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Welcome back to the fourth edition of the Samoan Bodybuilding Newsletter, where we keep you updated on all things happening in and out of the gym related to health and fitness with a Major Focus on Bodybuilding.    In this Issue we bring you the scoop on PRO Juice - Samoa's First Health Juice Bar.  Benjamite explains all about Supplements and why they are essential.  Filipo "Kori" Laulusa's story shows us how Bodybuildng can turn a misfortune into a New  and Exciting Direction in Life. Also check out the pics from our BBQ Fundraiser!!   Stay Safe and Healthy Samoa !
Healthy Bites
PRO Juice
Q & A with Benjamite
Life after Rugby
BBQ Fundraiser pics !
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Healthy Bites with Xtreme Performance


  Eat to Train

Looking to shed fat? One sure fire to get your body into fat-burning mode is to Eat often! Yes, you read right, eat often.  It is important to follow a regular eating schedule. 1st: It keeps your blood sugar stable instead of peaking and crashing which can lead to overeating. 2nd: Regular meals will speed up your metabolism by challenging it to keep processing calories, rather than storing them in a game of feast and famine.
So here's the game plan:
Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, dessert. Ensure protein in each meal--you can substitute morning and afternoon tea with a yummy protein shake!      
Nina Netzler von Reiche - Optimal Health Personal Trainer - Gold Medalist Ladies Figure Short
PRO Juice - Samoa's First Health Juice Bar

Projuice 2

 PRO Juice: (left to right) Allan Grey, Benjamin Tamanikaiyaroi, Owner Sam Williams and Andrew Tuioti, All Powered by PRO Juice.

PRO Juice, Samoa's Very First Health Juice Bar has opened at JP Fitness, providing our local fitness and health devotees a great way to supplement their workouts and maximize their fitness gains.  Located in JP Fitness Gym, PRO Juice has been a long time dream of owner, Mr. Sam Williams.  Sam has over 15 years experience in the Health and Fitness industry and is fully qualified to bring this missing and essential piece of the Fitness lifestyle to Samoa.

Sam holds an impressive sports and fitness background which includes previous Management positions for US based Company, Basic Research (research and development) in their Supplement division.  He also had a semi-professional career in Grid Iron Football, is a former NSW kickboxing champion and has trained some of the big stars in Football, Mixed Martial Arts Fighting and has trained and befriended some of the biggest names in Bodybuilding. *
 Shortly after moving back to Samoa and with so much experience in the US, New Zealand and Australian fitness industries, Sam decided it was time to establish his own business. On the 1st of September he opened PRO Juice, with the objective of bringing a piece of the overseas Fitness and Gym culture to Samoa. 
PRO Juice provides Protein shakes and other essential supplements to help your body refuel after a good workout or as a nutritious and convenient meal replacement.  Absolutely anyone serious about their fitness gains and performance knows that supplements (from vitamins to protein shakes) are an essential part of any workout and fitness regime (Samoan Bodybuilder, Benjamite tells us all about supplements and their importance below). 
In addition to being Manager of JP fitness and Owner of PRO Juice, Sam is also a Certified Personal Trainer.  When he's not busy training JP Fitness clients and running circuit classes, he also helps local boxer Lawrence Tauasa with his strength and conditioning including pad work and sparring in preparation for his upcoming undercard match.  Lawrence is a rising star in the boxing scene and will be appearing in an undercard bout to David Tua's fight against Shane Cameron in NZ on the 3rd of October.  
With his years of professional experience in the bodybuilding world, Sam also advises local bodybuilder and Musclemania Samoa 2009 Under 90 kg Gold Medalist, Benjamin Tamanikaiyaroi.
Sam is also available for personal training for individuals at all levels of fitness.  He also runs circuit classes at JP Fitness (suitable for all fitness levels) which are a great way to burn fat and tone up, believe us, we're hooked!
For more information regarding personal training and circuit classes with Sam Williams, contact him on 770-0154 or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

