L to R:
Sarah, Myra, Tufi,
Brie, Tyrone
Figure Video! Pics, Report from the Show!

Men- Tufi Sua Tufuga. Figure; Myra Rogers
Women's Physique; Sarah Su. Bikini; Brie Tawhai

Men's physique; Tyrone Bell

Pics of the Men's Physique Classes Here. Includes Video of Open Physique Tall and Open Men's Bodybuilding

Considering there were a record 112 athletes to get through, the show ran very efficiently at the great Sky City venue.  The prejudging was well attended and the night show was a sell out.

We saw some fantastic talent emerge in the novice male bodybuilding classes and wondered where have they been all this time!  From the Juniors and Masters right through to the big 80-90kg classes, all the athletes were in great condition and all had been working hard on their legs to complete their physiques.  We hope they'll continue on into the open classes so they can give the current guys a run for their money.

It was great to see former Mr NZ Karl Cook back on stage showing great symmetry and condition in the open 70-80kg class.  For pure mass, you couldn't take your eyes off Monster Samoan Tufi who took out the 80-90kg class and also the overall title. Great to see a couple of familiar physiques back on stage in Andy Priestly and Nelly Vaosea who showed improvements since last tiime they competed.  Conditioning wise, Kristian Bray would get that title for coming in the most vascular, fullest and leanest we've seen him. So well do to his team.  

Moe with Judges Fawad,
Tarren and Chris

Lisa and Tarsh
While the Men's Bodybuilding has experienced somewhat of a rebirth at this comp, we are just wondering what has happened to the traditional female bodybuilding and figure classes?!  We only saw 3 gorgeous physique, 3 figures and 1 bodybuilder brave themselves on stage.  The athletes that lined up were great with the figure class in particular who included Myra Rogers, Brooke Thomsen-tuatao and Lucia Oles present great feminine lean figures packed with great presentation.  Maybe we need to do some kind of crusade to understand why the girls aren't competing so we can get the girls lining up in this class again.

In contrast, the bikini class (like the men's physique) has taken off.  Its great the regular gym bunny can have a class she can compete in but it would be nice if we saw some of you progress to figure as some of you do have great muscle too that would do well in the figure class.

If the Akl Champs are anything to go by, the Nationals are going to be huge and a very very long day!  Perhaps the NZIFBB would consider having a 2 day format where the bikinis and physiques could have a day on their own.

Thanks Moe and NZIFBB for your support and Go Figure to be part of the action!
Lisa, Go Figure
12 August 2013

Spray Tan Tent
was very busy!

Kylie adds the finishing touch

Judges Yoko and Mo Bashir
Jake and Jade Kristian was in great condition  Pumping up
Justin with his better half.   Salah and Nelly Andy and Grant

Sorry haven't got the official results yet but hope the pics will do you guys in the meantime!

Children's Fitness
Women's Physique and Bodybuilding

Christine - Bodybuilding
Sarah Su
Women's Figure
Momma T with her babes
Myra Rogers 1st Figure Short and Overall Figure
Brooke Thomsen-Tuatao. 1st Figure Tall
 Lucia Oles - 2nd Figure Short

Bikini Short
1. Serena 2. Tracy
Bikini Tall
1. Brie 2. Monica 3. Olya

Junior Men Teenage Men
Masters o40 and o50
Masters o50
Masters o40


Novice u70kg
Novice 70-80kg
Novice Men 80-90kg
Novice Men o90kg

 Open Men u70kg
 Open Men 70-80kg
Open Men 80-90kg
Open Men o90kg and o100kg

Open Men o90kg, Andy Priestly 
Open Men o100kg

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