Pro Bikini Amateur Bikini Novice Figure
Amateur Figure:
Michelle Dixon
Kristy Thomson
Fiona Wallace
Teneka Hyndman
Pro Figure:
Sesa Tomuli
Patricia Mello
Lisbeth Hallika
Pro Figure:
Heather Mae French
Rosa Maria Romero
Teneka Hyndman

{jcomments on} 
  25 March. As I reported yesterday I had a couple of interesting discussions with Moe.  These were mainly related to the weekend's pro show but we also touched on other NZFBB related matters.  
Whilst we didn't resolve anything, partly because of time constraints, we did agree to disagree for now and to get together after he returns from his latest trip overseas with the objective of nutting out a postive resolution that works for both of us and helps each of us to promote the sport in our own way.

I consider myself to be a fair minded person who is passionate about bodybuilding and fitness and I do try and cover all aspects of these sports on my site. This includes making observations and reporting on important and current issues and events, and passing on the divergent views of gofigure viewers. It's human nature that people don't all agree on everything all of the time.

Therefore many views that I post, whether they are mine or of gofigure viewers, will invariably be supported by some people and panned by others, and that's one of the things that makes gofigure interesting and popular.   

I like to provide a balanced perspective on all issues and those who think that I, or others, are criticising them are welcome to enlighten me on why they think any perceived criticism is unjustified, and I am more than happy to present their views to enable gofigure viewers to make their own informed decisions. Nobody, least of all me, is perfect and we can't expect to be immune to the occassional criticism because along with the sunshine there has to be a little bit of rain sometimes.  

Whilst I may have commented on NZFBB matters it was not my intention to bag Moe personally.  I stand by my comments on gofigure but I also I realise that he has spent alot of his own money bringing in the Pros ie last year's Pro Show and this year's Pro Figure show so I give him recognition for that.   I will report further in a few weeks after I have met with Moe. 

Lisa, Go Figure
25 March

21 March
  There are two sides to every story..and in this case event.  Lisa will play devil's advocate and look at the whole event from an organisational point of view while Linni Wright will tell you her side of the story - which happens to come from on stage at the night show. 

All pics courtesy of Paul McSweeney, thanks for your thoughts on the messageboard below too.
So we know from our correspondents and timeline (see bottom of page) that the promotion and organization show had plenty of room for improvement.  We learned that athletes only found out they were doing NPC posing (quarter turns) when they registered on Friday so they had no idea what was involved.  And guess what? They weren't required to do routines either.  All those hours the girls and guys had invested in getting their music cut and practicing their routines were wasted.  
Perhaps these details could've been forgiven if the organizer had turn up to the venue on time and ran the show in an orderly fashion but alas the athletes and the officials/helpers on the day were left twiddling their thumbs wondering what's going on.

When the morning show did happen, it sounded like it breezed through very quickly.  I guess it would go quickly if the athletes weren't required to do much.  At the night show it went even faster with only the Pros coming on.  You'd think they'd give all the amateurs another look in to pad the show out a bit.  Perhaps even a glimpse of their routines which they'd worked so hard on.

We really feel for the athletes and the audience.  The athletes for the time and effort they spent dieting, and the few audience who'd spent their valuable dollars on the show (some flying up especially) for this only to be short changed and deflated.  Especially with the night show where the audience were expecting plenty for the $50 price tag but it was all done and dusted within the hour - perhaps Linni you were doing too gooder job!

The Pro show was/is a good concept but for it to have a future, the organizer needs to realize the importance of promotion and communication, especially in the electronic medium.  Go Figure (and probably NZBB) are pretty much the focal points for many bodybuilding athletes and yet we didn't hear boo.  So all we ask is to be kept informed and able to be involved in your activities.  So contest promoters out there - send us your stuff!!!!

Lisa, Go Figure
21 March 2010
p.s to be honest, I don't know if there's a market for NPC type amateur events in NZ. Afterall kiwi girls are used to posing and most love it. Guess time will tell.

OK enough of the critique, apparently the night show did have some bright points which Linni has outlined for us.....


Well yes I was there as M.C. Despite being very unenthusiastic at the thought of hosting a show which so few people knew about, I ended up really having a great time with these amazing ladies and yes a very small but appreciative crowd.

left: Linni Wright MCed with Heather Mae French, the winner.

And despite previously having a negative opinion about the bikini class and its inclusion in a " bodybuilding show" I came away with a new found respect for those ladies and how they do train hard to achieve that look and that they are not dummies in swimsuits.

Far from it they were hot, glamorous, intelligent, fit, toned and perfect in every part of their presentation.(and I am a qualified building judge)

The athletes didn't seem to mind the small crowd, they still got paid whether there was 20 or 2000 in the crowd and they are so professional in their approach that they didn't make any less of an effort for this show than they would have done if it was the Olympia .

