Chew out stress

  Few things in life are universal but stress is definitely something we can all agree on.  And we'd all like to have a means to beat it as quickly as possible.  Sure, there are lots of solutions out there, but none are as easy to incorporate into your day to day grind as this one: Chew Gum.  Its been shown to increase alernertness, improve performance and lower stress.

In fact, in a study carried out by researchers at Swinburne University in Melbourne, subjects who chewed gum while multitasking under stressful conditions experienced reduced stress and anxiety as well as increased alertness.
They also had lower cortisol levels than the control group and exhibited better overall performance.  Other research has uncovered similar benefits.  In one study, participants chewed gum displayed quicker reaction times, which increased as the task at hand progressed.

Ofcourse be careful not to chew too much gum as it can cause gutache which might cause you stress!

exerpt from Men's Health May 2012.

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