Here are more pics from the WBPF Men's Worlds. As you can see, the level of competition was amazing.  The guys were huge and in awesome condition.

The guy on the right won the overall title.  Remember Zoltan who competed at the Elite show earlier this year in NZ, he turned up at this comp and won the 90kg class.

I got these pics from a great website Who knew the Thais were into bodybuilding and their athletes got so huge!  left: Thai guy 80kg winner

Thailand will host the 2010 WBPF Men's and Women's World Champs on  6 & 7 in Bangkok.

Go Figure might just have to think about a visit to our homeland to check it out and its a great city for shopping!

Stan Tautalanoa
representing Tonga

64 countries competed in the first ever Men's WBPF (World Bodybuilding Physique Sports Federation) in Dubai, 3-7 Nov 09.

The WBPF is run under the umbrella of the ABBF (Asian Bodybuilding Federation) in which the South Pacific Bodybuliding Federation is now a member. SPBBF severed ties with the IFBB at their congress in Oct, Tahiti 09. 

Karl Adam Jnr
The pacific nations' placings were:  

Under 65kg Gary Colombani, Tahiti, 14th Place

Under 70kg Lucas Wemin, PNG, 10th Place. Patrick Jean Villemur, New Caledonia, 12th Place.Karl Tuilatai Adam, Samoa, 16th Place (placed outside of the top 15)

Under 75kg Dean Teiho, Cook Islands, 12th Place  

Under 80kg Sitani Tautalanoa, Tonga, 10th Place   

Under 85kg Gilbert Foucault, New Caledonia, 10th Place  Amos Sui, Solomon Islands, 15th Place  

For more info on the ABBF and the comp go here

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