" I have been training with Lisa for 6 months after never working out with a personal trainer before.  I was used to exercise but not being pushed by someone else.  I found Lisa's energy and determination to get me in shape was enough for me to abide by her rules and kick into action. 

I was very appreciative of Lisa's honesty when she told me I was a skinny fat person and that was enough for me to make the effort that has been life changing for me.  After surrendering from my cheese and chocolate addiction,  I am now training at a level that I never thought possible and am in the best shape of my life.  You have been amazing Lisa so thank you." Nat Hammond, Jan 09
As Nat admitted, she was one of those skinny fat girls. Nat looked healthy but on closer inspection with my calipers she was 23.34% eventhough she was only 56kg.  However after many months of pumping iron and a better eating regime she's now a healtier 55kg and 13%, and most importantly a 3kg increase in lean muscle mass.  

Since most of our workouts have been at her home, I've had to come up with some interesting exercises and uses of her home furniture. One of these exercises is for Nat to have me on her back while she squats me.  I thought I'd break her! but recently she managed 12 reps for 3 sets.
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  One of the things I've really tried to drill into Nat (apart from lactic acid) is the need to eat right and increasing her protein intake so that she has the nutrients to build mass. But this is an even harder task since Nat's a vegetarian, so instead of getting her protein from too much cheese and ice cream, she's now having more protein shakes.  Although, she's still not convinced she can have more than 3 egg whites a day.  Can't win them all I guess!

Nat's developed into a hardcore weight trainer and loves the challenges of weight training as she can see that the weights are helping to shape her body alot faster than just doing cardio. Her legs are getting tighter and she can even see her quad muscles as a result of her hardwork.

We're still waiting for her upper body to catch up but knowing Nat and her hardcore spirit, her little pistols are going to turn into big guns real soon! 

Personal Trainer, Go Figure 
19 Jan 09
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