Pics, Report and Videos from the first
NABBA/WFF Christchurch Grand Prix.

left: Open Figure Comparison
Annette Gallagher and Neralee Montague

right: Open Men's Comparison
Click above pic to watch

NB. NABBA WFF Nationals is on in
Christchurch on 2 Oct
and anyone
can compete in it without having to
qualify in a previous NABBA WFF event.
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Nuria's Fab Fitness Routine Backstage interview with
Annette Gallagher

The NABBA WFF in Christchurch on 1 May attracted around 40 athletes which was a good manageable number for their first show. The one show format was run like clockwork by theirr friendly backstage marshalls.  Kingsley Hannah compered the show in a lighthearted manner keeping the audience interested and excited about athletes on stage. The show began at 12.30pm and it was all over by 4.30pm, early enough for the athletes to enjoy their post show meals. 
Niki and Lisa.
Enjoy your break Niki!
What made this show unique was that in each class, the athletes did their posing routines first and then they all come back out for the structurals and compulsories.

The quality of athletes was the highlight of the show.  Good to see the line up of figure girls in the WFF class especially the return of Niki Taylor into figure after her brief foray into Sportsmodel at ANB last year.  Niki went onto to win the Overall Figure here.  The audience were treated to an exceptional showdown between Annette Gallagher and Neralee Montague in the NABBA Open Short class. Both these awesome ladies had exceptional symmetry, hardness and detail but it was Annette that edged out Neralee.  Neralee's now off to compete in Melbourne later this month and then the Worlds in Malta in June. Good luck Neralee!
  Like the Open Figure, the Open Men also was of a high calibre. Local lads Darrin Farrow, Phil Musson, Arfi Peppard and Richard Parnham showed off their hardearned physiques which was cheered on by the appreciative crowd. Jim (alphabet) from Australia in the Masters awed the audience with his super vascular physique. 
Another Aussie Blair Loveday won the NABBA Masters Physique with Allan Hawkins 2nd. Tom Wojick was in a class of his own taking out the Masters Athletic and Overall.
Cute lil Bronson gave out prizes on behalf of major sponsors Evolution Systems

The other highlight was Nuria Novoa's Fitness Routine which had everyone clapping.  Must say I admire the Glamour models and Nuria's Sportsmodel class as they had to go through 3 changes of clothes for the day!

All in all it was a good relaxed show. Perhaps the only issue I had was with the stage lighting. As you can see the pics had different exposures on it and the wider shots are dark. Think the lights had a slight tinge to them or lights weren't bright enough. Or that the background was too white, not sure. I'm sure easily sorted next time!

Thanks to Paul for taking some of the stage shots for me. Check out Paul's Youtube channel to watch Annette and Neralee's posing routines here. And to Allan for use of your laptop so I could upload the pics so quickly!

Enjoy the pics everyone
Lisa, Go Figure
3 May 10

p.s almost forgot. Congrats to Laydon Best who unofficially benched a commonwealth record of 225kg during the half time break. Pretty strong considering he only weighs 75kg!

NABBA Mens Overall : Richard Parnham
NABBA Women's Overall : Annette Gallagher
WFF Mens Overall: Tom Wojcik
WFF Women's Overall: Niki Taylor

NABBA  Masters Men  O40                   1st = Blair Loveday  2nd = Alan Hawkins
WFF  Masters  Men O35                        1st = Tom Wojcik 
WFF Miss Glamour                                1st = Meagn Curry   2nd = Bridget Morten
WFF Miss Fitness                                  1st = Nuria Nova
NABBA Novice Men                                1st = Fekita Tau        2nd = Tim Appleby

WFF Miss Athletic Figure  Class 2      
1st = Sally Maynard  2nd = Sarah MacDonald 3rd = Anna Washbourne

WFF Miss Athletic Figure  Class 1      
1st =Niki Taylor         2nd =Tracy Single             3rd = Karina Margetts

WFF Mr Athletic Class 3                        1st = Craig Smith
WFF Mr Athletic Class 2                        1st = Adrian Metcalfe 2nd = Ricky Green
NABBA Miss Figure Over 35                 1st = Julie Maxwell
NABBA Miss Figure Class 2                 1st = Annette Gallagher  2nd = Neralee Montague
NABBA Miss Figure Class 1                 1st = Louise Palmer
NABBA Men Class 4                               1st = Jim Kotantonis
NABBA Men Class 2                               1st = Richard Parnham 2nd = Afi Peppard 3rd = Phil Musson
NABBA MEN Class 1                              1st = Darren Farrow

Glamour and Fitness    
   Novice Men  
  Novice Athletic  
 WFF Figure   WFF Overall Figure compare
Masters Physique Blair and Allan
Overall Athletic Comparison

Masters and Athletic

Open Figure; Neralee and Annette.
We'll have video of their compulsories in near future.
In the meantime you can watch their Posing routines here
  Overall Figure Comparison  
Open Men    
above: Richard, Jim, Darrin
left: Darrin, Phil
below: Richard

Overall Comparison

Happy snaps!    
 Arfi Missy (gotcha!) and Allan  Darrin and Phily
 Phil at snack table  Karen and Lynette  Bronson and Wendy
of Evolution Systems
 The packed house  Mass bicep comp  Judges lead the way
 Mark and Garry  Warren Thin and Graeme  Lisa, Dave and Aussie guy!
  Lisa and Sharon McLean  Mark and Hayley
 Tom  Cute statues Oalls got  Jim from Aus
Annette's Mum and kids
The hometown heroes, Overall Figure and Physique
Richard Parnham and annette Gallagher

30 Apr: Attended the NABBA/WFF registration tonight  at Gymeez where around 40 athletes turned out to get their final details for the show tomorrow.  Plenty of familiar faces competing including: Neralee Montague, Annette Gallagher, Richard Parnham, Tom Wojcik, Phil Musson, Niki Taylor and more!

