Above: Morning of the day after the show and Lisa looks alot more vascular than she did on stage.  Must've been from that super expensive $25 milkshake she had the night before.

Left: Dave and Lisa finally get some time to sightseeing.  They certainly had plenty of time as they were stuck in Brazil for almost a week while the Volcanic ash caused havoc with their flight home.
12 June: Mark Anderson and Lisa Bailey at Prejudging


     Night Show

  24 Feg 11: What a difference 3 months makes!  Christchurch Physique athlete Lisa Bailey has been training hard to get her physique in top shape for the NABBA/WFF Christchurch Grand Prix on 30 April.  As you can see, with 10 weeks to go until the contest, Lisa is looking awesome holding her mass at just over 70kg.  We look forward to seeing what she reveals on contest day and beyond at the NABBA/WFF World Champs in Brazil in June.

Thanks to Lisa for giving us a glimpse of how she's looking. These pics were taken just before the earthquake hit on 21 Feb.  Luckily Lisa and her partner Dave are fine.

Previous November 10 story on Lisa here
NB: Organisers of the NABBA/WFF Christchurch show would like to reassure everyone that this show will go ahead on 30 April despite the recent earthquake. More than ever, people need to visit Christchurch and support the locals as they recover from the disaster. The event will be held at the Aurora Centre at Burnside High which was not affected by the quake.



Barnaby, Lisa's super relaxed and large 6 month Main Coon Cat!

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