NABBA Counties Pics and Report 

The NABBA Counties had a great turnout of 49 athletes on Saturday.  While it was good to see a large turnout of mainly novices compete in the show, I'm just wondering where have all the open athletes gone?!!! 

At this show there was only 2 open figures Janine Haywood in short (whose figure just keeps getting better and better as the year has gone on) and Suzanne in the tall.   Julie Kingi was the only Open Physique. Poor Rick Ujfallusy was the only open athletic and there was a good class of 4 Open Men that included Stan Tautalanoa, Gavin and 2 Samoans that I can't pronounce the name of.
Lisa M and Lisa B

So novices, don't just linger and do 4 or 5 shows in a year as a novice, step up and give the Open athletes some competition.  Some of you really can give them a run for their money.  Although they have a couple of years to go, the Junior Class was of a very high standard with competition being super close amongst the 3 competitors.

The Senior Figure class is another one that was of high quality.  With mature muscle and hardness all the ladies here could've easily stepped up to Open and given Janine a run for her money. Was a close one between Lyn Wright, Moira Hughes and Gladys Matthews with the judges having to bring out Moira and Gladys to decide who would take 2nd and 3rd spot. Novice Figures too,  these figures were in awesome condition and was tight contest amongst the 3 in this class.  There was plenty of tall timber in the Novice Figure tall and all were in great shape so we hope to see them at the Nationals this year.

The Novice Physique and the Open, Senior Physique combined classes were also great to watch.  All the girls had good muscle. Giselle McCartney has really improved in condition to switch from figure but Julie Kingi with her extra muscle had the edge on Giselle to take the Overall Title.

The Athletic Men's Novice is usually a big class but we were disappointed to see only 1 athletic men in each of the novice, masters and open.  Nevertheless these 3 were lean and well conditioned but Rick's legs are just out of this world. Ripped with good mass.

Rota Elliot competed in his 5th show this year and was good to see him line up against Stan in the Open Short Class.  Gavin and Sefa also had a good contest in the Open Tall. 

Overall it was a good well run efficient show.  Thank you NABBA for letting Go Figure take pics and share with our viewers.

See you in Whakatane BOP 20 August!
Lisa, Go Figure
8 August 2011

Overall Winners        
Shape - Shannon (red)   Figure - Janine (red)   Physique - Julie - far left
     Athletic - Rick (blue)    Physique - Stan (black)

Lisa B looking great at
7 months pregnant!
Hayley with her MuscleMilk
babes Janine and Donelle
Johanna and Lisa
 Mark and Craig  Chris, Valance and Tony  ?, Bev, Tom and Allen
Donelle and Johanna  Lisa and Jo  Johanna's back!
 Peter with the ladies (again) Mmmm
Musclemilk and wine 
Judges get their
  Things I gotta do for some
free MuscleMilk samples
these days.

Open Figure    
Janine, Suzanne
Open Men    
 Stan, Rota  Sefa, Gavin  
 Novice, Masters, Open    

   Kirsty, Marianne and Lisa Fabiany pops in for visit 
 Karen, Lisa and Janine  The short and the tall of it  Don't mess with Colleen Matt 
Gavin getting tanned  Jo tanning Giselle  Matt pumping up
 Johanna slapping  Giselle and ?  Steve and Monica
 Shape  Juniors  Athletics
 Senior Figure  Masters Physique  Novice Figure Tall
 Monica and Tina  Rick stretches  Farah and Paul
 Novice Physique  Not sure what this class was.  Open and Senior Phys
     Novice Physique
 Open Tall Physique, Gavin Janine and Suzanne
Open Short and Tall 
Stan the man in Open Short

Junior and Teenage    
Masters Men    
Novice Physique Men    

Novice Physique Women    
Open and Senior Physique    

Novice Figure Short    
Novice Figure Tall    

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