On the second leg of the kiwi girls roadtrip to the gold coast, some of the girls competed in the WNBF (World Natural Bodybuilding Federation). May as well, since they've worked so hard to get into shape!

This show was run quite differently to the ANB the previous day. Not only was this a one show format but also included class titles that were different too.

left: Ali sits back and relax in this one with Lisa
There was best body, USA figure and Ms Fit body which is basically figure.

The best body and USA figure include bikini and dress rounds.  While Ms Fitbody had the same poses as normal figure but one slight change in how they pose the side triceps. The triceps is shown in front of body instead of the side.

What I don't understand about this comp is how someone can be in more than one class as obviously the criteria in each class would change what the judges are looking for.  For example, our kiwi babe Niki Taylor competed in USA Figure (she won that!) and Open Figure Tall where she won that too. There was another case where the masters figure also competed in masters physique. Go Figure!!

Our kiwi girls did well and made an impact on the show.  Niki won the USA Figure and Open Fig Tall. Donnette won Best Body. Jacquie Pederson placed 4th in Open Fig Tall. Julie Harris placed 3rd in Master 40+ and 2nd in Lightweight physique. Sheryl Summers won masters 50+ while Lorraine Chester placed 2nd in same class.

This show was probably a tad long with the judges asking for too many comparisons when there might've only been 4 in a class.

Was good to experience another show though and see how another federation does their organisation.

Below are the pics from the show.  Sorry the pics could get a tad confusing as you'll see some athletes in more than one class.

Lisa, Go Figure

    Best Body and USA Figure
L to R: 1st Donette, Best Body
1st Niki, 2nd Nicole USA Figure
Novice and Masters Figure   Novice Figure Short
Carolyn Pledger, Helen Longmuir  Carolyn, 1st Harmony, 3rd Nicole
 Open Figure Tall
Deb Dawson, Deb Pack, Niki, Helen, Jacquie  Deb aka Wonder Woman
   Jacquie, Niki, Nicole  
Heavyweight Physique    
Tracey, Anita, Jodie, Jacqueline  Jacqueline and Tracy
Masters 40+  
 Jodie, Tracy, Julie, Dee, Helen  
Masters Women 50+    
Sheryl, Lorraine
Dee, Julie


Overall Winners: Ms Fit Body, Harmony Gould. Physique Women, Dee Kirby. Men, Aresh Simali
Ms Fitbody
Nov fig - 1st Carolyn Pledger
Transition - 1st Niki Taylor, 2nd Jacquie Pederson, 3rd Nicole Saker
Masters - 1st Helen Longmuir, 2nd Carolyn Pledger

Open Short - 1st Harmony Gould, 2nd Nicole Saker, 3rd Carolyn Pledger
Open Tall - 1st Niki Taylor, 2nd Helen Longmuir, 3rd Deb Dawson, 4th
Jacquie Pederson, 5th Deb Pak

Best body - 1st Donnette Healey
USA Figure - 1st Niki Taylor, 2nd Nicole Saker

Women's Bodybuilding, Heavyweight
1st Judie Curtis, 2nd Tracey Gabanis, 3rd Jacqueline Streets, 4th Anita

Women's Masters 40+
1st Dee Kirby, 2nd Jodie Curtis, 3rd Julie Harris, 4th Tracey Gabanis,
 5th Helen Longmuir
Women's Lightweight
1st Dee Kirby, 2nd Julie Harris
Masters 50+
1st Sheryl Masters, 2nd Lorraine Chester

2nd Anil, 2nd Zane
1st Aresh, 2nd Paddy
 Paul, Daniel  Daniel, Allan, Ricky, Fabian  
 Masters Men

1st Zane Fay, 2nd Anil Mandahar

1st Aresh Simali, 2nd Paddy Dallery

Middleweight 1st Daniel Hartley
Lightweight 1st Allen Fells, 2nd Ricky Sia Sia
Heavyweight 1st Fabian Hyland

Novice Men
1st Anil Mandahar, 2nd Ricky Sia Sia, 3rd Daniel Hartley, 4th Paul Wagstaff

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