Lisa's new training partner, Trixie!


Please excuse me for being a little indulgent but I just want to introduce you to my new trainer, my dog Trixie!!! for those of you who know me you'll know how much I've been wanting a dog so now I finally have one...yay. Had her now for about 2 months after rescuing her from SPCA.

Trixie's a very sleek and sporty 10 month old Lab/beagle cross and she's been a great training partner. I'm not a big cardio queen but since getting her I've had no choice to just veg. She gets me up and out of bed and off for walks most days, and usually twice a day. So my cardio's gone from about 2hours a week to about 6 a week! so I'm enjoying a little bit of fat loss without trying too hard.

Not only are my legs getting exercised, think my arms are getting good workout too from the static contraction of holding her back from chashing the cats! She's also a good sprint coach as there has been times I've had to do sprints when she does decided to chase that cat down the driveway. And the pigeons and ofcourse other dogs!

07-LisaTrixiecoffee 07-LisaTrixieShoe3 07-LisaTrixiehill

The backyard has gone through abit of transformation. Its gone from a reasonably clutter free green lawn to a timber yard! I'm not sure where she finds all the logs around the place but she's managed to spread them all over the lawn. Guess its her way of helping with finding firewood forwinter. She just loves to chew the sticks but after 3 bites she's off to find another log...or one of my old shoes. She's chewed through about 2 pairs now, must be the delicious leather flavour she likes.

So in the end what it means is more calorie burning for me as I have to clear the lawn everytime I have to mow it..ok I don't mow often but still its an effort when I do!


I'm definitely enjoying having a dog. I take her to walk with my clients and they appreciate having an extra trainer to pick up the pace. I take her along when I do coffee and and in the car (she loves the car and having her ears flapping in the wind)- although I'm not enjoying the millions of hairs on my car seat!

Sorry this article hasn't been about anything in particular but just wanted to show off my dog!! Then again, the essence could be to WALK YOUR DOG and you'll burn lots of calories and save you hours on the bike without trying.

Happy Walking!
Lisa (and Trixie)

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