Organisers Kingsley Hannah and Mark Ryan along with NABBA Australia President (and Internattional NABBA Pres) Grame Lancefield addressed the athletes about tomorrow's show.  Unique to this show, the athletes will do their routines first, then symmetry, compulsory and then posedown for each class.

We look forward to seeing the inaugural show come to fruition. Follow our tweets to see how things are going!

Athletes at registration


Mark Anderson, Graeme, Dave Smith  Robyn Crotty's Team  Richard Parnham
Naera, Allen, Maree and Tom  Mark Ryan and Kingsley  Darrin and Nuria
above: Kingsley
left: Phil Musson
Neralee and Lisa Bailey
   Neralee's back!!  

  27 Apr: This Sat sees the much anticipated Inaugural NABBA/WFF Christchurch Grand Prix hosted at the Kaiapoi High School. Organisers say they'll be some exciting acts & displays as part of the show, plus ofcourse plenty of hot athletes.

left: Darrin Farrow. Right: Allan Hawkins
Above is a glimpse at how a couple of athletes are looking.  As you can see Darrin was brave enough to share with us how big and lean he is. But Allan Hawkins from the Hawkes Bay, competing in the Masters class is just teasing us with his lower half. He assures us that his upper body is just as mean as his legs! Allan would like to thank his sponsors Evolution Systems and Athlete X for their support.

They'll be couple of Aussies coming over to compete! Blair Loveday is competing in NABBA Masters Men Over 40. Joining him in NABBA Class 4 is Jim Kotantonis. They will be lining up with some top competitors from around NZ for NABBA/WFF 's first NZ show.

The Glamour Model Winner at the Christchurch Grand Prix gets a trip to the Gold Coast to compete for a $5000au prize.

Yes! Go Figure will be there to take Happy Snaps!


12 April. With 3 weeks until the first NABBA/WFF we have news filtering in on the potential athletes that could be competing at this show. 

Absolutely confirmed for this show is the awesome figure (and mountainous delts!) of Neralee Montague. We asked Neralee where she's at in her preparation and she says she's feeling good-despite a recent bout of chest infection.  At 5'2", Neralee's currently weighing 61kg,  the heaviest she's ever been.  She hopes to get down to around 55kg for Christchurch.  But her main ambition is the Worlds in 6 weeks where she hopes to get down to a superlean 51kg.


Not confirmed but we hope will happen is we'll see hometown heroes Annette Gallagher and Richard Parnham hop on stage. At the moment they are helping put the show together and probably help on contest day. Wouldn't it be amazing to see the incredible Annette stand beside Neralee with their big delts and small waist.  Both are evenly matched on paper with height and weight, but in the end its the condition they present that will separate the two.

Another big guy that has been mentioned to us is Darrin Farrow who's weighing over 100kg who's looking good already.  There could also be a team of ladies from CityFitness (formerly Pro Fitness) who'll be competing in the WFF segment of the show. Pocket rocket Nuria Novoa could also be wowing us with her athletic display in the Fitness Model section.

We'll keep you posted with athlete updates as they reveal themselves.

6 Apr:
The NABBA/WFF have announced their panel to judge at the Christchurch Grand Prix.  The list includes:

David Boscaglia - Australia (International Judge) ( Head Judge)
Blair Loveday - Australia (National Judge)
Brian McNichol - Australia (Para Olympian & Judge)
Missy Ann Hawkins - Napier
Mark Anderson - Nelson
Chontal Poulson - Christchurch
Gary Jones - Auckland
Leanne Grindrod-Simays - Auckland
Alex Simays - Auckland

In addition, Australian officials Graeme Lancefield Australian & International President NABBA/WFF & Phil Muscat will be Backstage Manager. 

MAY 1st 2010 is the official date for the first of many exciting events to be put on by NABBA-WFF NZ,

The Christchurch Grand Prix Will be a Bodybuilding show not to be missed. The inaugural Event will be opened by President of NABBA and WFF International Graeme Lancefield from Australia.

With Top quality competitors already confirmed on the cards from all around New Zealand and  Internationals we are hoping to confirm shortly.  We are looking to Show of what the South Island can do to bring together Competitors, Sponsors and Supporters into a friendly, exciting, competitive atmosphere. 

A strong network of committed and hard working people have pulled together to get both this show and the NABBA-WFF NZ organisation up and running within a short space of time. It is this dedicated team of people that will ensure that the sport of bodybuilding will grow within New Zealand, giving opportunities to competitors that have not previously been available, New Zealand teams to high calibre international events on the NABBA and WFF Calendars!

The show will be in a format that is very popular in Australia and if very user friendly for the athletes. A single show format where we start at 12 and run through till 6pm the competitors will have a good indication as to the time which there class will be on stage.

They will be judged on their compulsories and routines and presented with prizes and awards  before the next class takes the stage. This also gives the audience the opportunity to se the classes that they want and the freedom to come and go as they please, we have a number of trade stalls in the venue and some talents and world record attempts to be show cased.

We want to make a special mention of our sponsors who have really come to the party in helping to promote and organise this event

Registrations for the show close Monday the 26th of April and weigh in is at Gymeez The Fitness shop, 62 Manchester st at 6-7pm on Friday the 30th April,  and any enquiries can be directed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 0275732332


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