this at this show as service to the athletes.

Overall Figure comparisons    
Overall Physique comparisons    
Overall Athletic comparison    
Overall Men Comparison    

Teenage Men    
 Mitchell 2, Alistair 1, Daniel 3    
Novice Figure    
Lyndsey 4, Aroha 2, Kelly 1, Naomi 3, Ira Jane 5  
Novice Athletic    
Haru 2, Julio 1, Roger 3, Garth 4  
Senior Physique    
Jill 2, Janine 1, Colleen 3    

Novice Physique    
Chris 3, Carl 1, Lander 2 Far right: Masters 60+ Lionel  
Combined Physique Class    
  Nov Phys 35+ Ali 1, Denise 4, Rachel 2, Pam 3 
Sen Phys 35+
Tina 1, Julie 2.
Lesley (left) 

1st Open and Overall Physique 

Novice Figure Tall    
Maeve 2, Jackie 2    
Open Athletic    
   Andrew 1, Victor 2, Steve 3         Greg 1, Paul 2
Open Athletic Short    
Open Athletic Tall    

Open and Senior Figure    


Nici 3, Michelle 2, Elaine, Lynette 

 Elaine 1st open figure. Lynette 1st Sen Fig 35+   
Open and Masters Men    
Open Men
Damian 2, Mateo 1
Masters 40+
Matthew 2, Mark 1, Ross 3


left: Matthew and Tina 1st
above: Roger and Aroha 2nd 
 Greg and Colleen 3rd  Garth and Lynette 4th  Chris and Julie 5th


Happy Snaps!    
 Colleen was born to be wild and she was at her 100th.                   
                                                                       Crowd supporting Colleen
 Helen and Colleen  Paul Mountfort and Marty Niao  Colleen had happy start to her night
 Janine, Mateo and Colleen  Mateo and 'physique' Janine

 Mark and Lesley all over each other

 Figure turned physiques
Janine and Lesley
Great genes, son and father
Julio and Steve Papps
In the spotlight
 Jim, Peter and Keri
 Jody and Helen  Jill gave Colleen her own lil trophy Senior Physiques 

 Byron and Aroha 'Not Big Enough' 
John and ???

Lesley says 'whatever'
I'm doing physique 
Mark's Money shots
 Teenage Men  Andrew pumping up  Girls pumping up
 Novice Figure short winner Aroha and Roger pretty in pink   Greg and Maeve

   Ross 'the rock' in Masters Mateo's nice smile...and abs 
 Greg and Andrew  Elaine and Nici  Athletic boys
Paul, Steve and Victor
Mark Dreyer's freaky
 Ross, Mark and Mateo  The short and the tall of it  


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