I interviewed Nicole Wilkins-Lee Miss Figure International and Miss Figure Olympia who was here as a guest. She was gorgeous, and it was such a shame that she didn't get the opportunity to inspire and talk to all our figure girls as she just seems to be an ordinary chick who just busts her ass every day to be the best she can be.

Next I got to chat with the Pro Figure winner Heather Mae French who placed 3rd at the Arnold and Olympia . She told us she was happy with her ‘package' and why wouldn't she be? This girl nailed the lot ,hair, makeup , condition, proportion symmetry THE LOT .

The bikini class was won by the sexy Sonia Gonzales who has been a pro figure competitor for 6 years and who made her debut in the bikini division. OMG she was a goddess. I mean really curvy yet firm, with great poise and stage presence.

Another favorite of mine was the Bombshell from Brazil, Patricia Mellows. She was tall with a classic v taper and long athletic limbs and a fabulous poser.

Loved the way Sesa shared her one piece with Teneka. That's the kiwi spirit!


I was so proud to announce Sesa and Teneka in that pro line up ,and I was so sad that on such a special occasion for them that the bodybuilding community for their many reasons couldn't be there to support and congratulate them on their achievements.

I had doubts as to whether Sesa could duplicate the amazing condition she had early last year but she presented her best ever total package and who could ask for more than that. Taneka with the right coaching could be a top 10  contendar at these big international shows in a few years time. She was really thrown in at the deep end and didn't disappoint me. Quite the opposite in fact. She showed great potential.

Rachelle Chase was there and told us she is planning to do her next pro show in 4 weeks time. She had a great game plan of exactly where to improve for her next show and if she does get that fine tuning right then watch out.  Then we had the baby faced assassin Grant Peterse, fresh and big from the Melbourne pro show, and charismatic IFBB pro judge John Trueman.

Infact come to think of it I had a bloody good time, shame it was a private party but I'm glad I was invited. I joked that those that did make it should be a private investigator and tried to make the athletes feel as good as if they were standing in front of 2000 people coz for their efforts they deserved it.

This should have been a bodybuilding bonanza but for many reasons it wasn't...........but it could be so ......lets fix it up and bring it back and you wont be disappointed. Most of them actually do want to come back next year. Some of our amateur Figure champions would have been very competitive in that line up had they known the show was really going ahead.

And big ups to Michelle on getting her pro card. She has been a successful amateur for nzfbb so lets support her.


Muscleimaging has some prejudging pics here

Paul's Pics!  Thanks Paul for your dedication and perseverance in getting us these pics.

Pro Figure    
Bikini Class

Amateur Girls    
Bikini Class
Jesse and ?
  Novice Figure
Louisa, Bridget
Open Figure;
Michelle Dixon, Kristy Thomson, Fiona Wallace, Teneka Hyndman
Erena Young    
  left: Men u80kg
right: Men o80kg

Contest Timeline
11.20am Update.

Hi all, well I guess you're all wondering what's happening at this show.  I didn't go but I do have a couple of correspondents who've been keeping me posted.  They've been texting me about what's happening (or what's not) and it hasn't been pretty.

Here's a brief summary of the events. 
- Athletes told to be at venue by 8.30am to get spray tanned. 
- Doors open to public for 9am start. 
- About 17 people in the audience and has risen to 37 at time of writing.
- 10am. No sign of Moe the contest organiser
- 10.30am. Audience and athletes told show will start at 11am
- 11.10am. Moe finally arrives
- 11.17am. Show starts

There's lots more surprising details to the actual contest rules of this comp which we'll cover more thoroughly later.

In the meantime lets finally get on with the show! 

- 14 in amateur.  Plus the Pro girls (not sure how many there)
- 2 in bikini (one gets Pro card today). 1 Nov Fig Tall. 1 Nov Fig Short. 4 Open Figure.
- 1 female physique, 1 jnr boy, 2 nov men u80kg
- 4 nov men o80kg, good class
- Judges for morning; Brian McFarlane, Mark Stewart and John Tuman
- No open men

11.57am; judges tallying up figure girls scores. One girl will get Pro card.
12.08pm; Teneka wins Open Figure! And can apply for Pro Card. Well done Teneka.
Jessie Foley, 2nd Bikini. Kirsty Thomson, 2nd Open Fig Short
12.35pm. Sesa on now in class of 3. 6 Pros altogether.
12.58pm; 3 Pro Bikini girls
1.09pm; All done. Morning show finished.

Night show begins 5pm. Tickets $50.
Night Show summary
Show not started. No word on when. About 20 people in the audience - no kidding. 
5.50pm; show starts

6.50pm.  Show Finish! Heather May French 1st, Sesa 4th, Teneka 6th

On another note.  We learned that Michelle Heggie got her Pro card last night.  Congrats Michelle, we know how much you wanted this!

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