Pics, Report and Videos of the NZFBB Bodybuilding Champs
10 October 09

Overall Winners
Kristy, Darryn, Kaye, Vicky

The Nationals is one of those special events that bring the best athletes out of the works and this year we saw 114 of them come out to display their hardearned muscles in Auckland.  

We've already reported on the organisational aspects of the show here so we won't go over that and just concentrate on the athletes - which is who its all about!

Alison and Lisa
Guess who we spotted!
Its been a long time since we've seen Alison Rainbow at a show
A comprehensive report on each class is below but needless to say there was a high quality and quantity of athletes across all classes and sexes.

Look forward to seeing you all along the line!
Lisa, Go Figure
13 Oct 09

p.s will also have pics up


Overall Figure Video

Open Figure Video 
Bodyfitness Video
Overall Physique Video Open Physique Women Open Men o100kg

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Overall Figure Comparisons    
This was the best line up for the overall figure title we've seen for a long time. All the figures won their classes against some tough competition and now it was time to sort out the best of the best.  It was a tough ask and the judges did take their time, and so they should!  All the girls had great structure but who had the better mass and conditioning?  The frontrunners were Sheryl, Vicky and Maureen. These girls were in great condition but it was perhaps the extra few millimetres of Vicky's delts that won it for her!  It great to watch and the crowd appreciated the efforts these girls have gone to. Well done ladies!  

Sheryl 2nd, Vicky 1st, Maureen 3rd
 Sarah, Sheryl, Vicky, Karen, Michelle, Maureen  
Overall Physique    
This was the showdown we'd all been waiting for. Undoubtedly 2 of the best female physiques in New Zealand, defending Overall Champ Michelle Heggie versus comeback queen Kaye O'Neill going pose for pose for the overall title. Wow how good was it to see. While Debe and Marama did an awesome job to get to the overalls, all eyes were on Kaye and Michelle. Who will take out the title?  Michelle almost matched Kaye in all areas except the legs.  Kaye had mass and striations in her quads and hamstrings which were title winners. Great class!  
Debe, Kaye, Michelle
Overall Men    
If we thought the Open Men's class was great then the crowd were just ecstatic seeing all the class winners on stage for the overall.  There were 11 great bodies on stage but the front runners amongst them were ofcourse Darryn, Sanjeev and Karl.  After all the athletes did their structurals and compulsories these guys were called out for the first round of callouts.  Although they were from differing classes and mass, the 3 guys had the nice structure, symmetry and mass for their heights.   Most pleasant was Sanjeev who has that incy wincy waist and the huge back but he (and Karl) couldn't match Darryn's mass and vascularity on the night. Darryn deservedly took out the overall title, a contest which he's been in preparation apparently for 18 months.  So well done Darryn!  
Karl 3d, Darryn 1st, Sanjeev 2nd
    Left and Below:
1st call outs
Sanjeev, Darryn, Karl

Open Figure Tall    
This was a rematch between Maureen O'Connell and Sesa Tomuli who won the Akl Champs. Unfortunately Sesa didn't come in the same super condition while Maureen just wowed us with her sharper figure. This was the best we've seen Maureen and nice to see her legs matching the definition of her upper body.  Donna Randell also looked great but unfortunately she couldn't match Sesa's mass although had the better condition.
1st Maureen, 2nd Sesa, Donna 3rd
Open Figure Short    

We saw a great line up for awesome figures in the Open Short class including Sheryl Patterson, Fiona Wallace, Neralee Montague and Ngaire.  This was a tough choice for the judges as it was a test between Sheryl and Fiona's symmetry versus the mass and condition of Neralee's figure.  In the end Sheryl took it out for her overall package. However would've been interesting to see how Neralee would've compared to Vicky Cattell as they both have similar figures.  But we'll never know!
Sheryl 1st, Fiona 2nd, Neralee 3rd, Ngaire
Open Women o55kg    
Mandi, Tracy, Kaye, ?
It was unfortunate for the athletes in the o55kg to have Kaye O'Neil in the line up this year as Kaye just looked awesome.  Years of training and competing has given Kaye that dense muscle maturity and hardness not only in her upper but her legs as well.  She was the obvious winner leaving the others Mandi, Tracy battle for the other placings. 

Open women u55kg    

This class saw the battle of 2 pocket rockets Michelle Heggie and Julie Harris.  Michelle was the defending class and overall Champ but Julie gave her a run for her money.  Both were vascular and had the hardness but Michelle had the extra mass and that amazing ripped back!!!  Lucie looked like she put on more mass this year and she should look even sharper by the NABBA Nationals in couple weeks.

