Video, Pics and Report from the South Pacific Champs, Samoa 


Click above pic to see Figure girls in Samoa Video

On the weekend of 4 october, the South pacific's best bodies converged  on Samoa to compete in the South Pacific Bodybuilding Champs. There wre around 60 athletes from countries which included Cook Islands, Fiji, New Caledonia, PNG, Samoa, Tonga and the figure girls from New Zealand.

Although the organisers only had short notice to put the event together (initially Guam were to host the event) we wouldn't have known as the athletes were shown outstanding hospitality. The organisers did their best to meet our needs from supply transport, providing daily meals for 3 days of the event and treating us to 2 banquets before and after the contest.
The figure Lisas with the
New Caledonian boys
The show itself was well run and efficient, the morning show started at 9am and was all finished by 11am to avoid the heat of the day. The night show began at 7pm and ended at 10pm then we all preceded to the Olympian cafe for a declicious banquet.

There was great rapport and spirit amongst the athletes backstage and at various venues where we all congregated. Although there were some language barriers, its amazing what sign language and the international language of bodybuilding can achieve.

The condition of athletes were amazing, one of the outstanding teams was the PNG team who brought at least 12 athletes to the event. Including 1 female who was the first ever female to compete in bodybuliding from PNG, well done girl!  but the PNG guys were the most nuggety and muscle dense groupe of athletes we've seen. Just check out the pics to see.

Overall winners
Farah, Gerard, Viola

Samoa wins Team Posing

There were close contests amongst the guys in most classes, the u75kg provided some excitement and you can read about it below. For us, and I mean the girls, Gerard Quash from New Caledonia was standout for his condition and balanced. He eventually won the overall along with Farah in Figure and Viola for the physique.

All in all a great, fun event and thank you to President of the Samoan Bodybuilding Federation Tapasu Leung-wai for his generosity in providing us with all we needed for a fantastic weekend of competition and friendship!

Enjoy the happy snaps, click pics to enlarge. Videos on the way soon.

Lisa Menzies,
Go Figure

Samoa wins Team Posing

Delicious banquet
1.     2.  3.
1. Contest Organisers: Philip Hope, IFBB VP South Pacific. Tapasu, President Samoan Bodybuilding Federation, Tom Etuata, secretary and Tony Ligaliga (man about town).
2. Linni Wright and Tom judged at the event.  Linni also compered the night show.
3. Tony was awarded a certificate from the South Pacific Bodybuilding committee for his contribution to bodybuilding in NZ and the South Pacific.
Tony Ligaliga guest posed with his trademark funky moves

Viola Etuata, Overall Winner
o55kg, 2nd and 1st Lufi
u55kg winner, Nina
Deb, Masters winner

Lisa Bellingham, Sarah Su
Farah Deobkhata, Isabelle,
Lisa Menzies
The inaugural figure contest attracted 4 athletes from NZ while Isabelle from New Caledonia was the only bodyfitness contender.  Lisa Menzies and Farah Deobkhata competed in the Figure Short, while Lisa Bellingham and Sarah Su in the Figure Tall. The figure lineup presented the judges with a broad array of figure quality and each with their own strengths, however it was Farah's buffed condition that won her the short class and the overall.

For more pics of the figure girls go here

 Masters o40
Dean 1st, Joe 2nd
Environment boys
Under 65kg
Under 70kg
Under 75kg
This was a very exciting and tough contest between the PNG overall champ and the incredibly conditioned Gerard Quash of New Caledonia. We've renamed him 'the Glutenator' for his amazing striated glutes, as you can see by the pics below. 

The PNG guy bet Gerard last year but this year Gerard pipped the PNG guy with his symmetry and condition eventhough the PNG guy had incredibly dense muscle mass. Our vote was for the Glutenator!!  he does look good from the front too!
 Gerard The Glutenator

Under 80kg
It was a surprise to see Stan 'the man' Tautalanoa pop in Samoa.  He was here representing Tonga. Stan has won numerous titles in NZ and was on a mission to win his class, which he did with his trademark symmetry and condition. But he will be up for some tough competition for the overall.....    
Stan and his terrific Tongan teammates
Under 90kg

Over 90kg
Stefan 1st, 2nd
Willy 1st, 2nd

Battle for Samoan Overalls
Karl Adam Jnr,Overall Winner

Battle for the South Pacific Overalls
  This battle was between Stan, Gerard and Stefan from New Caledonia. Stefan was hard and had plenty of mass but Stan and Gerard had slightly better symmetry and condition. The crowd really enjoyed seeing these super bodies going through their poses. But in the end Gerard's awesome condition, and those amazing glutes, won him the Overall title. 
 above: Overall Line Up
Stefan, Stan, Gerard


Mmmmm the spoils of post competition!


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