Pics, Video and Report from NABBA Nationals 25 October 2009 

Ripped Freak Alex Simays routine video  Keri Onyewu's high flying fitness routine video
Open Figure Tall routines video
  Shape Girls funky routines video 

I don't know how he manages to do it. One weekend Peter Hardwick was judging at the Natural Olympia and the next week he was putting together the NABBA Nationals. Somehow Peter's show just seems to pull together without much fuss and everything just falls in to place which was the case for the Nationals.  Sure there was the minor technical microphone difficulty but generally the show went on without a hitch. 

He had great marshalls which kept the athletes informed and also had the good idea of having sponsors booths inside the auditorium so the audience and sponsors made maximum advantage of the show and venue.  He even had a programme printed with all the athletes names and classes which was a nice touch.

Stan and Lisa
Stan in his 12th show in 09
The Nationals had to be well organised. There were 112 athletes that had to be catered for.  This show was highlighted by the high quality and numbers of athletes in each class and the judges were really tested deciding some of the winners.  The novice athletic tall, novice figure short, open figure tall were some of close ones that come to mind.  The novice athletic short class was great but the close conditions of Jason Bartley and Dean Shilton was fantastic to watch but Jason's extra muscle maturity and vascularity gave him the edge, which also won him the Overall title.

The novice figure short class saw some fantastic conditioned girls but Tamaku Paul from Whakatane was a cut above with her leanness while Bridget Emmett's structure placed her second over the impressive muscles of Karen Julian.

The Open figure tall was another that saw 3 great figures with their own uniqueness.  Lisa Bellingham was nice and lean, Eve Dombrovski had the mass and condition and Kym Carter had the symmetry and full round muscles.  In the end symmetry won the day and the Overall Title.  Amazing achievement for Kim, considering only at the start of the year she was diagnosed with tumor behind her left eye and has had to have surgery to remove it about 6 months ago.  We'll have more of Kim's inspirational story in the future.

Naera Johnson saved her best condition to last.  She was looking awesome with full round and defined muscles and took out the overall title over the ever improving Lucie Thompson and the cut Moira Lavender-Ashburn.

The Open Men saw some nice physiques too.  The tall class was the battle between christchurch's Phil Musson, Garth van der Merwe and Alex Simays of Auckland.  All the guys had nice full muscles but it was Alex's ripped conditioned that won him the title.  His main rival for the overall title was Stan Tautalanoa (his 12th show this year!) who took out the International class. It was great to see these guys posedown side by side but Stan just couldn't quite match Alex's size and condition. 

Stan still has 2 more shows this year to do including the Nth Harbour and an International Asian comp in Dubai on 7 Nov.  By the end of year he'd done 14, a record that no one will match for years to come we're sure!

What a great Nationals to end a very busy year. Thanks Peter and NABBA for letting Go Figure share your shows with our viewers throughout the year!  lets do it all again next year.

Lisa, Go Figure
28 October 09

p.s Muscleimaging will also have pics up. Nice to be happy snapping beside you too Keith!

Overall Winners; Left to right
Maeve Agnew, Fitness. Kym Carter, Figure. Jason Bartley, Athletic. Naera Johnson, Physique.
Alex Simays, Physique. Keri Onyewu, Fitness. Teresa Edwards, Shape

Overall Figure Comparison    
   Kat, Kym, Farah Karen, Tamaku, Kristy
Overall Physique Comparison    
Naera, Moira, Lucie Lucie, Frances, Joy  

Open and Int'l Figure    
above: 2nd, 1st, 3rd Open
Eve, Kym, Lisa

left:Kat 1st, Janine 2nd Int'l

Physique Women    
Int'l, 1st Open, 1st Novice
Naera, Moira, Lucie
Jolene, Tina, Sansorei
Lucie and Moira

Novice Figure Tall    

3rd, 1st, 2nd
Kirstine, Kirsty, Julia
Novice Figure Short    
2nd, 1st, 3rd
Bridget, Tamaku, Karen

3rd, 1st, 2nd
Mel, Teresa, Rose


Senior Figure  35+ and 45+    

Sen Fig 35+

  4th, 2nd, 3rd, 1st 35+
Linda, Vanessa, Cathy, Karen
    Above 45+
2nd Gladys, 1st Farah,
3rd Pamela
Senior Physique 45+    


1st Frances, 3rd Wendy
2nd Jill, 45+
    2nd Wendy, 1st Joy

Fitness Models    
Maeve and Keri   Keri flying high
  1st 2nd

Alex the
'Ripped Freak' Winner.
Ripped Freak ran a contest during the show to find out the show's rippest freak and hard to go past Alex Simays for the title.

He now goes into an International contest to vy for the world's rippest freak. What a title!

Overall Physique Comparison    
Overall Athletic Comparison    
Open Physique Tall    
3rd Garth, 1st Alex, 3rd Phil 
Open Physique Short    
1st Jamil, 2nd Andrew    

Open Athletic Tall    

1st Short, 1st Tall, 1st Int'l

Open Athletic Short    
3rd, 1st, 2nd

Novice Athletic Short and Tall    
Nov Athletic Tall
1st Jason, 2nd Dean
  left: Alvaro
1st Nov Athletic Short
Novice Physique Short    
  1st, 2nd  
Novice Physique Tall    
2nd, 1st, 3rd
Jnr and Teenage Men    
2nd, 1st Jnr.  1st Teenage

Daniel and Teisina
Masters Men Lineup    
    above Masters Men 40+:
3rd, 1st, 4th

left: ?, 2nd, 3rd
below: Tom, 1st.
Masters Men 50+
2nd, 1st, 3rd
Masters Men 60+
3rd, 1st, 2nd

Happy Snaps!    
Rose (2nd) shape and Lisa The judges table
Backstage bonding Some of the Thames team
Stan, Wife and Family Stan prettying himself up Stan and his posse
                                         Some of the unique hairstyles
Garth (2nd Open Phys Tall)
and Lisa B
Sunnygymz team
Shaun and son Jolene and her kids Matt enjoying a tipple or 3
Naera's off for a nap

 Alex and Lisa
Maeve (NABBA Wellington
Phil and Steve Alot of baggage comes
with competing
Some of the Judges: Marty and Jim. Shelly and Gareth. Vicky and Leanne
Dave and Jamie  This looks like trouble Lisa and her daughter Sam


The sponsors
Great idea! Booths were set up inside the auditorium so the audience can just go check out the sponsors without having to  leave the action.
Booths Nutrition Systems Boys
Aaron, Myer and Shane
Kim and Jason,
AST science Ripped freakers, Nick and Mark and ofcourse Peter's Nutrition Plus


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