Eduardo and Sarah with
her parents
Report from Sarah Parr

The 2011 Hawkes Bay Bodybuilding Champs was held at Taradale High on Saturday, July 23rd and certainly helped bust winter boredom for many in the Bay, proven by the large spectator numbers.  The hearty crowd participation at the Champs saw many of our local athletes taking regional titles to the sound of thunderous applause.

This well-run show was certainly a credit to its organisers Andrew & Rachel Murray, while Jill Clark did an outstanding job as MC.

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Seasoned competitor Andrew Murray was looking impressive to take out the Athletic Men's title, while Aaron Vaisigano bulged his way to victory in the Overall Physique Class, even earning himself some  'Arnold' comparisons.  Lyn Wright's long lean lines were a hot favourite with the judges, securing herself the Overall Figure title while Tina Walker's well-developed frame took out the Women's Physique Category. Dave Forward was also looking formidable as winner of the Novice Physique title.
After 6 years in retirement and two kids later, I was personally thrilled to win the Shape Class and pick up the bonus of best female performance!

The friendly inter-region rivalry was running red-hot, with the many out-of-town athletes being of fantastic quality and helped contribute immensely to a small but out-right smashing competition. As always, one of the best things about competing is meeting the other athletes backstage. The comradery backstage at NABBA comps was always previously fun and casual- and this show was no different, sharing of chocolate (always a pleaser), rollers and laughs a plenty. I'd like to say hi to the other lovely ladies I met in the other classes as well as Lynley (in my class) who gave excellent competition- hope to see you all again at the Nationals!


It was also great to experience the excitement of competing in front of a local crowd, as when I last competed, there was not a regional comp in Hawkes Bay. This is enough to give any athlete a huge boost, as that first step onstage can be likened to feeling jumping out of an aeroplane! A big thanks goes out on behalf to all the competitors that travelled and local spectators who created that adrenaline-pumping atmosphere! I would definitely recommend competing in front of a home crowd to anyone, there's nothing like the healthy pressure of knowing you will compete in front of your peers to add fire to your training!

One of the special moments of the night was hearing a loud "GO MAMA" yelled out at rather awkwardly quiet moment, courtesy of my 4yr old daughter. It certainly made both myself and the crowd have a chuckle!

While this event was undoubtedly a success, for the athletes this is not the end of the journey. The 2011 NABBA Nationals are only weeks away on October 1st in Auckland, which means more weeks of dieting, training, prepping and not much else!  The competition heats up at a National level, so our athletes will be knuckling down for the hard work and protein shakes ahead! 

Luckily for the winners at this regional event, a meal of victory leaves a taste long remembered....
Nationals here we come!!!

Physique Men's Comparison
Check out the close contest in the Physique class between Kristian Bray, Rota Elliot and Aaron!

Pics courtesy 'Team Tempest' aka Kristian Bray and Tarsha Myles.

  Happy Snaps from the show courtesy Nate Williams and Sarah Parr!
thanks to you both. 

left: Aron, Overall Physique
right: Shape girls, Lynley and Sarah

Overall Winners: Aron, Phys. Lyn Wright, Figure
Andrew Murray, Athletic. Tina Walker, Phys.

 Andrew Murray  Eduardo and Aaron  Aaron and Sarah

Tiina Walker, Oall Phys Lyn Wright, Oall Fig (left)  


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