NABBA BOP Pics and Report!    

Overall Winners
Morgan, Fitness. Janine Haywood, Figure. Jason Bartley, Athletic. Kaye O'Neil, Physique.
Thomas Brennan, Physique. Rose Aoake, Shape. 


Just when we thought Marty Niao, NABBA BOP contest organiser, couldn't improve any more on what was a fantastic show last year, he's gone and outdone himself again this year!  We know that Marty and his team of helpers and backstage marshalls run a pretty tight ship and this year they've had to be even more efficient as they've had a record number of 77 athletes to get through.  This awesome number hadn't been seen at regional since a record number of 84 entered the Taupo contest in the early 90s.  

The contest attracted alot of women throughout the novice and open classes. One of the surpises was the entry of seasoned open physique competitor Kaye O'Neill who wowed us with her heavily muscled and incredibly hard physique.  We also saw the return of Rose Aoake (Hyde) in the very competitive class of 5 Shape girls. 

Marty with some of prizes

Kaye and Lisa 

The judges had alot of tough calls to make in the various classes.   Neisha, Sarah, Davina in the tall class were in top shape and posed well in the novice figure tall.  Another good contest was for the Senior Figure 45 class between Lyn, Christine and Julie. Once again all this class was in awesome condition. Vanessa Bartley in the Senior Figure 35 returned to stage since the 2010 Nationals with a much improved and leaner figure to take all that class.  The Senior Physiques also brought their A game with all of them revealing some very lean physiques.  Gill McCann, although took second in the 45 class, was probably the best we've seen her.  Tina Walker looked shaper in this show than we've seen her for a while.  The huge line up of 6 in the Novice Physique class showed us there are some potential athletes coming through too.  Tara Jones took out the Novices with her symmetry and slightly harder appearance but she was pushed by the 2nd and 3rd place getters who we are not sure the names of.

Janine Haywood continued her winning run with her well conditioned figure.  It was great to see Elaine and Suzanne in the Open too and would be great to see some more of the novices step up to the open from this show as they are definitely worthy.  The Open Physique Women was a great watch, not only for seeing Kaye step on stage but for seeing the improvements Moira Lavender Ashburn had made in her upper body and Juie Kingi's physique changing with each show.  The crowd loved seeing these muscled girls on stage and it was a shame the judges only asked them to have one set of compulsory poses whereas the other classes had alot of comparisons.

As you can see by the pics, this was pretty much a 'girlie' show.  But there were a few standout male physiques.  Ray in the Junior class showed great symmetry and condition, we hope he stays in the sport for sometime and develop his physique.  Winner of the Novice Athletic Class Fabian also displayed a lean physique.  Showing that age is no barrier to improvement, Gary Fowell a much more heavily muscled physique to take out the Masters 40 class.  Some of the best battles were in the Open Athletic class between Paul Mountfort and Jason Bartley.  These guys matched each other in most poses but perhaps what separated them was the extra mass and definition Jason had in his legs.  The other match up was between the tall physique of Thomas Brennan and nuggety structure of Rota Elliot.  Thomas looked full and lean and had a great side chest comparable to the classic 'Arnold' side chest.  Rota wasn't quite as lean as we'd seen him in previous shows so Thomas with his all round definition took the Open class and eventually the Overall Title.

All in all it was a fantastic show and thanks to Marty for giving everyone, from the audience to the athletes, a great well run and entertaining experience.  Oh and the lights were fantastic this year too :)!

Lisa, Go Figure
23 August 2011

Open Figure    
Open Physique    
Open Athletic    
Novice and Open Men    

Novice Athletic    

Fitness Models    
    Morgan 1    
  Katrina 2,     Rose 1               Lynley 3  
Novice Physique    
                              Tara 1   3                    2  
Senior Physique 45    
 Gill 2, Denise 3, Tina 1    
Senior Physique 35    
 2        Jannette 3, Joy 1    

Teenage and Junior Man    
        Teenage 2, 1  3  
 Ray, 1st Junior    
Masters Men 60+    
Masters Men 40+    
 Roy 50+, 2            Gary 1    

Novice Figure Short    
 Pari 2, Kim 1, Mavis 3    
Novice Figure Tall    
 Neisha 1  Sarah 2                      Davina 3

Senior Figure 35    
Wai, Vanessa 1, Julie 3, Kiriana 2  
Senior Figure 45    
 Carol 3,     Kaye, Maureen  Christine 2, Lyn 1, Anne  

Happy Snaps!    
Kaye tries on heels for fun
with Janine
Ray and the Pink Ladies
aka some of Shape girls
Marty and Lisa
-awesome show Marty!
77 athletes at briefing!  Judges ? and Peter  Stage marshalls
above: Elaine with Colleen  Rachel and Andew Jim and mystery diner

  Reuben doubled as marshall
and the night's MC
  Food Glorious Food!
and Marty ensured there
was plenty for everyone
Do it Claire!

Bart and Vanessa
suck on their secret formula
Even the Trophy Girl
was looked after with
a lasagne dinner made
by Sian
Footage from the show
was also streamed 

Sian showed there was
plenty of goodies for everyone
Marty with supplements
from Horleys and Gaspari
Lovely tropies
    Lots of Goodies
and Trophies were
given away too!
Go Teams!    
Marise and Attila Balough's
Winning Team
Paul Mountfort's Team
Kaye's Team
The girls of Marises' Team Gisborne Team Team Kawerau
Christine makes sure Claire
does her job
Attila with his hunky
client Fabian

right: Vanessa and Jason
Lynley and Morgan
Lying down on the job
Janine and Lyn Kaye tries on a pair of heels  
 Fitness Models  Shape Girls  Novice Fig Short
 Senior Figure 45  Senior Figure 35  Novice Physique
 Open Athletic  Novice Athletic  Senior Physique 45
 Open Figure  Open Physique  
 Couples Contenders  Rota and Julie  

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