Sanjeev Narayan recently featured in issue 89 of Australian MuscleMag but since we couldn't fit everything into the printed version, we thought we'd expand on his story at Go Figure as its an inspirational one: 

After years of dominating his weight classes and winning National Titles, Sanjeev Narayan finally achieved his dream of turning Pro when he received his Pro Card shortly after the NZIFBB Nationals in October 2010 from NZIFBB President Moe Moussawi.   

The road to the height of bodybuilding wasn't an easy one for Sanjeev. He started training from the age of 16 then did his first show as a junior at a small recreational centre where he placed 3rd that year. He went and did the Nationals the same year and did not place. Following year he competed at the Pan Pacific as a junior and placed 2nd in a line up of 11 internationals. 

He took couple years off to put mass on which he successfully did but tragedy struck as he was in a car accident. " Injuries forced me to only carry out rehab type excercises. Finally after 9yrs of rehab I finally accepted that there was no way I would be able to carry out the type of training required to step on stage again."

Sanjeev was still passionate about bodybuilding and wanted to get on stage one more time in 2005. " I decided to strip off the fat and step on stage one final time and call it quits and pursue interest other sports. My first show back was at the 2005 Wellington champs weighing in at 72kg in the open u80kg. I did not expect to win my class but walked away with the overalls." 


Sanjeev's Achievements

2005 Wellington champs 1st open u80kg and overalls. 
2005 CNI and Nationals 1st open u75kg
2005 Taranaki 1st open u80kg
2006 Australian Musclemania Champs 3rd open u90kg
2007 Musclemania Worlds 3rd open u90kg.
2008 NZFBB CNI and Nationals 1st  u85kg.
2009 NZIFBB CNI and Nationals 1st open u90kg.
2010 NZIFBB Pan Pacific Champs 1st open u90kg and Overall
2010 NZIFBB Auckland Champs 1st open u90kg and Overall
2010 NZIFBB Nationals 1st open u85kg.

Sanjeev's first thoughts on being a Pro came after he placed 3rd at the 2007 Musclemania Worlds "I started to believe that maybe I had a future at the international stage and the dream of owning a pro card began". 

When dream finally became a reality and the pro card was offered to him Sanjeev said " I instantaneously broke into sweat, my heart beat went through the roof and I did not sleep that night. I am still pinching myself today. Its an honour to be offered a pro card." 

"I've never really gave thought, what it would be like standing in the lineup next to the pro's but I would be fighting not to be overwhelmed by their presence. No doubt my nerves will be out of control but as long as I'm happy with the package on my debut, my confidence would be high in presentation." 
Standing at 5'9" Sanjeev's broad shoulders and classic V taper is spectacular and is envied by many of his peers.  But he admits he still has some work to do " I'll be working more on my chest, delts and triceps. The outer sweep of my legs and hamstrings and balance it with nice calves." he said.  "As long as I train heavy and hopefully do not increase my waist size, I think adding 10 - 15 kg on my frame would be a sight to see but of course I have to re assess when I hit that mark."  

Sanjeev at the NZIFBB Nationals 2010

Sanjeev said "If I could achieve all that, I would be confident stepping on stage. But I'm not kidding myself. These guys are amazingly freaky. Nonetheless standing in a lineup next to your idols is a achievement on itself and getting a look at would be something."

"Now i've got to work like a horse and hopefully do justice for being rewarded a pro status"   

  Sanjeev trains and works as Personal Trainer at BTS Gym, Normanby Rd, Mt Eden, Akl.

click left pic to watch Sanjeev in training.  


Lisa, Go Figure
16 May 11

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