It was another great day in the fabulous Hastings sun for the Allied Security Hawkes Bay’s Strongest Man comp on 24 April!

Eleven competitors entered, with two from Auckland (former NZ’s Strongest Man & Guinness Book of Records title holder Jono MacFarlane and Powerlifter John Wharetohunga) and four representing Powerhouse Gym in Wellington (Powerlifters Jacob Parry & Jason Sargent, ex-Bodybuilder come Powerlifter and posing guru Trevor Walker, and Strength / Speed all-rounder Kieran Prisk).

left: Nate Williams

Hawkes Bay was represented by the Quakespace Strength crew (12 times NZ Powerlifting Champion Matt Jonson and former Powerlifter now triathlete Matt Parslow) and locals Kendall Latimer, Nate Williams and Sean Hoffman . 

The top 5 overall in the day’s events were:
We Buy Houses Farmers Walk – Jono “Wookie” MacFarlane, Nate Williams, Kendall Latimer, Trevor “Trapfat” Walker, Jason “Sarge” Sargent

Allied Overhead Medley – Wookie, Nate, Kieran “Drizzt” Prisk, Kendall, TrapfatHirepool Tyre Flip – Drizzt, Wookie, Kendall, Sarge, NateEmmett’s Hercules Hold – Nate, Wookie, Drizzt, Matt “Maddog” Jonson, Stone Loading – Wookie, Nate, Trap, Sarge, Drizzt.


Some of the epic moments worth mentioning were Trapfats dive over the line with the Farmers, opening his lip up on the implements as he face planted! For his efforts he scored a tub of Jack3d!

Drizzt’s absolute blistering pace in the tyre flip earnt him a 5lb tub of protein for the Brute Strength award.

Matt Parslow earned a few awards being a very gutsy competitor weighing only 62kg, he managed to complete the 250kg tyre flip, and almost loaded a 120kg stone – near double bodyweight!!!
His cries of “its just a rock” will be remembered for years to come! 

The days overall Results were – 1st Wookie, 2nd Nate, 3rd Drizzt, 4th Kendall, 5th = Trap /  Sarge, 7th Jacob Parry, 8th John “Roundbacker” Wharetohunga,  9th Maddog, 10th Matt Parslow, 11th Sean “The Hoff” Hoffman

Heavy Weights – 1st Wookie, 2nd Kendall, 3rd  Trap , 4th John “Roundbacker” Wharetohunga,  5th Sean “The Hoff” Hoffman

Light Weights – 1st Nate, 2nd Drizzt, 3rd Sarge, 4th Jacob Parry, 5th Maddog, 6th Matt Parslow 


On the Saturday the Highland Games Field Events were held with Jono MacFarlane (Akld) retaining the men’s title and the women’s title going to Jess Moratti (Mount Maunganui). 

A big thank you to the sponsors (Allied Security, Hirepool, We Buy Houses, for helping us pull this competition together.

Also to Phil Emmett for the officiating, Steve “Megaman” Wattie for timekeeping and event management, and the babes on the desk (Jess, Lisa and their little buddy Caprice) for running the scoresheets, prizegiving and microphone.

Also to all the guys that entered – awesome effort lads, hope to see you all again next year. 

26 April 11

p.s thank you Nate for keeping us posted with Strongman News and Pics! Lisa, Go Figure

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