Jan, Lucie, Julie, Michelle


Open Men o100kg    

Nothing like seeing big guys on stage so it was a crowd pleaser when Nathan O'Hearn, Darryn Onekawa and Nolan Smith stepped on stage.  Nathan blew everyone away at the Akl Champs but he had to bring something extra to the Nationals if he was going to keep Darryn at bay.  Darryn was in awesome condition at CNIs and we wonder if he was going to able to maintain.  We shouldn't have worried, Darryn not only maintained but bettered his condition. He was large, lean and vascular.  The crowd loved seeing those big boys on stage, pity they didn't stay on for longer!

Nathan 2nd, Darryn 1st, Nolan 3rd
open 90-100kg    
  Johnson 2nd, Sam 1st  
Open 80-90kg    

3rd, 1st Sanjeev, 3rd
Open 70-80kg    
Miguel 3rd, Karl 1st, Supry 3rd
Open U7okg    

This was probably the most talked about class leading up to the Nationals for its superfast rule change allowing girls who qualified in figure to do bodyfitness without having to qualify in bodyfitness. As it turned out there were only 4 girls in bodyfitness short and tall including Karen Montague (Monty), Kristy Thomson, a girl from Chch and Raechelle Chase (the only one who made the most of the rule change) as the other girls qualified at various comps around the country.
Raechelle, Monty, Kristy
Bodyfitness is very much about structure and muscle tone, and lots of glam thrown in!  In the tall class it was the contest between Monty's great structure and Raechelle's glam factor. Monty also had the slightly better overall tone which helped her take out the tall class.

Kristy's been around a long time and she's always had those great set of delts and great muscle mass, she decreased some of that mass for bodyfitness and it's worked out well for her. Her dues were paid and she took out the Overall title over Monty.
                          Kristy and Monty battle for Overall.  Kristy ecstatic at her win

Classic Men
We'll dub this the sexy class. This line up of 7 ripped guys was perhaps the best class of the night for men as they were all in super condition and was very pleasant to watch. We know the crowd loved it, right ladies?  The main contenders for this one were Aron Noble, Chris Nel, Dave Weeks. They all had the great mass, structure and detail but Aron just had that extra zing in his muscles that was a little fuller that the rest of the field.  Aron's legs gave him the edge too but Chris wasn't too far behind and made big improvement from his Waikato appearance earlier this year.  Dave still wowed us with his abs. Great line up all round!

Dave, Aron,?,Chris, Boris


Novice Figure Short    
?, Kristy, Karen
Karen, Bridget,?
Leading the charge in this class was South Island winner Karen Kissell with her overall mass and the extra muscle she's gained on her delts. Thought this class was pretty even with Bridget and Kristy not too far behind.
Novice Figure Tall    
Sarah, Donelle, ?
?, Hannah,?
Yet another big class of gorgeous girls and it took awhile to judge too. Lots of comparisons between Sarah Goldsmith from Matamata (who looks a very short tall!), Donelle Petelo of Auckland and the tall Hannah Brand of Christchurch.  Sarah looked a little leaner and posed well taking out the title.
Senior Figure 35+    
This was a tough class of 10 awesome senior figures. Reflecting how hard this class was to judge, the judges took around 20mins to compare everyone. The front runners in this class were CNI winner Michelle Dixon, Cathy Orevich from Northland, Kristy Burrell from Hamilton and Suraya of Auckland. These athletes were compared in structurals and compulsories many times during the 20mins.  At the finals, Michelle Dixon won ahead of Cathy and Suraya.
Suraya, ?, Anne
Jane, Michelle, Cathy
Senior Figure 45+    
Another great class showing that muscles are better with age is the 45+ figure class headed by Vicky Cattell and Farah Deobhakta.  Vicky had the great delts and overall mass while Farah matched her upper body, the legs probably let her down.  Vicky eventually went on to win Overall and you can't beat that!
     Vicky, Farah

Masters Physique 35+
Senior Physique 45+
It was great to see a big turn out for the 45+ class and they were all in great condition too.  But it was the 2 Debs that all eyes were on. Debe Stewart and Debra Teiho matched each other pose for pose and they had very similar structures but perhaps Debe just had that extra mass to take it from Debra.
Senior Physique 45+
Debe Stewart 1st, Deb Teiho 2nd
Novice Physique under and o55kg  
Delwyn, Emma, Marama
Close contest in the o55kg class between Marama Cameron from Wanganui and Emma from New Plymouth.  They were in similar condition and mass but Marama probably had the better structure to win this one.  

Nov o90kg    
            Mateo 1st, Hamish 2nd         Mose (left)1st o100kg

Nov u 70kg   Nov 70-80kg
Masters Men 40+    
Top 3
Dean 3rd, ?1st, Ross 2nd
Shaun, ? in top 5
  Masters Men 50+  


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