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INBA Auckland Champs

INBA Auckland Champs Report

It’s a shame the bad weather kept many spectators away
from the INBA Auckland Champs as they missed out on seeing lots of great bodies on the weekend.  This show was run as a one show format meaning we saw each class come out and do their compulsory poses then their routines, then immediately their prizes were given which made for an efficient show. The show began at 2pm and it was finished by 6pm giving all athletes and spectators an early evening.

Peter and the Blondies
Kirsty and Lisa Bellingham

Some of the great physiques include Gavin (who's also a judge..not at this show!) compete in the Masters 40+ class, he's sharpened up from the NABBA Auckland 2 weeks ago showing nice mass and symmetry.   All the figures in the Senior Figure 40 and 50 class showed great conditioning with the main contenders being that of seasoned athletes Karen Montague and Kym Carter.   Karen had the structure and it would've been close call from the judges but it was Kym who was slightly leaner that took out the 40+ class while Gladys Matthews was the sole athlete in the 50+ class.

A couple of nice figures won the Novice Figure Short and Tall.  Cindy (?) had good mass and conditioning to take out the short class while the Novice Tall was a harder class to call.  This was between Nikki Rodokal and Sheree (?).  Sheree looked like she had the better muscle tone and conditioning with awesome abs and back.  Nikki also had the muscle but perhaps not as good conditioning but made up for it with slightly better structure.  After more comparisons, judges awarded the title to Nikki but we're sure it must've been close.

It was good to see the large lineup of novice short and tall men's lineup on stage which made it more exciting for the audience to watch.  Fatu Su'a and James took out the Novice Short and Tall titles.  James had it all going on but we think he'd look even better if he smiled a little more!

Open Figure was a much anticipated class as we saw the rematch of Johanna Mountfort (open short), Donelle Petelo and Teneka Hyndman (open tall) lining up against each other on stage again after their previous showdown at NABBA Akls 2 weeks ago.   Johanna made a huge change, this time she came out looking much fuller, leaner and harder. Her hair was also up which added to her ‘tighter' presentation.  Donelle also looked leaner while Teneka maintained her fullness but not hardness of Johanna and Donelle.   It was a treat for the spectators to see such a great display of figures and the way they posed throughout their structural and compulsory poses.

The Open Men also had good contests of their own.  In the open short we saw the return of Stan ‘the man' Tautalanoa up against Rota Elliot and Andrew Murray.  Stan returned with his trademark conditioning to take it over Rota and Andrew.   Mateo Vaihu had injured his back the day before but he endured the pain and competed in the Open Tall class.  Although he couldn't quite hit the poses as he'd like, we could see he was in great condition and showed good muscularity in upper and lower body.   Qualities that also won him the overall title against his good mate Stan.

The athletes won some great prizes from Hardcore Nutrition, Underground Muscle, Nutrition Plus and the overall winners won a huge TV each!

Peter Hardwick says he's expecting large numbers for the INBA Taupo in August as it's the anniversary of the show.  So athletes, if you want some great prizes and a fun competition start preparing for this show!

Thanks Peter for letting Go Figure share the show and pics with our viewers.

Lisa, Go Figure
7 June 11

Overall Winners    
  Peter and the Overall Winners  
 Tracey Frost Mateo Vaihu   Johanna Mountfort


Open Figure    
   Johanna, Donelle, Teneka  
Open Men    
Open Men Short
Andrew 3, Stan 1, Rota 2
Open Men Tall
Thomas 2, Mateo 1

Physique Women    

Shape Winner, Sarah Goldsmith    
  left: Couples Winner  

Novice Figure Short and Tall    
Novice Figure Short
1st, 2nd
  Novice Figure Tall
3rd, Niki 1, Sheree 2

Senior Figure    
Kym vs Monty    
 4, 3, Kym 1, Monty : 40+2    Kym 1 40+, Gladdys 1, 50+

Masters 40+ and 50+    
     Allan 2nd, Mike 1st: 50+
   Gavin 1st, 40+  
Teenage, Novice Tall and Short  
Novice Short
2nd, Fatu 1st, 3rd
Novice Tall
1st James, 2nd
 Nabi, Teenage winner    

Overall Winners    


Happy Snaps!    
The faces of Hardcore Nutrition
Ross and his wife
Naera and Kyle
of Underground Muscle 
Great prizes from
Nutrition Plus and Russell Athletic
1 to 1 Fitness Team from Napier   Johanna was super sharp
 Jo, Teneka and Nikki  Sheree and Donelle Jo gives Nikki some
posing tips
 Senior Figure Nikki  
Love Donelle's athletic legs Jo 1 to 1 having fun
 Andrew and David (backstage
   Tanning Train
Winning Creo Team: Gladys, Nabi, James, Gavin  
Stan and his #1 Fan, his son Teneka  Team Matamata Sarah and Monty
  Colleen loves her tanning duties Rota 

Great mates Mateo and Stan  Donelle takes a rest too  Good to see Stan's back 
Overall Figure contenders Overall Men   

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