Matt Clark's Sexy Cardio Idea, June 2012

Sex for Cardio?
Bored of the same cardio routine?
Do you ever wonder how much calorie burning you really get from your cardio?

Does your slogging away on the same old boring bit of equipment really get you lean and mean in the fastest or most interesting way?

It is really easy to get stuck into a routine, to not think outside the box.  That you don't always consider that nearly everything you do burns calories,  that doing some things can be a really good calorie burning session on their  own. That you don't always have to be at the gym to do your cardio.

So I started thinking about the "normal" cardio most people do, about what your options are? If you need to go to the gym for that cardio equipment to get your calories burnt? If there is not a more... well fun way of doing it  :)

So I jumped on the interweb thing and looked up some of the numbers for a 90kg guy doing an hour's cardio (yes, basically what I would burn). Some of what I found was pretty interesting really, options like the stepper and running on a treadmill certainly stand out for burning the most calories per hour and the cross trainers great for an all over calorie burning total body workout. But as I started looking at the numbers there is another option that stood out....

Walking = 340 cals
CrossTrainer = 654 cals
Treadmill Running = 816 Cals
Upright bike = 526 Cals
Stepper = 850 Cals
Sex = 609 Cals 

Yes 609 Cals an hour. Awesome !!

Sounds like the perfect plan, well in theory at least. Although if you can't manage an hour or obviously if you are not able to talk your partner into some couples cardio. Then you can always go out and burn some calories mowing the lawn :)

Mowing the Lawn = 454 cals

Back in a slightly more serious note and although this could be a never ended conversation starter for a sex calorie burning topic, I didn't want to make this a dodgy sleazy thing I just wanted to think a little differently about cardio or calorie burning.

Not just what could be the most fun way of burning calories but that there are heaps of options to burn calories that you may not have really considered. That you can add variety and choice into your workout routine and not have to do the same cardio all the time.

Matt Clark
June 2012

Matt is available for training and diet advice at bigkiwinz

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