Can your mind affect how you look?

Have you ever thought about how your mind affects the way you look? We've all been in stressful situations in our lives but how is this affecting the way we look and feel about ourselves? Today we're going to cover that.

Imagine this, you've been asked to complete a task by tomorrow's deadline and your boss has expressed that you're job's on the line with this one. You went from feeling anxious last week to feeling like jumping off a cliff would be a better option than having to deal with your maniac boss tomorrow.

Now feeling like this isn't good for your state of well-being or your body. So what happens to our body during these times? Its first response is to give you a shot of energy to increase your focus - this affect will usually only last several minutes before you crash. Following this your body will start a chain reaction of events where you will start to destroy muscle tissue and store body fat. Why don't we want this? Because muscle is what keeps you looking toned and fit - Fat just does the opposite.


Let's take a closer look at this and why we don't want this to happen. When the body starts to destroy muscle it leaves tiny holes in the tissue which will need to be replaced. Why do we not want this? - Because now we have the problem of body fat storage. And where do you think our body will store this new fat? In those tiny holes within the muscle tissue and this is what we call cellulite. Not only will this change the look of the surface of your body, but over time it will change your body shape.

People seem to go throughout their daily lives living like this, and one day they wake up, look in the mirror and wonder why they look the way they do. It's not always because of ignorance but sometimes just a lack of education. In saying that, it does take time educate yourself and workout what's best for your body. Have you ever seen someone try and pitch a large tent and they didn't follow the instructions? They end up with a mess right? Well doing the best by your body is no different.

The first step is seeking the advice from an expert and second is having them guide you step by step until you've succeeded at creating long term, sustainable results. Take a step in the right direction and join me for more information at - Nick.

Nick Smith
Fitness Coach


N D Smith - EzineArticles Expert Author

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