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Videos from Australian Pro

1. Kiwi Boys routine.
Here's a glimpse at Mike and Grant's routines at the Pro show. Grant went with a nice slow routine and showed a big smile while Mike didn't disappoint and showed us that he still can shake his booty with the best of them! 

2. Backstage video of Kiwi Boys (and glimpse of Kai) 
3. Lee Priest Launches Supplements


Australian Grand Prix Report

More Prejudging and Night show pics here

Over the years I'd heard a lot about the Australian Grand Prix and how Tony Doherty had always organized a great show, so I thought for the 10th Anniversary  I'd go over.  But I wasn't the only kiwi to venture over.  I bumped into them at the airport, at Doherty's Gym and ofcourse at the venue. We were all there to cheer on Grant and Mike, but also to watch the amazing freaky physiques that were going to be on stage.

At the prejudging I was lucky enough to get a media pass so I had access to the backstage area. I was like a kid in a candy store.  Just like Darryn Onekawa was at Doherty's.  It was so cute watching his eyes widen when he saw Dexter, Melvin and Lee Priest enter the gym. And then whipping out his singlets and other memorabilia to get autographed.  Nice to see a grown man...actually a super big man so humble.  Let me tell you, the Pros did give him a second glance when he saw Darryn's height and arms!

Anyway back to backstage.  Backstage is like any backstage but with bigger boys!  And the atmosphere was palpable.  There was no noise except for the guys clanking the weights or getting tan on.  At first I didn't see Dexter or Kai so I went for a nosey to hunt them down.  I finally got to the VIP lounge where Dexter and Melvin were just lying around.  Had a chat to Melvin, who was very cruisy but tired. Kai was nowhere to be seen. He's one of those guys you just leave be as he usually likes to do his own thing.  I had be quite brave just to get a pic with him at the gym let alone to get him to pose for me backstage.

Interestingly most of the Pros were mainly using Kabakoff contest colour and shimmer  to finish off.  Dream Tan was nowhere to be seen.

10mins before showtime Dexter and Melvin make their appearance in the pumping up area to get tanned.  All eyes were on them until Kai walks in.  Kai still had his red sweatshirt on careful not to give anything away. But still we couldn't help but notice those amazing freaky legs that were exposed.  Up close Dexter looks big, in proportion and cut.  But Kai is just another beast altogether.  He was thick all over and had lats on lats.  He looked unbeatable backstage so I was looking forward to seeing him with all the lights.  The other guys that turned heads was Roelly Winklaar, I immediately took a second look at his freaky tris.  Michael Kafalianos was the other one I had to look twice, especially because he looked full and dry with thick abs.

Then it was time the prejudging to begin.  The venue, Plenary Hall at the Melbourne Exhibition was the perfect place for the contest as you can see the line ups from most seats.  Excitement filled the air as the light dimmed and the first contestant came on stage for his individual poses. It wasn't till the first of the big guns, Kai, came on stage that the crowd came alive and marveled at his freaky muscle. 


He was not only thick but it was rock hard with intricate detail.  He had striations on striations on his quads, cuts on his thick lower lats and hamstrings was just lines on lines.  Backstage he was quiet but on stage he really became another person with a big smile and I loved the way he scrunched up his nose when he did his poses.  I know cute and freaky don't usually go together but Kai is definitely the exception!

Dexter took his time walking to his spot just cruising along at his own pace.  He was another who really shone with his smile, taking his time going through poses.  Even from their individual poses, we could see that Kai with his mass and cuts would be unbeatable that day.  But the competition and comparisons was sure going to be fun to watch.

Our kiwi boys presented their physiques well.  First up was Mike Kingsnorth. This was the first time I'd seen him in 2 years.  Looked like he'd put on a little more mass but could've been a touch leaner in the lower back.  Nevertheless he looked like he had a great time, if you know Mike you'll know he loves the stage. His transitions were very unique and definitely memorable.  Grant Pieterse was the next one up.  Nice to see him smiling confidently all the way through his poses.  His condition was great and was harder than his last outing here, however looks like he lost some mass along the way.  Nothing he can't regain with some more heavy training.

The day show went smoothly and efficiently, the judges seemed to go quite fast calling out the poses.  Some athletes were just getting into their poses when another one was called.  The first callouts were the usual suspects Kai, Dexter, Melvin,  then a couple of bolters Michael Kafelianos and Roelly Winklaar.  Seeing these guys go through their poses was amazing, so much muscle on that stage. Awesome.

Outside the venue was a real party atmosphere with supplement companies showing their wares. Fans got a chance to have pics taken with their stars.  Lee Priest was there to launch his new supplement line. Rich Gaspari was also there to judge and then he also did a brief seminar on stage after the prejudging.

The night show promised fireworks and Tony Doherty delivered.  While the spectators came in to be seated, Tony had an inspiration audio visual display featuring past winners and then adding to the excitement the auditorium went dark.  Then you see the silhouette of all the athletes walking on the stage. Then individually a spot light would come on highlighting the athlete , then he'd do 3 poses and so on.  And then BANG, fireworks exploded on stage, I'm sure scarring some of those front row judges.  Then it was on.

The standout routine for  me was Kai's artistic routine.  The way he could contort his body, all the while doing a headstand was just amazing.   But the best poser went to Melvin Anthony.  Sure he can move but it was nothing that I hadn't seen Tony Ligaliga do already!

What kept this show exciting was Tony Doherty who's passion showed through in his introduction of each athlete.  He was like a walking encyclopedia, he knew all the facts and figures of each athlete and delivered in a fun way.  No wonder spectators keep coming back to come and support him and his shows.

If you get the chance to go to the Australian Pro. Do IT.  It was well organized and professional, things weren't drawn out and the show finished on time.  There's been talk that 2011 Australian Pro will be a 2 day incorporating a fitness and powerlifting component.  Plus ofcourse an expo of supplement companies.

Lisa, Go Figure
18 March 10

Official Scorecard

1st Kai Greene *
2nd Dexter Jackson *
3rd Roelly Winklaar *
4th Michael Kefalianos
5th Melvin Anthony ***
6th Greg Atoyan
7th Wong Hong
8th Adorthus Cherry
9th Eddie Abbew
10th Grant Pieterse
11th Ivan Sadek
12th Rusty Jeffers
13th Dan Hill
14th Michael Kingsnorth
15th Fadi Zaazaa

* qualifies for Mr Olympia
*** Best poser

Final results are that Grant placed 10th while Mike placed 14th
Good job to both guys who put in the effort and hardwork to mix it with the big guns in Melbourned!



Grant Peterse



Mike Kingsnorth


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