Lisa and Mickey Rourke

You'll remember a couple of weeks ago kiwi figure champ Lisa Bellingham aka Big L was off to Wrestlemania in Houston. She said she was going to bring Wrestling star John Cena back with her.  She didn't quite do that but she did get a pic with him.

But probably her biggest 'score' so to speak is to get a snog and perhaps did she get more from 'The Wrestler' star himself, Mickey Rourke!

Lisa with Mickey and WWE president Vince McMahon


Lisa's daughter Sam is a big WWE fan, hence the trip to Houston.  They had VIP passes to all the backstage areas and also the Hall of Fame Wrestlemania after party.  That was where Lisa got to hang out with all the wrestlers but the big opportunity to meet Mickey came when she asked the head organiser if she and her family could get a pic with him. He was in a private party area, but you know Lisa, she managed to talk her way there.

Not only did she get a pic with him, she also got a kiss and the black 'loki' jacket he was wearing that night. I had a smell of that jacket and it smells like cigarettes and aftershave (Lisa wore it to our coffee meeting), ahh the closest I'll get to a hollywood star. 

From all accounts, Mickey was quite besotted with big L and she hung out with him and Kid Rock at the party while being followed around by his bodyguards.  Sounds like a great night and I'm sure it didn't end at the party, nudge nudge, wink wink. Lisa's lips are sealed.

Lisa M, Go Figure
21 April 09

Lisa with John Cena
Lisa scores Mickey's jacket..and more?
right: @ Gold's Gym, Venice Beach

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