.      bEN pROJUICE

 Benjamite - Powered by PRO Juice

Travis Mixin

Travis mixing up a PRO Juice Protein Shake
  *Next Issue we will take a closer look at the Protein Shakes available from PRO Juice and also Find out more about Sam's sports and fitness background, the big names in Bodybuilding he has befriended and his most memorable experiences at the many Major Bodybuilding shows he has attended.
Q and A with Benjamite
  All about Bodybuilding Supplements with Benjamite aka Benjamin Tamanikaiyaroi  Benjamin What are Bodybuilding Supplements?
Bodybuilding Supplements are protein based nutrients which includes herbs, amino acids, vitamins & minerals that prevents nutritional deficiencies and assists in Muscle growth activity with proper diet and training.
 Why are they Essential?
We cannot rely solely on food to provide us with all the vitamins and minerals we need however with a protein based supplement this will help facilitate for the lack of nutrients in our body that will aid to muscle development and weight loss.
 Are they sufficient on their own?
Supplements do not make up for improper diet or training but works hand in hand when diet and training are optimal.
  Are they suitable for everyone?
Despite gender or age bodybuilding supplements are suitable for everyone whether male or female its ultimate objective is to generate muscle growth & assist in weight loss due to muscle burning fat quicker bringing a better quality of life to everyone.
 Are there any long term side effects?
According to most fitness experts supplements such as prohormones and thermogenics are not suitable for pregnant women and children and should be used with utmost care with prescribed dosage from a physician or health expert. Therefore future illnesses are unlikely to occur if proper dosages are taken correctly.
 What if you are not sure of any Bodybuilding Supplement?
Consult a fitness expert or physician if you are uncertain of any bodybuilding supplement or else go online to bodybuilding .com and utilize the internet for a better source of information on bodybuilding supplements and all its given reviews.    Benjamin is the 2009 Musclemania Samoa under 90kg Gold Medalist and a contributing writer for the Samoa Bodybuilding Newsletter. For more Q and A with Benjamite, send your questions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and he'll have them answered.
      KoriFinding a new Direction in Life after Rugby             Kori (Filipo) Laulusa was once riding the glory of a contracted rugby player. As a young boy he stood out from the rest, earning a place on a senior rugby club team at the tender age of 16.

From there his career boomed as he spread his wings to France gaining a secure position on the French Libourne Team. However, much to his dismay, this all came to a screeching halt with a knee injury that wiped him completely out of the game.

Kori returned home to Samoa, with wordly experience (being mentored by elite rugby coaches), an injury and with his lovely and supportive French wife by his side. He was quickly snatched up by Nina Netzler von Reiche and now works alongside her as an Xtreme Performance Trainer and takes the Xtreme Challengers through their paces every Wednesday morning at Apia park.

He entered his first ever Body Building Competition after training with Nina for only three months and went straight to the top winning the Gold medal for the u85kg division. He is ecstatic about his achievements and the fact that body building training has helped him rehabilitate his knee.

Today Kori is a sought after trainer and will soon be contracted under Xtreme Performance to Aggie Greys Resort to train guests requiring an  exclusive personal training session and spa treatment under Manaia Spa & Gym.
Kori playing rugby   Tahiti-bound at the end of the month, Kori is off with team Samoa hunting for a Gold Medal in the under 80kg Open men's division.   Good Luck Kori!!!      Above: Kori posing at Musclemania Samoa 2009 where he won Gold in his first Bodybuilding competition. Below: Rugby Days 
Getting Served Beef by the Beefcakes
  Bodybuilder Fundraiser BBQ - "Getting Served Beef by the Beefcakes"   260  The Samoan Bodybuilders put on a Feast in a last effort to raise funds to send our Gold Medalists to Tahiti to represent Samoa at the South Pacific Bodybuilding Championships.   The event was held at the STA Fale where the day was breezy the sun was out, DJ Olga Keil was playing the hits and the BBQ beef was delicious and healthy.  For $10 you could have a plate full of tasty BBQ Beef kindly donated by the event's Major sponsor, Clean Island Butchers.  Refreshments included your choice of chocolate, caramel or vanilla Balance brand Protein Shakes from Xtreme Performance.   
Samoa's Top Personal trainers and Bodybuilders were also on hand to answer any questions visitors had regarding health and fitness. 
If you were driving past the venue Saturday afternoon you would have seen our Samoan Beefcakes waving fundraiser signs and flexing their hard earned muscles, inviting people to show their support.  At the end of the day we sold all the beef with many people returning for a second and even third helping and many stopping to generously hand over a donation. 
Thank you to everyone who kindly gave their support, the proceeds of this event will go towards sending our bodybuilders to represent Samoa at the onships in Tahiti this October.
              Stay tuned to our Newsletter for more Bodybuilder Events where You could meet our local bodybuilders and get tips and advice from the professionals.  


241285270  Above: Snaps of Bodybuilder's Fundraiser BBQ.
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