Overall Figure Comparison
 Overall Men Comparison
Open Figure

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Watch Lisa vs Marlene vs Ali vs Janine in Figure.  And the huge line up of Men.

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As you can see by the pics from the INBA South Pacific Champs the show attracted a high calibre of over 50 athletes, especially in the figure class. With the incentive of a qualification for the INBA Natural Olympia in Australia in October, every athlete was out to do their best. Organiser Peter Hardwick did a fantastic job to get the show starting on time while Greg Mawson played Marshall and ensured the show kept running from behind the scenes.

Also just want to say thanks to Peter for organising the amazing prizes for the Overall Winners! each of them got their flight and accommodation paid for to get to the INBA Natural Olympia. Wow!

Lisas were out in force
above: Lisa Menzies and Lisa Cameron
Its been a long time since we've seen a stunning lineup of well conditioned athletes in the Senior Figure, Open and finally the battle for the Overall Figure Title was just a feast for the eyes. 

The Senior Figure class 40+ alone was amazing. We saw Ali Gascoine, in her last contest every, competing against the sharp Maria Dunlop and 3 other figures who were also in great shape.  Then there's comback queen Marlene Henderson who was in a class of her own in the 50+ class. Hard to believe Marlene is 51 and she's definitely a credit to her commitment to her fitness to look so young.  There's hope for us all!

Open Figure Short was also a tough class of Janine Haywood, Sue Bettridge and Farah Deobhakata.  Think there was only a point separating Janine who just edged out the super lean Sue for the title.  Then there's the other comeback queen Lisa Cameron who presented her 'racehorse' condition once again and look fab in the Open Figure Tall class.
below: Peter and Trophy Girl Lisa Bellingham 

Then watching the battle for the Overall Figure was like watching an international class as these girls would not look out of place at an international show.  There was the super hard and round Ali standing beside the lean Janine, along side her Lisa's immaculate condition and beside her the super Marlene Henderson.  No wonder judges had such a tough time deciding this one.  After the first round of judging, the judges called out Lisa, Janine and Marlene. The Taupo crowd loved their Taupo girls going through the poses.  Then there was hush as the judges conferred and you could feel the tension in the air.

The judges had a second call out to see Lisa, Marlene and Ali. They once again went through their poses and you could see the concentration on the girls faces as they flexed and posed their butts off knowing how important the title is.  In the end Ali won the battle with her slightly harder body and rounded delts framing her structure. What a way to end her figure career in NZ!

1st call out
Lisa, Janine Marlene 

2nd call out
Lisa, Marlene, Ali
We can't talk about the guys classes without first mentioning the amazing Stan Tautalanoa. Taupo was his 9th show of the year and he still looks great. If others tried to attempt this feat we're sure they'd have wasted their muscle by now but not Stan. He's getting slightly sharper with each show and with another 5 shows at least to go, he's just going be ripped by the end.  Some of those 5 shows include competing in the South Pacific Champs in Tahiti on 1 Oct and then Natural Olympia 17 Oct. Well done to Stan for his endurance.

There was a big jnr and teenage class and hopefully we'll see them continuing with the sport. A huge Masters 40+ class turned up and it was Shaun O'Dwyer competing in his 4th show this year that took out the title with his mass and vascularity.  BTW this is only his first year of competing.

A couple of hunks came out to contend the Novice Short and Tall physique classes. The winners were hard and ripped and they certainly gave Stan some competition in the Overalls.  But Stan was once again the man and collected another trophy for his growing collection.

Hope you enjoy the pics! more at Muscleimaging.com

Lisa, Go Figure
25 August 2009

p.s INBA Taranaki, Stratford, 7 November. I had a chat to Mike Ryan the organiser of this comp and he was telling me about the amzing venue - King's Theatre. He said its a beautiful art deco building and is a great venue for the INBA Champs. He's looking forward to seeing athletes coming to Stratford to enjoy the surrounds so get going athletes!

Open Figure Short and Tall    
Sue, Farah, Janine, Lisa C


Senior Figure 40+
Tina, Maria, Ali, ?
Marlene (50+), Tina, Maria

Overall Figure Comparisons
Janine, Ali, Marlene,?, Lisa

Novice Figure Short and Tall

Senior Physique
   Karen, Wendy, Jill  

Teenage and Jnr Men    
Masters Men 40+
   Buck, 2nd  Shaun, 1st
Masters 50+
Masters 60+
    Steve, 1st 60+

Nov Physique Short and Tall
Open Men Short and Tall    
Overall Men Comparisons  

Lisa's Happy Snaps!

Overall Winners
Karen, Stan, Ali

Open Figure Short
Janine, Sue, Farah
Just wow!
Marlene, Ali, Lisa
Jacqui and Leanne judging
Greg, Lisa and Alex
Kym with Wendy Nov Fig
Team Taupo

Go Figure's own Supergirls
Jill, Janine and Wendy
Greytown Team

Figure sisters
Janine and Ali
Marie Dunlop
Taupo's comeback queens
Marlene and Lisa
A couple that pose together
Buck and Tina

Teisina and Jeffery
6 shows together this year

Powerful pals. Trish and Ali
Trish (world bench record holder)
Couples line up

Physique Overalls
Senior Figure 40+ backstage

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