Go Figure and our viewers want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Allen and Maree Stubbington for happy snapping these awesome pics from the Olympia weekend  - and sending them back to us so quickly!

It looked like a great weekend full of amazing bodies and freaky bodies. And that's what we love about bodybuilding.

New! Mr Olympia. Dexter Jackson has been Jay Cutler to take out this year's title. Check out the pics at bottome of page, including some of Moe.

Click 'read more' to see the array of fitness, figure and physiques on display. 
Maree at the Expo

Fitness Olympia

left: 1st Jen Hendershott
2nd Tracey Greenwood (middle)


Figure Olympia
2nd Gina Aliotti,
1st Jennifer Gates (middle)
3rd Zeville Raudonien


4th Jenny Lynn


Physique Olympia
1st Iris Kyle
5th Dayana Cadeau
3rd Yaxeni Orequin-Garcia

6th Cathy Le Francois

Mr Olympia
1st Dexter Jackson
2nd Jay Cutler
   5th Melvin Anthony  

5th Toney Freeman,
4th Dennis Wolf, 3rd Phil Heath

10th Gustavo Badell, 9th Moe

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