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Girls backstage 
Stan & other hunky boys
Alex Simays posing routine

Lisa's Happy Snaps!
Over 45 athletes ventured to Taupo to compete at the INBA South Pacific Champs on 23 August. There was a mix of new and familiar faces we haven't seen for a while. Some of these athletes include the return of Stan 'the man' Tautalanoa who was in super condition competing in the Open Physique Short while Darren Brown also returned to the stage to competed in the Open Tall so a showdown between these 2 highly tuned athletes was a great spectacle for spectators for the Overall.
There was plenty of talent (we mean physiques ofcourse!) in the other men's classes too. One of these is Leeroy who won the Junior Men's class. At only 22, he already has great muscle mass to go with his balanced structure and we hope he sticks with bodybuilding as he has awesome potential. The winners of the novice short and tall classes also displayed nice mass and definition.

Talking about the novice tall class, it was great to see 9 hard bodies on stage in this class and they ..and the judges had to really work to sort out the placings. The battle for the overall men's title was also a sight to behold.  We saw 8 of the night's best bodies on stage but it was Stan who stole the show with his dense hard muscle and a waistline that a girl would love to have!  that's a compliment Stan! 
above: Lisa with Supergirls
Jill and Damita

Overall winners 
In the ladies section we saw the return of Leanne Simays back in her physique bikini and filling it nicely with some very lean and full muscle. BTW Leanne won the figure class at the Country Classic in Bendigo a week earlier, go figure!  Wendy Sole continued her winning streak taking out the Sen Physique 45 class in a very close contest against Jill Clark and Greta.

Kym Carter also continued on her winning way but she had to work for it as she was up against the lean machine of Michelle Middleton of Napier.  There wouldn't have been much between these 2 thoroughbreds but Kym just edged out to win the Open Tall class and eventually the Overall figure title. The Open Figure short also saw a tough battle between pocket rockets Janine Haywood and Julie Buck (who also returned to competition after many years absence). Both had great bodies and there must've only been a point between them.

A physique competitor in her last show, Teneka Hyndman put on some heels and competed in the novice figure short class, gosh that girl can compete in any class!  she won her class against some pretty tough competition and was good to see the girls in great condition.

Fresh from his win at the Country Classic in Bendigo, Alex Simays guest posed in his army uniform...which didn't stay on for long.  Alex was in great shape, he looked very hard with detailed lines everywhere!

All round it was a great show and thanks to Peter Hardwick for putting in the effort to keep the show up and running each year.

Enjoy the pics! more at
Lisa, Go Figure
above: Sergent Alex

below: Alex and Leanne

Overall Winners

 Leanne Simays, Physique  Kym Carter, Figure  Stan Tautalanoa, Physique

Physique Women

Novice Physique
2nd, 1st

Sen Physique o35
2nd Wendy, 1st  Rachel

Sen Physique o45
3rd Jill, 2nd Greta, 1st  Wendy
Open Physique
   Leanne and Jan  
Couples Winner 

Tina and Buck

Novice and Open Figure Short

Novice and Sen
Figure Short 
1st Teneka,
Novice Figure Short
Open Figure Short
2nd Julie, 1st Janine

Open and Novice Figure Tall

Michelle and Kym
Open Figure Tall
Jan and Tina
Novice and Open Figure Tall

Masters, Teen and Junior Men

Teenage and Junior
Masters Men o45
Masters Men o60
Masters o45
3rd, 1st, 2nd
Novice Men Short
2nd, 1st
1st Junior Men
1st Masters o50
1st Novice Short
Novice Athletic Tall
Above: Huge line up of 9 great physiques
in Novice Physique Tall

Right: Winner
Open Men
Tall and Short
Darren, Stan and Andrew

Overall Comparisons





Guest Poser, Alex Simays

For pics of Alex and Leanne's winning form at Country Classic 
go to:


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